Friday, March 20, 2009

Five for Friday

Spring is here!... Officially!!...Today!!... At least that's what the calender says...

1. To honor this great day, I had a date with these babies!--don't they look sharp?!
I started to cut off the dead foliage from some of my herbs and perennials--there's already growth starting underneath which excites me to no end! A promise of greener days to follow! My goal is to have a full trashcan of clippings twice a week...that way, when the mulch arrives, I'll be ready for action!

2. Another sign that spring is in the air is this...!
Every year, some poor cardinal spends hours on end slamming her beak into her reflection on my window! You'd think that after doing this day after day for hours on end, she'd get the point that this is just an illusion. (Is that where bird brain comes from?)

My solution (although not very effective, is to stick the dryer sheets on the ledge)--I'm hoping to discourage her from this self destructive behavior. I'm pretty sure it's not working very well.

3. I found something new at the produce stand today...celery root! I'd never tried it before, so I asked a woman standing in front of me what it was. She knew right away and told me how to prepare it (just like mashed potatoes)...

It was actually quite good--it had a bit of a mashed turnip texture but with a celery flavor...
I'm always up for trying new foods ...

4. I can't believe that I'm actually posting a picture of this Lucky Charms box--(again!) but there is a story behind it...(and not one that I'm proud to admit)--but for the sake of 5 for it is...

I let my kids each have one bowl of these for St. Patrick's day...which left about a half of a box left...

I got the munchies later on that afternoon and decided that maybe one bowl of these might really hit the spot...(and how!)

I ATE THE REST OF THE BOX!!! What the? is right! What is WRONG with me? Have I no self control? I guess this is where my kids get it from! (they tasted sinfully good--but then again, I like junky kid food like fun dip and hot pockets--)

5. That's right, folks...You saw it right! It is indeed a half eaten shamrock oreo that was partly consumed before 7:00am...(Reilly has become a total sneak lately and has been coming downstairs in the morning before anyone is awake and snarfing down food)--

The bigger issue here is that she ATE IT IN THE LIVING ROOM! (which everyone knows is off limits!)

Did you ever see Mommy Dearest with Joan Crawford when she discovers that her daughter had wire hangers in her closet?--Remember how she freaked? That was sooooo me the other day when this cookie was discovered!

**Do you have a love affair with your clippers?
**Have you ever had birds slam into your window like that?
**Have you tried celery root?
**Do you have a no eating in the living room rule?
**Can you believe that I ate the rest of the Lucky Charms?


  1. Yes, I can believe you ate the rest of the lucky charms, but you already told me. What a great Five for Friday!

  2. First of all, I LOVE Lucky Charms....don't indulge very often, actually, never!

    I carry my clipperss around in my car "just in case"! Onenever knows when you might come upon a lovely meadow of forsythia!

    NO eating in the living room, for sure!

    I have birds that run into my front window repeatedly, usually aboutthis time of year! I have a darling artificial orange topiary inside the window that must attract them! Sad,sad,sad!

    Never tried celery root. I'm not that big a fan of celery, but my Mom won't have a special dinner without it! Why?! It does look like good roughage!

  3. no
    I like you so much more now : )

  4. I have never tried celery root and didn't even know you you prepare it!

  5. you ate the rest of the box?? shame! i seriously could eat the WHOLE box (and have). cereal (esp. sugar cereal) is from the devil. i wish someone could put a dryer sheet on my window sill to stop my self destructive behavior

  6. Haaaah hahahahah! Mommy Dearest describes you pretty well! That's how I get when things are out of place. Like in my closet. I could just see you clenching your jaw! I have no self control, either. Read my fitness blog :)

  7. I can't wait for spring to hit here.. and I can't wait to have my own house again so I can start planting.. I miss my garden! I have had birds slam into my windows.. it scares the crap out of me!
    I have never tried celery root, and no there is no eating in the family room. We are big on at the table with the family.
    I am not one for lucky charms, however hand me a box of cocoa Krispies and they will be gone. I have eaten so many bowls before that the inside of my mouth began to peel because of the sugar content.. is that wrong?!

  8. we have the no eating rule too, I am always amazed when I pull the cushions off to vacuum, I find wrappers and half eaten stuff hidden there as if they heard me coming and hid the evidence!

  9. OMG...THAT's where our crazy cardinal went!!

    Seriously, we had one that would return EVERY year and fly into our front windows all spring (for like, 5 years)...and then all of a sudden he wasn't there anymore.

    Obviously, he decided he needed a new family to torture in the process of knocking himself silly...yay you!

  10. yay!! happy spring! thanks for the refreshing post and idea for a new mashed potato- i'm not sure about that one. we had a robin that crashed into our upstairs bedroom window years ago- it scared the poo--- out of the girls- (it was their window). i also had a female cardinal that hit my kitchen window last year and i found her dead on the sidewalk - now i hang a few things from suction cups on that window- i'm keeping my fingers crossed for this spring rush of the feathered friends.

  11. I remember being scared poo-less when that bird hit our window at the old house. Birds just don't get it. Yeah for Spring!! Can't wait to see how your garden looks this season:-)

  12. WE LOVE birds here & unfortunately have had some dive bombers... but never repeat offenders? that's funny & not funny - poor bird.

    I usually hate yard work- mostly because I have such bad allergies (I'm allergic to everything outside, even dirt, I swear it) but last year my doctor helped me start early so I would'nt be so sick & it worked! I'm trying it this year & I see some gardening in MY future, not just my husband's- :) Your garden is so beautiful- such inspiration!!

    I can totally relate with the lucky charms incident & food in the Living Room!!! NO- NO- for sure!!!!

  13. I remember that seen in mommy dearest! SCARY...I am afraid my kids have seen that seen for real in their own mother!
    I ate a whole bag of cadbury eggs the other day?@! what in the world? I think the Lucky Charms are less calories so, you are fine:)
    I love that spring is coming ! poor birds though...

  14. You know it - to ALL. So very excited about spring and yes - my clippers have already been in my hands several times since January just waiting. Would totally eat a WHOLE box of Lucky Charms. Love celery root - add grated cheese to the mash, top with parmesan and bread crumbs, bake and it becomes sinful! Don't like eating or drinking in the living room, but no one listens. Hence stains everywhere. Birds have not recently crashed into my slider, but it's so dirty they cannot see their reflections - Saturday is coming!

  15. I haven't found clippers that I really like yet. Something in between the small and the large. But they are a garden necessity.

    We've had birds fly into our window but they lived through it without much ado.

    I've never tried celery root. It looks interesting. If someone else prepared it I would try it.

    We definitely have a no food outside of the kitchen rule (exception for grown ups). Jeremy is stricter about it than I am.

    I totally believe you at the rest of the box. First, cereal boxes don't have as much in them as they used to. Second, it sounds like something I would totally do. It's amazing how GOOD cold cereal can be! :)

  16. Wow, your goal is two full bins of clippings each week? I need some of your motivation. I love spring, love flowers, and want a beautiful yard like yours, but am overwhelmed so quickly by weeds that I end up wanting to quit before I start. Not good.

    Poor bird. We've had a few birds slam into our windows before but it's not a regular thing.

    I'm not adventurous with new foods and definitely wouldn't be preparing them myself. That celery root looks like a creature.

    Lucky Charms are good, no wonder you ate the rest of the box.

    Kids are dumb aren't they? Seriously, you'd think if they're willing to go to the trouble to sneak food they'd be more sly about it. I found Oreo crumbs by the computer the other day and some on the floor...what the? I asked Landon about it and he said he got one for his friend. Whatever. I was bugged that he didn't ask me first and then that he blamed his friend.

  17. I will leave the celery root up to you. It kind of looks like a human heart. gross!
    I think I told you about that bird at the old house - he must have had a screw loose to do that EVERY MORNING ..

    at least I didn't have to set my alarm for school!

  18. seriously- you ARE adventurous with food! i walk right by that stuff without even asking what it is- let alone how to make it!!! i may try it now. thanks! :)

    your joan crawford comparison is killing me. that's hillarious!!! i don't so much freak out unless something is LIQUID or mashed into furniture. thankfully, my (one) child likes to eat at tables. it's his friends i have troubles keeping tabs on...and my husband's foot powder. ick.

    heck yeah you should eat that box of lucky charms. i'm glad i'm not the only one who devours cereal like that. i will not eat it with milk, but i can down a box of the dry stuff. i used to take it out in the little dixie cups they had in the dining hall in college....lucky charms,even...for snacks. :)

  19. Spring is here! Or so I hope. I need to trim back some bushes myself, but somehow I don't look forward to it like you do.

    I could most definitely eat a whole box of froot loops with half and half cream. So I don't buy those things. It is too good!

  20. I'm actually more surprised to find out that my MOM loves Lucky Charms! What the? I had no idea.

    Celery root is very popular in France. They grate it and make it into a salad with a mayonnaise dressing. It's good with carrot salad, also a French staple.