Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Shop of Horrors

(Jake was sick today, so I stayed home from church)
Instead of reading uplifting thoughts and finding a "Sunday thought" to share, I indulged myself and read the rest of The Boleyn Inheritance! (Totally at the other end of the spectrum of spiritual enlightenment--but enjoyable none the less!)
Onto other topics...
Every once in a while, I get my priorities straight! ...

This afternoon, I let Reilly do her "beauty magic" on me...

Here she is putting on a layer of lipstick that ultimately ended up looking like I had a cold sore on the one side! Gese Louise!

Who wouldn't want a pigtailed head full of glitter goo!
"Ya Mon!"

I helped her with some harlot red lipstick! Lovely!

Voila! The new me!
I've been complaining lately about how old I'm looking--
I think the pigtails really do the trick and make me look so much younger!
(Maybe not in a good way, though)
Anyway, it was fun and she didn't pull my hair which was a relief (since I absolutely HATE having my hair pulled!)
I remember when I was little, my mom would let me fix her hair...I always enjoyed having her head as my creative canvas!
Hopefully Reilly remembers some of the good things that I do with her...I sometimes feel like she only harps on the times when she hasn't gotten her way...I definitely find it more of a challenge in the raising of daughters! I feel like we're always butting heads...It's like a battle of wills around here alot of the time...Hopefully, they won't spend their adult life in therapy blaming me for all their troubles!

**Did your mom ever let you "fix" her hair?
**Do you think girls are harder to raise or boys?


  1. looks like a nice lazy day- love the hair!!! my mom used to "let" me do her hair too- anything that was considered pampering- she actually let me cut it!!! wow! was she desperate! that may be your connection with reilly..

  2. hah. That was funny. I'm glad Reilly got a chance to practice her 'barbara' skills. :)

  3. Girls are easier when they are little. Boys are easier when they are big. Of course, I should say that now that it is all over, the raising part, it just got better the older they got. My mom told me to enjoy every moment as it would be over way too soon. And, she was right! Again.

  4. For some reason, only two of the four photos came up. I can see that there were more....what the? Maybe they are just too scarey for the human eye to see.......

    I congratulate you on being the subject for a total makeover! I'll try again to see them!

  5. What a fun mom you are. I actually think they are all hard to raise--but I also love being a mom. I hope you guys didn't catch getting sick from us. We are on the mend--went to legoland discovery center and even celebrated a birthday.

  6. I love the New You!!
    How fun for you both :) I love mother daughter times like this.

    Trent said he wasn't feeling good all morning.. he goes through this whole list of possible illnesses EVERY sunday morning so I was telling him- what a blessing you can STill go to church. Then two hours AFter church, when he was still complaining, I took his temperature- 102.2- oops... I hope no one from my ward reads this--

    Raising boys & girls is just So different!
    Girls have such a way of pushing their mom's buttons- I hope my kids don't sue me for the therapy payments ;)

  7. I think you are sweet for letting your daughter fix your hair. I've told my daughters that they can practice on me if they ever feel a need, since I probably owe it to them for fixing their hair all the time even when they don't want me to.

    My Mom I think let me practice a few french braids on her. But I mostly just practiced on myself.

    Boys and girls are different. I think it is more the personality of the child than the gender that makes it easy or difficult.

  8. I can't see two of the pictures, but the other ones are certainly foxy.

  9. Nella and I would fix Mom's hair. At one point, our Sunday afternoon business (how appropriate), was to make crocheted jewelery, and do hair for anyone willing to pay up:-)

  10. Way to be a good sport! All of my children are hard, so I can't say one or the other on who's harder...