Thursday, March 5, 2009

Enrichment Garden Party (June 2008)

This is the last "past tense" event I will document--(I promise)--
I just love capturing these moments
that meant so much to me on my blog--
Last June, our Relief Society held their garden party at my house...
The weather was calling for rain 70 percent chance!--We weren't sure if we'd be able to keep it at my house. The plan was, if it rained, we were going to move everything to the church! ughh!
I couldn't imagine transporting all of the fresh arrangements and struggling to set up the tables and chairs at the church!--

Nothing short of a miracle occurred when, THE SUN CAME OUT!--and even a tiny breeze was in the air!

Looking at these pictures now is so refreshing and gives me hope that every winter does come to an end!--

June is by far the most glorious month, (in terms of flowers). It's like everything is waking up fresh and invigorated and ready to show us what they've got!

This is a picture of my front herb/rose garden...The fragrance of the roses mixed with herbs is intoxicating!

Walking along the pathway to the front porch...

Spearmint, Foxgloves, daisies, English roses and thyme just to name a few...

We set the tables up in the back yard by the pond...
It was pretty flat back there, not to mention a bit shadier...(a welcome relief from the humidity)

These were our table decorations--
I filled cream and white compotes, urns and other containers that I collect with peonies AKA "the President of all flowers" and English roses which look like a miniature peony. I also mixed in some shrub roses as well...
There is such an energy that exudes from fresh flower arrangements--much like being at the ocean....

Susan and I sharing a moment...

The Doylestown Relief Society...
Everyone brought their favorite salad or dessert--

This was the demonstration table...

During the demonstration...the ducks came out of the water and started to walk towards their pen...It was so funny to see them walking single file past everyone...

Renee Lutz is the other person that presented with me...Although she is not a member of our church, she still agreed (very enthusiastically!) to be a part of the evening--

She spoke about the different uses and the folklore associated with each herb...She made lavender infused chocolates for us all as well as lavender soap as a take-home gift...It was lovely as well as informative! She and I developed a close bond and I feel so fortunate to have her as a friend...

She made up these really cute handouts as well...

This is a fuzzy shot, plus it's starting to get dark, but it's the only picture I had...
I demonstrated how to take an ordinary flower arrangement that you would get at a grocery store and turn it into something special...

I used nontraditional things for filler...wild rose blossoms, strawberries on the vine, ladies mantel, spirea (a landscaping shrub) and shrub roses...

I think everyone had a great time...including me! I'm not good with public speaking, but when it comes to talking about things that I feel so passionate about, I speak from my heart!

This was a great way to kick off the summer!
**Have you ever been to a garden party?
**Do you have a green thumb?
**Which month is your favorite?


  1. How fun!! It looks beautiful!

    I love April and May.

  2. Your garden is amazing! Right about now I wish the weather would permit a garden party. I've never been to one, exactly. My MIL has a tea party every year that is a lot like it.

    I only have a green thumb with things that naturally want to grow in the particular soil that I have. So, some things grow very well and others not at all.

    I don't think I could pick a favorite month. I like them all for different reasons and I love the changes between them. But I do wish the overcast freezing gloomy months and the too-hot-to-be-outside months would be a bit shorter. :)

  3. Oh, Shannon, your yard is absolutely gorgeous. How do you find the time? I wish I could have been there. Do you still have the handout? And, could I get the lavendar recipies? as I am trying to grow lavendar.

  4. That was such a perfect evening! And you looked so cute in that hat! So yes, I have been to a garden party. I would say I don't have a green thumb, although I like having friends that do! And my favorite month is probably November. I am a Fall girl for sure!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! How I wish I could see this garden in real life- it is Amazing!! I love it. I am so glad you posted this.

    How lucky the sister's in your ward are to have you- with so many talents!

    We had a garden party like this... without the ducks last summer. The ducks are so sweet. I love how they came out & walked by at just the right time :) perfect touch.

  6. It hurts, it really does, you're living in my dream house with my dream yard!!

  7. Oh, your garden is so beautiful! What a awesome party. I don't think I would ever want to leave home. It would be like a vacation to live among all those gorgeous trees and the ducks, too. You are so lucky to have the weather clear, it just wouldn't have been as pretty as your yard.

    Our ward is doing a garden party this month in the cultural hall. I wonder how that will turn out. The hoops will be a nice touch!

  8. It was a really fun evening!

    Your garden looks so beautiful, and it is reassuring to think that these days are ahead! I'll be expecting an invitation to tea.....

    can you do tea at 11:00pm????

  9. Your garden looks beautiful. I love gardens, but don't like to garden. (I think it involves all the hard work!) I hope you post pictures of your garden this year in all stages of spring, summer, and fall! Maybe I'll even be able to see it someday.

  10. oh wow, what a beautiful magazine shoot! that is ahhhmazing! you look like a mary engelbreit watercolor in the photo with your hat & your friend susan, such a perfect picture! the table decorations stunning, the ducks adorable! can i have those compotes on my tables at my wedding? you know the wedding in my head to replace the horrible table flowers at my real wedding?

  11. those pictures are amazing!! you told me about that event, but the photos complete the picture. what talents you girls have--- this is mom on jojo's blog.

  12. Holy cow, Shannon, your garden is truly amazing!!! I think I want your exact landscaping in my yard -- too bad I have a dog that digs. I haven't had a garden in 5 years...