Friday, March 6, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Jake has been home from school for most of the week. Although he was starting to feel better yesterday, I didn't want to take a chance in sending him.

As much of a non-crafter as I am, (even though for whatever reason, people think that I love to do crafts!), I spent most of the morning doing little projects with Jake and Ellie. Before we picked Reilly up from kindergarten, we stopped at Herbs Hobbies and Crafts for some crafting inspiration...

And these are what we found!...

How is it that I've made it this far in life and never knew about Perler beads?
I purchased these yesterday for the kids and they have been the biggest hit ever!!

2. Since we do a fall leaves tree and an Easter egg tree, I thought...Why not do one with shamrocks?! I really love shamrocks...they represent spring and freshness--
In addition to scrap paper odds and ends we shaved off pieces of crayon onto wax paper and then folded the paper over and ironed on top of that to create a marble-like suncatcher effect...When it cooled, I used a shamrock template to trace one out of it...
It turned out pretty cute!

3. The candy/gum caper strikes again!
I literally found 7 wrappers wadded up in Jake's pocket yesterday! The 8th one was upstairs on his dresser. What the?! (I should have kept this for my "eight is great" SPT post for next Tuesday, but couldn't resist posting it now)

Does this child have ZERO control around sugar? It troubles me to know that when he thinks I'm not looking, he just goes bonkers!

4. Ellie came to me the other day and told me that she had wrapped a gift up for me--(I especially love the home spun "wrapping paper")...

Inside was a bevy of delights!-- Stuffed animals...just what I always wanted!

5. The kids finally got a chance to go sled riding this winter--er...spring!
We have the trashiest sleds in town...(I used them for an entire summer once as duck watering holes for the inside of the duck pen).

But inspite of their raunchy past, they ended up being the fastest on the slopes!
There was alot of giggling and squealing that went on and I think a good time was had by all...
I even took a turn!

**Do your kids enjoy perler beads?
**Have you ever found a four leaf clover?
**Do you join in with your kids when they sledride?


  1. I love the clover tree! And I don't think I have ever found one before.

  2. I love going sledding with my kids. Our sleds died this year, so we are going to buy new ones. This time I'm going to buy a sled for myself.

  3. I love those beads! We have them and have made many projects. Now, what to do with them...

    I enjoy tubing. The ski resort here has a tube hill where they tow you back up the hill. I am incredibly lazy at times!

  4. I love your shamrock tree. It looks great!

    We've never uesed perler beads. You'll have to take a picture of some of their projects.

    We used to have large clover patches in the grass at my junior high school. We could find a four-leaf clover every once in a while. It was very fun.

    I try not to join in the sledding fun. My husband does though!

    My kids are gum freaks too. They would chew gum all day long if I let them!

  5. I love those fuse beads. I go every year to a program at work where I always get stuck doing the fuse beads for the kids. I dread it at first, because it can be time consuming, but it's really neat to see what creations they can make from them, so have fun!

  6. i love ellie's bangs- glad she was able to go to "the hair cutters". finally, snow for the kids- they should have spent time with granny this winter!!!
    this is a comment from mom...

  7. Your three look so darling! My girls love those beads! I am very careful about sledding as the last two times I went I encountered two major broken bone incidents 20 years apart. I have cross country and down hill skied with my kids. But, Nate is the only one who likes to ski and he snowboards. So, you go girl!

  8. Landon was given some of those perler beads for his birthday a few years ago and they were a hit that one time, but it's kind of a dumb craft since I had to do the ironing of them.

    I think of you as crafty, why is that? make a shamrock tree with a stained glass affect by melting crayon bits. You're guilty of being crafty!

  9. Cami has an entire ribbon board dedicated to perler beads. She loves them! I used to find four leaf clovers when I was a kid - we had 5 acres and lots of clover!

  10. I have not let my kids have perler beads just scares me still. Someday! The shamrocks were very cute and yes, I have found a 4 leaf clover. Several in fact because we found a whole little patch of them in our yard where I grew up. We thought it was so cool! I loved the "present."

  11. I am waiting for Eva to get a little older to do those beads, I am sure they will be a hit.

    I have found a 4-leaf clover, I used to look for them all the time growing up.

    My kids do a lot of sledding -- we got two new sleds this year that were big hits: one that looks like a boogie board and one that is a very thin piece of flexible plastic! I usually let them go by themselves...