Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Better than icecream!

What is more exciting than the sounds of the icecream truck coming down the street????...

The noisy mulch truck from Victory Gardens of course!!

We ordered 10 yards and got 2 free--

I made the girls stand in front of it to get the full effect of just exactly how much mulch we've actually got here!

As if I wasn't experiencing enough of the "feel good" endorphins, I spotted this heavenly sight nestled in between spring flowers...this is my favorite cat, Charlie...(he's the one with 6 toes)

Imagine my luck when my neighbor, Jeannie, (vet friend) called and told me she was bringing flowers over that one of her clients had sent her...she said the smell was too potent and they were bothering her allergies...

These were absolutely exquisite!

I played a "pre-April fool's" joke on Brian...

When he came home, I thanked him for sending me the flowers and told him that the card was even more meaningful..."I can't stop thinking about you"--

He didn't even flinch! What the?!--he doesn't have a jealous bone in his body...or maybe it's that he knows I'm a lousy liar!

We're hosting a neighborhood egg hunt/ luncheon next Saturday (the day before Easter)--With the exception of last year, this will be our third year for doing this...

I made these invitations for the kids to take around to people in our neighborhood.

It was a great way to bring people together who've never met...

I was surprised a few years ago when people were just meeting for the first time after living practically next door for 17 years! How is this possible?!

This always seems funny to me to see the ducks walking around in the street like this-

When it rains, these guys are on a "worm mission" and the rain brings out earthworms in buckets practically!

They usually stay in our yard, but on days like today, there is much foraging to be had.

I've been rather overwhelmed this past week...I've got 3 parties (the upcoming Easter celebration at our house, a baby shower that I'm in charge the following Saturday, and then I've got the Enrichment dinner to do!)

It really bothers me that I'm not able to prioritize...

If it's on my list, then I don't seem to have any ability to see what could possibly be done all takes priority...

I guess especially now with these events I'm planning, being a mom, spring gardening, taking care of the house, trying to be a good friend, blogging, church responsibilities, pets, appointments...I'm just feeling very stressed...

April is always a crucial gardening month for me...everything for the rest of the growing season depends on how much I'm able to accomplish during this month--(pruning, fertilizing, transplanting, etc.)

Adding these additional things to my plate is just sending me over the edge a little...

I had been taking an antidepressant for a few years (lexapro) and went off of it a couple of months ago...

I was having a conversation with my mom last night and she said that she's noticed a difference in me I decided to go back on it...we'll see in about a week or so if it's working....I'm hoping it takes away some of the anxiety that I've been feeling...


  1. I can't even look at these pictures. It's been snowing for the past 4 days!!

  2. I have been on lexapro for a couple of year too!
    oh man- we would SO be friends in real life...

    I LOVE This post- between the flowers, funny joke- my husband would have reacted the same way, and true honesty. Shannon - you are GREat!

    I love that you are having an Easter Egg hunt in your beautiful yard & inviting so many. Before we lived in Utah we always had one with friends- too many people around here do everything with their families... our families are far away. The Easter bunny is coming a week early this year for us (because of our big trip)& I couldn't sleep last night realizing we haven't dyed eggs, etc. what in the world? With all the stinkin' snow around here it just doesn't feel like time.

    I completely understand the anxiety that comes from so much going on & it all being stuff you want to do well- good news though-
    you are doing a great job :)

  3. i want a duck.

    back in my dorm days my neighbor bought one from cal ranch and named him Dwight. it lived in her room until the RA came back from an extended vacation.

    Lexapro is a heavenly thing.

  4. heck with the lexapro, just get a mulch truck to drive by your house every day. :)

    Good luck with all the parties and garden prep!

  5. Your gorgeous weather, blooming flowers and huge pile of mulch mock me so, but I am still happy for you and your sweet kitty there soaking it all up.

    Your egg hunt invitations are darling, what a fun thing to do.

    Why did you take yourself off your Lexapro? That's never a good idea.

  6. I am envious of your mulch! 1. you get to have it delivered, 2. it is nice enough weather to get it! We are still experiencing snow out here in the desert! The egg hunt sounds like tremendous fun. Too bad Kate and Nate do not live close enough to bring Josie!

  7. I can't believe the amount of work you put into your yard. I love the egg hunt invitations, and wish we lived in your neighborhood. What a great idea!

  8. Wow! Busy busy! I wish I lived closer to you! Have you ever considered St.John's Wort? I used to take that, and it helped my mood a lot. It comes in pill or herbal tea form, (which tastes something close to black licorice). It helps with any sleep/anxiety issues, too. I highly recommend it. Maybe I should be an herbologist....

  9. i wasn't sure you heard my comment about your mood- good move! wish we were closer- i'd help you with the egg hunt- remember the original ones on butler road??? everyone always loved them- i'm having a little one for josie after church and nap on easter. i'm also making the famous bunny cake. good luck with your activities- you're great- funny stuff with the flowers- was he going to take the credit?? WOW!!!

  10. That is the prettiest dirt I have ever seen!! I need to know exactly what it is?? Do you put it in all your flower beds? Do you put it in your vegetable garden too?

  11. Your kids are so cute!

    I can't believe your husband didn't even blink about the flower joke! That sounded like a perfect April Fool's prank to me!

    Maybe in the future you should just not accept any assignment to do anything during the month of APRIL! Reserve it as gardening month.

    I once took lexapro for 6 weeks. I had a lot of anxiety. It's not a thing that once it starts I can get rid of completely on my own. But that 6 weeks helped a ton. If I ever felt that type of anxiety again I wouldn't think twice about taking it.

    Your ducks are so cute! I would get the biggest kick out of watching them hunt for worms!

  12. ok, so i've never been excited to see mulch until i saw this post. and charlie looks like baby j! they could be good friends.

    that joke is hillarious!!

    wait- your neighbors are ok with your ducks wandering? :) i would be, but i've known some duck-phobic peeps...

    chica, who would NOT have anxiety with that list of things you've got going on?!??! holy wow. do what you need to do to feel better. i will never forget when i finally decided i better get on an antidepressant and shane was like "seriously- THIS is what you're like when you're not anxious and depressed?!" he was in heaven. life eased up and i ended up not needing it anymore right then. but i know myself well enough that when i stop being able to cope, i need to get it straightened out. my poor ob- she finally said, "i've got a script for you right here should you need it- just call." i have not ruled that out yet... thank heavens for modern medicine.

  13. Cute pictures, especially Charlie in the flowers. It sounds like you do have a lot of different priorities. Hopefully things will settle down soon for you. A bit of medicine helps with that too, I know:-)

  14. Love the duck picture and cute relaxing kitty pict.
    Really LOVE your april fools joke! I can't believe you didn't even get a flinch...maybe he was just thinking, 'what in the world'?
    Your April sounds way, way busy. I find I try to pace myself when I have weeks like that but, it is hard. I know you will get it all done though:)
    The Easter Egg hunt will be a definite hit!
    I have found the main problem with Lexapro is, you start feeling so great you figure out you don't need it anymore;) I have done the same thing and everytime I found out the same thing...I still need it!

  15. do what YOU love doing, work in your garden remember very deep breathing, the rest of it will pass, and lower your standards on the parties...they don't have to be magazine worthy!

  16. p.s., the duck look like they are expecting something in the mail. so cute

  17. Great post! I was thinking you must be busy lately. I would be overwhelmed with that much on my plate, too. I go on St. John's Wort in the winter. Everything seems overwhelming in the winter to me. It's so dark. Anyway, as soon as the sun starts showing warmer I go off. I think I went off too early this year.

    I so like that you are having a neighborhood party. I'm not that way at all. I have these social anxieties, that even going to the ward parties has me stressed out. Ugh!

    I loved your April Fools joke to your hubby. That was great. Too bad he didn't fall for it. My daughter stuffed paper towels in the toes of her brothers shoes and one of my sons short sheeted our bed. We have little mischief makers here!

  18. Loving the joke you tried to play on Brian. My Brian would have just said, "You're welcome!" and moved on. He's sneaky that way. :-)

  19. I love the smell of mulch - weird huh? You could just pretend the flowers are from Brian and call it good:)

    I always think May is stressful, I hope you are able to enjoy your gardening and parties and feel better!

  20. Forget Lexapro! I want what Charlie's on! Snuggling up with the flowers & sunshine on a bed of mulch has got to do wonders for the soul! Maybe you already do that?? : )

  21. Okay, okay, okay. I am way behind in all blogs and it's not personal. I'm just a loser who can't manage everything that I want to in life, and some things have to give, and right now one of those things is blogs. So here are some random comments from the past few posts of yours, in no particular order, and I hope I remember them all.
    I love the zippered shoes.
    i absolutely LOVE your house!!! I know that's old news and everyone says it, but it's true. Next time I visit my mom can I come over? Seriously. I want to plan a visit.
    I also want you to teach me your gardening ways. It is a new passion I want to throw myself into.
    Those roses are stunning. Period.
    I also got free Rita's on the first day of spring.
    While Dwarf Hamsters are incredibly adorable, I actually hate them. I will tell you why in another conversation. I have much experience with them.
    I too love polydactyl cats. (6-toes)
    Umm...I dunno. More stuff I'm sure. I'll try to frequent more often.

  22. That is a LOT of mulch!!

    I thought your joke on Brian was hilarious.

    I'm sorry that you have to cancel your egg hunt, it sounds like such fun! Way cute invitations, too.

    So funny to see the ducks wandering around on the street!

    I've taken myself off my antidepressants a few times over the years. It never works out well. Hope you're feeling better.