Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring--(the rest of the story)

I was the "mystery reader" in Jake's classroom today...I enjoy being able to go in and be a part of his world--It was funny to me to hear some of the girls tell me about how he's so nice and how he's such a good student...

Isn't it interesting that at such a young age they already know about buttering people up? I think I was a ham at that age as well...

Girls are such social beings...

I read a few Aesops's Tales and also Dog Breath which is about a dog named "Halli"who has horrible breath and lives with the "Tosis" family...the kids got a real kick out of this little play on words...

After school, I took the kids to Rita's for the "first day of spring" free water ice...
It was freezing!--but for the sake of a tradition, we carried on!

I asked each one of them how they thought water ice was made...

Here is their response:

Ellie: "First they put water in it and squirt lemon and that's it"

Reilly: "You crunch up the ice and then crack open the lemon and put water in it and put it in the freezer."

Jake: "Take the chemicals from the rootbeer and smash up some ice and put the chemicals and the ice in a cup and add coloring."

**How did you celebrate the first day of spring?

**Do you have a Rita's or a Rita's equivalent near you?


  1. there are NO Rita's here, which I was TOTALLY unaware of. That was a favorite of mine and Michelle's! I truly love that place! Your kids are funny. When did Jake start wearing glasses?

  2. I have heard such great things about ritas!!

    NOthing like that here-- that I know of??

    I've been working on a quilt top all day instead of doing yard work- it's 70 today!!!!! all the windows are open - glorious-
    snow on monday so I need to get outside...

  3. Hooray for Spring... and hooray for Rita's! I'll say hooray louder when it's not freezing anymore!

  4. Oh no, Michelle is going to be sad when she sees the picture of Ritas! She loves that place. I'm happy to say I've been there one time while staying at Susan's house. We also had really fabulous pizza from somewhere around there.

    You look cute reading to Jake's class. I've never asked someone to take a picture of me doing that, I've only ever attempted crowded self-portraits...your result is much better.

  5. good for you- i used to love going into the classroom and doing projects with the kids.

  6. That's too funny (the 'how you make rita's ice answers). I miss those kids, and you too of course!
    I get to go into classrooms almost every day to observe or work with kids, and I love every minute of it. They really do say the darndest things!

  7. i'm so not celebrating spring until i see grass that is green. :)

    rita's ice?! what is this new-fangled notion? i love jake's answer best- that kid knows his stuff.

    i LOVE that sweater you're wearing while reading!!! how great that you got to go read to them!

  8. Josie and I were going to go today to Ritas (the best place on earth) and she wasnt feeling to well. pretty cranky actually - she is getting a giant molar!!!
    so, i missed the rita free ice day. BUMMER!

    My favorite flavor is the citrus blast - a lemon/lime combo. they do half and half citrus blast with wild cherry and it is divinity.

  9. Looks like a yummy treat. We don't have a first day of spring tradition. Maybe I should get one.

  10. This is our first year here and WE WERE SHOCKED that Rita's gave out the big size FREE! We expected the kiddie size. I could only eat a little of mine, it chilled me to the bone!

  11. AAAHHH!! I love Rita's!!! I can't believe they do the free thing, that would be a very happy day for me indeed. Man I wish we had one around here. We even looked into getting a franchise of it, but they didn't want to expand this far West...

  12. ok, so you never cease to impress, a tradition for the first day of spring?! what a great idea. we did nothing, but go skiing in t-shirts & 70 degree weather & totally got sunburned. i loved it!!! yea warm weather.