Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Activity Day Girls--Garden Party

I've been the Activity Day leader for about 3 years now, and every June, per the girls' request, we try to have a garden party.  Unfortunately, last year, every time we tried to plan this, the weather wouldn't cooperate.

Most of these girls will soon be moving up to Young Women's so I felt like they needed a memorable send off...

I decided to have them make fairy pots--

They learned the proper way to add drainage stones at the bottom of their pots and how to check to see if a plant is root bound or not.  They also learned about the right way to water.

I wish I would have taken a close up of the final product!  Dang!

The chickens added to the ambiance with their feathery selves! 

After the pots were completed, we ended the activity with refreshments:  cream puffs, lemonade and fresh fruit...

This was our last activity before summer begins!