Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary, Brian

If you knew that...

My feet were so rough that it felt like I was wearing boots to bed

I project human qualities onto animals

Pringles make me gassy

I'm not cuddly

I am impatient

I require a mini pillow fort to sleep

I am a non procrasinator

I get bent out of shape when you don't say bless you after I sneeze

I am not very experimental with my hair

I am clumsy and constantly stub my toes

I lied about wanting to hunt pheasants with you someday

I have an unhealthy addiction to chapstick

I can tease you right back

Would you have still married me?

Thanks for being such a good egg!
I love you...


  1. Oh how romantic! Happy Anniversary.

  2. I love your dress! Happy Anniversary!

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  4. You are beautiful. Happy Anniversary! (there were too many mispellings for the number of words in the last comment)

  5. Wow! What a beautiful bride you are!

    I, too, have an extrememly unhealthy chapstick addiction...

    Happy Anniversary ♥

  6. or you could have just posted

    "Thanks for everything, Brian!"

    heh heh.

    I'm right there with you on that chapstick addiction. And Josie can't let a sneeze go by with out a bless you.

    Have a great day!

  7. i am horrible- i forgot your big day!! yow! wish i could be there to babysit while you go out on an anniversary date-(maybe an overnighter?) i remember like it was yesterday that beautiful march day. my dreams for you had come to be- what every mother hopes and prays for.i remember waiting in the timp. temple while you were being interviewed before your endowments- the tears flowed as i realized that you were actually going to be married in the temple!!! your wedding day was beautiful- just like you! congrats--- also- has it really been 11 years?? wow!!!

  8. What a beautiful picture! Happy Anniversary!

  9. This was very cute Shannon! You look so beautiful in your wedding picture btw. :)

  10. What a handsome couple! Happy anniversary!!!!

  11. Oh my Gosh! You are absolutely stunning in your wedding photo-

    HAPpY aNNiverSARY!!!

    great post :)

  12. You look so beautiful!! Happy anniversary!

  13. Congrats on your anniversary. I remember my first trip to Utah was for your wedding. I made my own dress for the event and everything! It was a great trip and I wanted to be just like you:-)

  14. Happy Anniversary! What a cute wedding photo, you guys look the perfect couple.

  15. Happy Anniversary! I remember it like it was yesterday, as well! I love this picture of the two of you. I remember I wanted to wear your wedding dress, only to grow up to find you are one petite woman, and I am not... :)

  16. wow- you are a GORGEOUS couple! :)

    what a sweet post. congratulations on 11 years!!!

  17. So beautiful... congrats on 11 years. Does it seem longer or shorter?

  18. Happy Anniversary! This is a great list. We all could make a list about ourselves just like this (except for the Pringles part, what the?). And I'm sure Brian could make a list of "If you knews" too. I don't know if any of us would have gotten married if we'd really known what was involved, luckily some of it becomes endearing rather than annoying.

    Beautiful picture!

  19. What a perfect tribute--sweet and funny--the way things should be. Hope your anniversary was fabulous!

    Beautiful photo!!

  20. Like Jill, I wonder if any of us would have gotten married if we knew what we were really in for! I'm glad for sacred vows that keep us together when things get hard.

    Stunning photo of the two of you!

    (by the way, I'm laughing about Brian saying your kids could work for the Bureau of Weights and Measures!)