Monday, March 2, 2009

Love Tag

It surprises me that this is the first tag I've ever done...

I love lists so it seems that tags would be right up my alley--

For whatever reason, I've avoided them in the past but decided to go ahead with this one since it's short and easy--

7 things I love randomly are:

1. my family
2. the excitement in the air right before and during a snowstorm
3. creme brulee
4. the first 10 seconds of stepping into a hot bath
5. having my back tickled
6. being swept up in a good book
7. discovering that someone has unloaded the dishwasher without me asking

I'm tagging the 7 people who I think would least likely be irritated by this:


  1. the first and only time i had creme brulee was with you on our trip to balmat after that hot "hell hole" we were in. the combination of everything and then that little piece of heaven (the dessert) was unforgettable! thanks for everything! hee,hee.(we've got to let everyone in on that phrase!)

  2. Oh my gosh, creme brulee... now I'm drooling.

  3. My husband's new favorite dessert is creme brulee. And I wouldn't have thought to say it, but you hit the nail right on the head when you said you loved the first 10 seconds of stepping in a hot bath. It is an amazing feeling! I think I have yet to discover that someone has unloaded the dishwasher without my asking (but my husband cleaned the microwave once!)

  4. I think tags are a fun way to document things that might not be documented otherwise. I love creme brulee too!

  5. I love creme brulee! There is a cafe across the street from our study abroad apartment in Paris that has a divine creme brulee! I didn't discover that until the last time we were there -- now I want to go back and have it again.

    I think having my back tickled is the best feeling. Well, it ties with having my hair played with.

  6. The bath comment reminded me of that long discussion we had at book club about whether it's better to wash up right away in the tub, then relax, or relax first then wash up right before getting out. You were very passionate about this topic and all I kept thinking, was "who takes baths anymore?"

  7. Hmmm, I've got to do this...