Monday, March 30, 2009

Mixed up Files...

Saturday started off a little "backwards"...

I forgot that the primary activity at church had been rescheduled to Saturday morning...
I guess I never transferred the change to my calender...(I felt bad when I found out later that we had missed it)--I like to support those events...I've been on the other end too many times of trying to prepare and organize activities...When people don't show up, it's discouraging!
We ended up going over to Millcreek Elementary for the spring fair...

I had never been to one of these spring fairs--
I brought along my camera and had big plans for capturing the massive fun (ahem!)--
This was the biggest (and most riveting) action shot I could come up with...(Does this give you any indication as to the amount of fun that was going on?--) Are you still awake?

Before leaving, the girls got to have their face painted and of course, tears were shed because I wouldn't let them have their hair spray painted--

Even though it was a bit lame, I was glad that we were able to help support the school and besides, it was a rainy day anyway, so it was a good activity for the kids...

Brian and I got a babysitter for Saturday night--(we just fed the kids pizza). Our tradition is always to have pizza and milkshakes or sometimes rootbeer floats on Saturday nights, but since I was scrambling to get ready, we just did strawberry milk in leu of the milkshakes...
We went made plans with my veterinarian friend, Jeannie and her husband, Jack to go to dinner at Chambers (formerly "19") in Doylestown...
For starters, we had caprese salad...Although the tomatoes were horribly out of season, it was still good and who could resist the presentation?!

We had a really great waitress who was kind enough to get a picture of us all together before we dove into our creme brulee'... (Can you see the drool coming out of my mouth?)

Ahhhh! Heaven! Nothing compares to this!

(except maybe eating this in the bathtub!)

**Have you ever been to a school sponsored "spring fair"?

**What do you think is better than creme brulee?


  1. Good sex beats any dessert. Oh, I'm sorry - did you mean another dessert? Um, good brownies.

  2. I thought about you this weekend. When we were in Vegas, the Rio buffet had bananas foster! I ate my fair share.

  3. I have never had creme brulee. I guess that is the small price I have to pay for living in the culturally deficient town of Butler.

  4. creme brulee!! NOthing is better! There is a restaraunt in my town that serves it with FRESH raspberries inside-- oh my goodness!!

    We do not have a spring fair or fall fair. We went to a school that had a fall fair years ago- it was about the same as yours.... zzzzz & lot of frustrated kids- so glad we don't have to worry about that. Our school now has a carnival field day- it is EVEryone's favorite- tons of fun/free & on the day before the last day of school- BIG HIt!!

  5. I forgot about the Primary activity too - I felt terrible. I'm also not a fan of school carnivals as I am usually stuck outside in 90 degree weather all day picking up bean bags some kid is throwing at me. Yeah, I know... scrooge. Ours is canceled this year and I did a happy dance:)

  6. glad you supported the school- i've been on the planning side of those things too- but i must say they were a bit more interesting looking than yours. dinner looked sooo good. i remember the first and only time we had that dessert- on our trip to balmat! yummy....!

  7. Looks like you had fun, in spite of missing the Primary activity.

    The Creme Brulee looks DIVINE... =)

  8. molten chocolate cake is always better then creme brulee, but a school fair mmmmm. sounds like nothin' is better than that!

  9. I've been to a few school fairs. Some are AMAZING. Others, not so much. Why they always seem to have them when it is cold outside is beside me.

    I have never had Creme Brulee, but Jeremy returned from a business trip to Canada where he had some (I'm sure they serve it everywhere, that just happens to be where he tried it) and declared that it was his new favorite dessert!

  10. I love creme brulee'. YUM!

    I'm a stinker about big events with lots of screaming kids and chaos. I've not been to many spring fairs. In fact, I can't think of one. My poor children.

  11. creme brulee- bananas foster...i'm adding to my foods to try list by reading this blog!!!

    is it crazy that i cracked up seeing that you went to dinner with a veterinarian? :) it just seems so appropriate. is she the vet for your other children?

    your girls are so cute!!! and i would have nixed the hairspray too- it looks like a nightmare to cleanup. school fairs, in general, disappoint me and make me want to run in the opposite direction. the kids always seem to like them, though...

  12. My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies--simple but true! I'm sorry the school fair was so "exciting". I've been to one, and it was very crowded with lots of things to do!

  13. Creme Brule' is the all-time best dessert in the whole wide world. Seriously! And I've only had it once. I guess I should be grateful it's not more readily available. I would turn into a creme brule' :0

  14. The food at the restaurant looks amazing!
    The spring fair looks like it could leave something for wanting...sorry you missed the primary thing. I agree I always try to make it to those things. It is so frustrating to be on the other side. Now, that's not to say I have not had my fair share of "oops, that was when??"
    I seem to no longer have a memory since my last baby...

  15. Creme Brulee is the best. My son Jakob makes it and I can't resist! He has his torch and the little dishes...

  16. Sorry the activity got bumped for the funeral... :( I'm convinced that death has the worst timing EVER.

    Also, tell your husband I'm sorry he had to hear me throwing up while he was here picking up the book club book the other night. I was really embarrassed about it.

  17. I don't know how I missed this post yesterday, what the?

    It's good of you to support primary and school activities. It's very frustrating when people miss those after such much work has gone into putting them together.

    I like the pizza/milkshake tradition. Whitney loves Strawberry Milk, but it grosses me out.

    I love Creme Brulee!

  18. I, too, am a huge fan of creme brulee. The very best one I ever had was in Paris at a little sidewalk cafe. YUM!

    I choose it over most any dessert.

    I've been meaning to ask what's with the new blogging image?!! I like the old Shannon....tee hee

  19. Ooh, that fair looks like tons of fun:-) I especially love the title of this blog and the picture of Ellie right after. Did she put that on herself? I miss you guys!

  20. I love creme brulee. It has to be a good one, though, and they're not always good. I had a dessert once at a restaurant in Seattle that was 3 tiny creme brulees, one vanilla, one chocolate, one orange! To die for.