Monday, March 2, 2009

New Banner?

I've been inspired by the fresh new banners of some other blogs (you know who you are).

I love the picture on my banner, but feel that a change might be in store...My master plan is to ultimately have my blog printed out, so I thought that maybe each year after I print it out, I would change my banner then...

The only problem is that I don't want to lose the picture that I have up there right now...
Is it lame to have 2 or 3 pictures that I really like and then rotate them according to the season?
The picture that I have now is very wintery.

I need advice on which picture would be the best one to replace my current banner picture with.

ducks walking along a path...

ducks walking along a bank...

young ducklings sitting in buttercups
(they are a bit gangly at this age)

cute painting (I just don't know how to enlarge it)
I need feedback!


  1. I love the one you have up now, but I also like the duckling one. Are you adding more ducklings this spring?

  2. I think if I had to pick one, I like the ducks walking along the bank. It's a neat angle. But the ducklings are cute, too.

    Isn't it interesting that even when you have something that looks great (like the one you have), after a while, as human beings, we still want to change it up?

  3. I love the photo you have in your banner now, so it's hard for me to advise you in this. I would recommend creating your banners and then saving them in a Smugmug gallery so you'll always have them and can incorporate them into your blog book when you have it published. I kept my same banner for over a year because I thought I'd have to when I published my blog (which I haven't done yet) but then realized that's not the case so I change my banner monthly now.

    My vote is for the ducks walking along the bank.

  4. I see why you need adice--they are all so good. I won my banner in a give-away, but am thinking aobut changing it with a real picture. I just can't get my family together for a photograph. Good luck!

  5. I really like your current banner, but I also understand the desire for change! I kept my first one for about a year, then once I changed, I couldn't stop. I have a smugmug gallery of all my banners.

    You may not be able to enlarge your flickr photo. Of the others, I like the ducks walking on the bank best!

  6. i like the bank one, and the painting. my favorite one is the one you have right now.

  7. I like the buttercup picture, it has little buds in it which is what happens when spring comes

  8. It will seriously be difficult to make a banner cutter than the one you have now! I like the ducks walking along the stacked wall.....but I also really like the fuzzy little ducklings! I have a feeling there will be many duck photos in the years to come!

    Go for it.

  9. this is seriously a tough choice- they are all really, really darling. so cute how they line up :)

  10. I would say the first or second. Three ducks to represent your three kids?

  11. The first one is my favorite--it totally looks like a row of little kids.