Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When we're helping, we're happy!

Today, my friend Heather and I went over to Suzanne's house, (the friend of mine who's house I staged a few weeks ago), to help her with mulching her flower beds...
She's moving to Switzerland officially at the beginning of April, so we were helping her with a few final touches...Apparently, the feedback from people coming in to see the house has been that her lawn looks abandoned...
P.S. Whose lawn DOESN'T look abandoned in March!

Here's Heather looking tre' cool whilst mulching! Seriously!--WHO looks like that when they're out in the yard roughing it?--She always looks glamorous...(Those were her "I just threw these on" clothes!)

Suzanne and I loading up the wheel barrels with steaming mulch...Ahhhhh!

The finished look--after we added pansies and mulch in between the stepping stones...

This was our reward after a morning of hard labor!...Hard liquor!... Yeah baby!
(Suzanne divvied up this rum between Heather and I. She's been keeping this for the times when she makes banana's foster for her husband--it's his favorite dessert!) I've never had it before, but she's coming to dinner on Monday and has agreed to whip it up for us!--Can't wait!

(A bit of trivia that makes this picture even funnier is that she is Bruce R. McConkie's granddaughter!)

We posed for a quick SP before leaving...
She will be soooooo missed!

I was so inspired by the feeling of accomplishment this morning at Suzanne's house, that I cancelled a therapy appointment that I had for Ellie and spent the rest of the afternoon doing spring cleanup. My goal the other day was to put out at least a garbage can full of garden clippings twice a week...(So much for pacing myself!)--5 carpenter bags and a trashcan full later, I'm realizing that my word for the year of "Balance" isn't working out too well...

This is so typical of me--I go into everything with too much gusto!--When I get a vision in my head of what the end product will look like, there's no stopping me...It has been both a blessing and a curse.

Every bone in my body aches...and I haven't even gotten to the 10 yards of mulch that I've got to spread yet! eee--gads!

I'm exhausted!--I even went to the "Relax Shop" tonight...(Jake's little service shop--i.e. foot rubs, tickling my face with a paint brush, etc.)--He usually only charges 50 cents per foot but tonight he did it for free!--What a guy!

I took a hot bath a little while ago and read a bit of my book club book for this month, "The Girl With the Pearl Earring" (loving it!), but could barely keep my eyes open...

I wanted to make sure I got a post written for tonight before another day went by--I hate to get too far behind--so in between American Idol commercial breaks, I've been typing away...

**Do you do your own mulching?
**Have you ever had bananas foster?


  1. OK, bananas foster is seriously one of my favorite desserts.

    Last year, I went to this big zoo charity event, where all these food vendors give out samples, and it's all you can eat. I think I ate like four of the bananas fosters samples. Heaven.

  2. Somehow gardening looks like so much more fun with girlfriends. I can't get my family to help until everything is so overgrown it is a miserable experience. I am dedicated this year, a change of heart...

    And, no I've never had bananas foster. I really dig her house. I'd buy it...

  3. Never had bananas foster, actually never really liked banana flavor. Even though mom thinks my favorite pie is banana cream pie. (long story...) It's not. It is lemon marangue,(spelling???)

  4. The yard looks great! I loved that book--it is a great read!

  5. That picture with the rum is so cracking me up!! funny

    I've never had banana's foster & now I am dying to see how it turns out. I've heard it's GREAT!

    WE are so much alike- I always jump into projects like this... like you said- a blessing & a curse!
    Right now ABlessinG for sure! When you wake up tomorrow it will look so good outside- even if you hurt- right???

    ps. GARdening does look like more fun with friends!! :)

  6. no and no. never tried banana's foster and so impressed your friend can make it all by herself, and wouldn't really know where to start with the mulch... you are a great friend the place looks great she isn't going to want to leave.

  7. i can't get past the rum!!!!! :o(

  8. I so agree with your first comment of...noone's yard looks good in March! Wow, the after looks awesome though:)
    love the rum picture.
    Bananas foster is one of my dads favorites...i really want to make it now. oh, the power of suggestion;)

  9. No, and No.

    BUT, I do tend to ignore something that could be spaced out and then with gusto do it all at once.

    I finally learned that when I'm in the mood to get something done I might as well take advantage of that. Because, I apparently mostly only do things when I'm in the mood. Not a lot of balance, but I do sometimes get a lot done!

  10. This is such a great act of service for your friend! Seriously, I'm in awe.

    I am a gardener wannabe and am feeling so clueless and daunted by spring. I don't know what is involved in mulch (is it just manure?) and know the soil in our beds need amending, but I have no idea what to do. My mental garden looks like your awesome garden, but my real yard looks like crap.

  11. the mulch looks great, but i'm having trouble seeing the pansies- did she just buy 3?? help me...

  12. i actually read this last night and forgot to comment- but i've thought about it all day and how great it was that you guys got together to help your friend. that's awesome! i have also been cracking up that she's got a couple bottles of rum in her hands! :)

    i've never mulched or had bananas foster - what is my life about?! :)

    i don't have a yard yet- still covered in a couple feet of snow....sigh.

  13. looks like a lot of work. So she's leaving pretty soon, just like me:-)

    have you seen the movie 'the girl with the pearl earring'? I have, and I can't remember if I liked it or not. I'm sooo helpful. I'm going to give you guys a call this weekend sometime while i'm 'relaxing' at Nella's place before I fly out on Monday.

  14. Okay, you all look too cute to be working out in the yard. The rum doesn't surprise me coming from Suzanne. She has a problem with treats in the morning.

  15. Great pics and great blog!! Pss... it might be worth doing a sidewalk like that if I've god liquor waiting for me at the end. ;) Found you through Real World: Venus vs. Mars.

  16. I'm dying over Suzanne posing with the rum! Hilarious.

    What a great service you provided for your friend -- gardening definitely looks more fun when you do it with friends.