Friday, March 6, 2009

Then there were three...

This was a sad day at our house...

When I went outside yesterday evening to bring the ducks into their pen, I noticed that only three were standing there...

I knew that something was wrong because they are never apart.

I looked around hoping and yet not hoping to find evidence of her disappearance...

I asked Brian this morning if he would go out and take a look around to check to see if there was any sign of her body...I didn't want to stumble upon it later on today, and be upset.

He couldn't find anything, so the mystery remained. The ducks are just too big to be carried off by a hawk so I knew it couldn't be that, but there was no sign of it anywhere else.

When I went out an hour or so later to let them out of their pen, I noticed a piece of her neck with a bill attached. It was so sad to see that all that remained of that beautiful white bird was that. I'm sure it was a raccoon...This is just the time of year when everything that has been hibernating is starting to wake up...

The raccoon was probably pregnant and starving and desperate...which would explain why she would come out in the broad day light to attack.

I know to some this probably seems a bit ridiculous to be mourning over a silly duck. But the fact is, these are my pets and I raised them from day old ducklings...I've gone to great lengths to make sure they are safe and have a happy life.

My beloved boy duck, "Buck", was killed by a raccoon last spring as well. That was a more traumatic experience for me as he wasn't dead when I found him--just mauled. I had to rush him to the vet and they ended up putting him to sleep. I was so attached to him. He was like a little dog. He would run up to me when he saw me and hang out with me when I was gardening.

He was so regal and handsome!

It was harder to have him gone because he was the leader of the other two ducks and when he was gone, they were kind of lost. I bought two more ducklings a few weeks later and ended up with another male, which was what I was hoping for. The one that died was "Pearl", the new female.

I hate the food chain!

I don't want to not own a pet just because I fear getting too attached...

I wish I was more like a farmer who just looked at this as a normal part of life...

I'm not going to order more ducklings this year...I've just got too much going on to devote the kind of time that is needed for the first 5 weeks of raising them...It's quite an adventure!

Sorry about the over abundance of duck information and pictures lately...

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. I enjoy the duck information. I understand about pets. I like ducks. I am so so sorry about your duck today. Honestly, I've never heard anything good about Racoons, except that they are clever. I had no idea that they would eat a duck! I'm very sorry. :(

  2. I am so sorry about your duck. That must be pretty traumatic to find parts of him like that. We have pets and love them, but my husband always says they are like purchasing a small tragedy. I guess that is true. So sorry. :(

  3. This is very sad, and I'm sorry it happened! I understand the food chain, but sheesh.. I would be so upset that I would have a vendetta out for every stinking racoon or rapid animal!

  4. I got your message today and was so sad to hear it. I hope the other ducks will be able to adjust to the change. People don't realize that it is hard on them as it is us also.

    I love those little duckling photos! I just want to pick one up and smell it. :)

  5. oh dear...I remember how upset you were about Buck last year (you had to cancel dinner with Jordan and I if I recall). It was so sweet how you had those ducklings in that baby playpen under the light those first precious weeks. It looked like such a time consuming and exhausting job! What wonderful memories you'll always have of them no matter what happens.

  6. That's so sad. I know how close you were to your ducks, after raising them from ducklings. Hope the kids took it okay.
    We missed you at the apartment sale today, you would've enjoyed it. "Fast-moving action" mom says.
    This message is from: Mom and Jojo

  7. I am so sorry! You spent so much time and love in raising them and they are so precious.

  8. I really just want to cry. Ducks are so adorable and you are their "mommy". I would be so upset too. Stupid racoons.. get a BB gun that'll show it!

  9. I'm so sorry. I know how much they mean to you.

  10. I am so sorry... seriously, if you manage to catch that raccoon, just call us and we'll come over and get rid of it. Raccoons are really mean. :(

  11. I am so sorry Shannon. I know how much you love your ducks and they are so cute. You have to have to wonder if they miss their friend, too. I hope your others stay safe:)

  12. I am so sorry. I never knew that raccoons attacked animals, only garbage cans. The food chain isn't any fun!

  13. Oh NO! I am so sorry to hear this...

    I love hearing & seeing your sweet ducks & I completely understand the bonds that grow with pets. I wish I could say something wonderful & profound- such sad news.

  14. I'm so sorry, this is sad news for sure. I've never proclaimed "I hate the food chain" before, but I may just start because of this.

  15. I'm so sad to hear this end was discovered. I had hopes for some kind of miraculous return! As for racoons, they are pesky, mean and damn right obnoxious. I say trap him! I would really be scared of their intent for ducklings!

    I'm sorry for your loss. I know you have a deep fond spot for these Godly creatures. I'm in agreement with the rest of the "hate the food chain" comments.

  16. I just clicked over from Patsy's blog. This is so sad and terrible! I loved seeing the darling picture of the baby duckies, so sweet:)
    There is a definite bond that happens when we have pets that we take care sorry.

  17. That is very sad, Shannon. I can't imagine finding such a horrible thing! But I did giggle when I read "I hate the food chain!"

  18. ahhh, life cycle, food chain, the inevitable. hang in there, it reminds us all of how each day is a miraculous thing.