Friday, March 27, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Brian and I recently celebrated our 11th year anniversary...
He came home with these for me!! I swear they look like a beautiful sunset! Everytime I walked by them, I couldn't help but ooo and ahh! They really took my breath away!
He always buys his roses at Wegmans (the most awesome store in the world)--We are so fortunate to have one just down the street from us! Believe it or not, a dozen roses there only costs $10! I'll be sure to document this store sometime soon...

2. We didn't actually go out ON our anniversary because it fell on a Wednesday and he had scouts...I suppose I should have insisted that we celebrate that day, but it's hard to go out on a date during the week...
We went out last Saturday and he let me pick the restaurant...
In hindsight, I should have gone with something cozy and romantic and possibly "thai-ish", but I had been craving a good old fashioned juicy steak for months now and decided to make reservations at ...Texas Roadhouse! (Nothing says romance like a crowded chain restaurant that allows people to throw their peanuts everywhere!) Seriously, this slightly disturbed me...I think I'm becoming more and more neurotic each day!
I just had this overwhelming urge to just get out my broom and dustpan and go to town!
Anyway, even with the call ahead service, we still waited over an hour to get seated...I was so bugged and so by the time my steak came, I inhaled it! (It's always embarrassing to me that I finish my food long before Brian!) I've never been the kind of date that just picks at her food or just orders a salad!
Having such extensive waits everytime we want to go out to a family friendly restaurant is one of the things I hate about living in the suburbs--

3. I got my new rose gloves in the mail today! I'm not sure what happened to my other ones, but I am in desperate need of them--
My arms are completely scratched up and punctured from my pruning escapades the other day...
These are like buttuh! Seriously!--They are the best gardening gloves I've ever had!

4. Ca'mon! Tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen?!
I love these hamsters (even though I've got some serious bags under my eyes from all of the shenanagans they pulled last night on their exercise wheel)--I had to get up twice to move it away from the water bottle as it was scraping against it! ugh! We have them in a cage in Jake's room which is right next to ours. One of the many joys of having an old house is that there's not alot of cushion between the walls that connect our bedrooms...
I snapped this picture the other day of "Pip"--
Our little pet name for them is "mini mammals"

5. I'm slowly trying to update my wardrobe...
I found these flats in the junior section of Kohls the other day and thought they'd be perfect with jeans and capris--
The last time I owned a pair of Candie's, I think it was when I was sporting Love's Baby Soft and pegging my pants...
I feel so updated!
I also made a purchase to Land's End for a new swimsuit (this oughta be interesting as I bought a size smaller than what I actually am at the moment)--I'm hoping that this will prove to be incentive for me to lose weight...If I don't lose it by bathing suit season, I'm hosed!

**What's your favorite color rose?
**Have you ever been to a Wegmans?
**Would you have gone to a more intimate restaurant for your anniversary?
**Did you ever own a pair of Candie's, wear Love's Baby Soft or peg your pants?


  1. i let out a little gasp myself when i saw those roses! they are so beautiful! and $10 for a dozen?! wow!! my favorite rose color is that yellow-ish orange with the orange-ish red tips. i love those.

    our anniversary has always been this mess of what to do and how and where. it's funny in hindsight. this year we waited forever at bennihana's. texas roadhouse- i totally knew it when i saw that picture!!!

    and oh- the hamster- he's so cute!!! you may not want to read my post today- sad news about a hamster...

    love's baby soft- how long has it been since i've heard THAT?! wow. and yes- i pegged my pants. i was more of a jelly shoes girl back in the day. wow- if i could find a pair now. i think my last pair was purchased at a ben franklin's craft store...

  2. what do you mean "used to" peg your pants?

    those shoes are cute. congrats for stepping into this century - :) just kidding. you have always had good fashion sense. minus the pegged pants.

  3. Cute shoes! And I love Texas Roadhouse. We used to live in Delaware and there was one right by our house. The ribs are the best and the bread..

    Anyway, thanks for popping by Venus vs Mars!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Those roses are GORGEOUS.
    I don't really know what my favorite color roses everything else, it probably depends on my mood. THOSE would definitely be in the top 3, though!

    I think it's totally fine that you went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. Last year, for our 18th anniversary, we decided at the last minute to grab a burger at Steak & Shake...and we had so much fun!! It was more like being High School kids out on a date than an uptight, dressed up affair. (Don't get me wrong...I like dressing up and going nice places.)

    I LIVED in Love's Baby Soft when I was 15-16. My boyfriend loved it!

  5. Wow, the roses are gorgeous. I love having flowers in the house, but rarely ever do.

    I would have been very tense being around the messy, peanut-shell covered floor. Though the allure of steak probably would have helped me get over it.

    Those are some serious gloves!

    Pip is so cute. I have such a soft spot when it comes to hamsters because I had many during my childhood. I don't remember them ever keeping me awake, but I would not keen on that now. Is there somewhere else you can put the cage at night?

    Kudos to you for getting some new shoes. My wardrobe could use some updating, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Let us know if your forced dieting/small bathing suit situation pans out for you. I like that idea in theory but have yet to be successful with such weightloss.

  6. ps, It looks like you are squeezing the life out of little pip. heh heh. he is a cute little bugger. that picture just makes me want to smell him.

  7. cutest shoes i have seen all day. seriously.

    you can go ahead and send them to me.

  8. love the roses- brian's got it down -nice going, brian. i love those shoes- wish i could wear something like that- darned arthritis!!!!

  9. The roses look to die for!! I LOVE roses and those look amazing:)
    I have to admit your hamster does look really cute. The rodents usually eww me out but, he looks like a cutie.
    I love Texas Road House but, HATE that stinkin wait! sorry you had to do it on your anniversary:(
    Anniversary's are hard when there are little ones at home, especially during the school week. I don't know the answer though...if only Hawaii and a paid babysitter could pan out every year;)

  10. Those roses are beautiful. Brian knows you so well:-)
    Also, I think you may have inspired me to go to Kohls before I leave the states:-)
    P.s. thanks for the good mail. I still have to read the magazine, but I appreciate you sending me a hard copy of it. It is sooo awesome, I can't wait to show Stephan and his family.
    Love you!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I love Texas Roadhouse. Their sweet rolls are to die for. Carbs are not my friend. I also love Kohl's. I think my husband should hide my charge card. They just sent me a 30% off coupon card! Kohl's here I come!

  12. so i need to get those rose gloves for my poor mom. when i saw her this week i thought she was having health problems because her arms were so frightening looking, turns out it was her roses. i actually think it is perfect you went to roadhouse & waited, it just means we are at an age where we have moved past the hallmarky card anniversary, and are working toward spending quality time together & doing what we want. good for you. i think orange sunset roses are my favorite, great job brian.

  13. Roses? Can your Brian send my Brian a little memo re: roses and bringing them home to the wife - anniversary or not. I just love roses - period. (Is it a little funny to write the word period when I could just put the puncuation mark period?)

  14. The roses are BEAUTIFUL. I can never pick a favorite color though, because I love so many different colors!

    Seriously, those were peanuts all over the floor? I had to keep looking even after you said it in order to believe it. That would have bothered me too. BUT, sometimes I like romantic and sometimes I like a good steak. So, I don't think an anniversary restaraunt always has to be romantic.

    I love the shoes. They are way way cute!

  15. I would love to follow your blog. You say a lot of things that are after my own heart. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and asking about my missionary son.

  16. Your roses make me homesick for CA. I had a beautiful rose garden. We even had climbing roses the size of dessert plates over our swing in the courtyard. The song lyrics...roses bloom beneath our feet... Reminds me of my garden that bloomed several times a year.

  17. Gorgeous roses! My favorites are Leonidas, but those would be a close second.

    I would not enjoy the peanut shells all over the floor. Why do they do that? I wouldn't feel comfortable just throwing them down, either...

    I would go to a restaurant that I love for our anniversary. It wouldn't necessarily have to be romantic, just good!

    Ah, Love's Baby Soft. That brings back memories! As does pegging pants.