Friday, January 2, 2009

100 things

100 Things About Me

1. I love making lists
2. I am not a night owl
3. I used to pretend that I spoke french and played tennis when asked what my interests were
4. I am cranky when I get up from a nap
5. I love being around witty people
6. I don't like jazz or opera
7. I love clean sheets, but never sleep well the first night in them
8. I love to pillow talk
9. I adore flowers! My favorites are roses, peonies, hydrangeas and poppies. (In fact, the only flowers that I don't like are gladiolus)
10. I love the smell of a sleeping cat
11. I hate getting my hair cut...I always feel like I have no pants on when I leave the salon
12. I love mowing the lawn! (it's the one thing the kids can't mess up)
13. Ironing gives me great pleasure
14. I am not cuddly (unless its an animal)
15. I love to sleep under lots of blankets (preferably with a cat on top of those blankets)
16. I love the first sip of a diet coke--so gloriously bubbly!
17. I feel rejuvenated when I garden
18. My favorite color is chartreuse
19. I can't concentrate when my counters are cluttered
20. I hate window clings
21. I'm very hard on socks
22. My middle toe is longer than the rest of my toes
23. I love being near the ocean
24. I love, love, love hot baths and take one every night
25. I dislike cartoons (even when I was little)
26. I was a Flight Attendant for 10 years (flew international for most of it)
27. I'm terrible with directions
28. I once sold lemonade topless (I was 6)
29. I hate the food chain
30. I was voted most talkative in my senior year of high school
31. I am constantly feeling like a failure in the mother category
32. I don't like card games
33. I used to peg my pants
34. If I had to pick a favorite season, it would probably be autumn although each season is a welcome change
35. My mom is my best girl friend
36. I love going outside on a snowy night--everything is so blissfully quiet and clean looking
37. I once waited all night for Depesche Mode tickets and then got lost going to the ampatheatre and never made it to the concert
38. I enjoy wearing and collecting pjs
39. I have zero rhythm when it comes to dancing...actually, I'm clumsy with alot of things
40. I've never had very good study habits
41. I love the "ping" sound that canning jars make when they've been sealed
42. I dislike going to parties--I always have anxiety before I actually walk in the door
43. I was born in Alaska (Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage) on Groundhogs Day
44. I am a candy lover!--I never suck jolly ranchers...I chew them! I love sweet tarts like crazy!
45. I am very impatient and sometimes am impulsive
46. I collect cream/whiteware dishes, blue plates, birdcages, birdnests, and recipe books
47. I've been to Iceland (on an emergency landing)
48. I dislike grocery shopping (I can't decide what's worse...the loading or unloading)
49. I was once hyperthyroid but am now hypothyroid
50. I used to panick whenever I would hear the ice cream truck come by--I was always fearful that I wouldn't have my money in time
51. I dislike going to Costco--(It's the whole loading & unloading thing again) No bags to contain everything...I end up with strawberries rolling up by my dashboard.
52. I don't like taking showers...I always feel scattered and unorganized when I'm in there
53. I shave my legs every night
54. My favorite scent is lemon verbena...a close second is lemon thyme...a close third is fresh mulch
55. I don't like walking barefoot in wet grass...even as little kid, I hated runnng through the sprinkler
56. I am a loyal friend
57. I am SO not a pack rat...I love to throw things out and get organized!
58. I am not laid back
59. When my husband and I were first dating, I lied to him and told him that I would love to go hunting with him sometime
60. I was a "back talker" as a teenager (drove my mother nuts)
61. I've never liked wearing thong underwear
62. I'm often self conscience in social situations that I did not go to college (my husband is a braniac, so people always assume that I am too). Where we went to college always seems to come up in conversation
63. I tend to be critical and have misjudged people on many occasions--I'm working on being better
64. I don't like putting my face in the water when I swim
65. I am not a very good baker (especially when dealing with yeast)
66. I love to cook and usually find success--cooking allows me to be creative, whereas with baking, you can't just add a little of this and a little of that
67. I am terrible with understanding the words to songs (I used to think that "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" was "Wake Me Up And Pour Me Cocoa"
68. I knew that I wanted to marry my husband within the first 2 weeks of dating him (It took him about a year)
69. I love being lost in a book, but hate to be interrupted
70. I love tangy, spicy food with lots of lime (Thai)
71. I am more compassionate towards animals than people
72. I once got punched in the face by a homeless man in the subway...(while I was in uniform)
73. My life would be complete if we owned a barn

74. I have always wanted to have a hobby farm and raise sheep as well as ducks
75. I love to laugh
76. A homeless man pooped in my hibachi grill when we were living in NYC (We lived on the ground floor of a pre-war brownstone)--the grill was right outside of our door
77. I once worked the wrong flight home from London
78. I don't like thinking about where eggs come from
79. I hate that I am not a vegetarian (I have such a love of animals...I always feel like my body is betraying me when I eat meat)
80. I always worry that I said the wrong thing, or offended someone
81. I don't like talking on the phone on my birthday
82. I am afraid of heights (when I'm in an enclosed area like an airplane, I'm fine)
83. I love polka dots
84. I recently rescued a 2 week old field mouse from the jaws of my cat--I took it to a pet store that had a nursing mother mouse and it survived!)
85. I love a clean house (I get frustrated with my kids that they constantly mess it up)
86. Besides getting a papercut on my eyeball, I am paranoid that a bat will get caught in my hair (I wear a baseball cap if I'm outside at dusk)
87. I am not a kid lover (although I love my kids)
88. I love salads that are already dressed

89. I love setting a pretty table
90. I follow through on what I say I'm going to do
91. I love it when I've been able to make a difference to someone
92. I used to collect sticks for Santa's reindeer (still can't figure why I did that)
93. I get giddy when I hop into bed each night
94. I don't like to be the last one going to bed
95. I used to pick up work trips to London just so I could go to Boots (a drugstore in England) to buy marshmallow scented shampoo
96. Zoos depress me
97. I love spending time at home
98. I'm never bored
99. When I get a vision in my head about something, there's no stopping me (In fact, I tend to rush through something not always worrying about the quality but rather what the final product will look like)
100. I love it when my hair smells like campfire
**Was there anything that surprised you?
**In what ways are we similar?


  1. wow, I saw a handful of things we have in common, knew many of the things, and found out a few more things about you. I love these lists. You have inspired me to make one of my own. I just don't know how I can think of 100! how did you do it?

  2. I've been walking around for the past couple of days with a notebook in my hand jotting things down as they came. It was fun doing some real thinking about who I am...There's something about writing it down that gives me a sense of order.

  3. i TOTALLY want to be a flight attendant. like bad.

  4. So what's stopping you from being one? Those were some fun years. It will be hard to do the truck driving thing too, though...just sayin'--

  5. I read this yesterday but wasn't able to comment then, so I'm back and I took notes.

    6--I hate jazz too!
    10--The smell of a sleeping cat, huh? I love the sound and feel of a sleeping cat, but can't recall the smell.
    11--I love getting my haircut because I feel like I lost weight when I walk out of the salon. Though sometimes when I walk to my mailbox I have a moment of panic and fear I don't have pants on. This is totally bizarre though because I always have pants of some kind on.
    13--I wish ironing gave me pleasure.
    30--I was voted Most Spirited in high school.
    31--Me too!
    67--This is enough to send me into a fit of giggles if I keep thinking about it.
    72--This is so scary to me.
    76--I would have had to move!
    86--That's crazy, but funny!
    93--Me too!

  6. Yes! My favorite scent is lemon verbena too!

    I love getting my hair cut, though. It's the only time my hair ever looks really good.

    I'll bet you have a lot of interesting stories about being a flight attendant...

    Those chartreuse glasses are to die for!

    I never enjoyed children or babies growing up, but I knew I would love my own. Now I have a growing love for all children.

    I love that you did your 100 list.

  7. Hi!
    I found your blog today and I just love it! The more I read you the more I can see myself! We are sooo similar (except I'm a RN (but loooove flying), and live in France)! That's crazy!
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your house and your garden! Love them!!!