Saturday, February 28, 2009

62 memories I have of my mom and 1 to grow on!

My mom and I have been through alot together...I feel so blessed that we have shared so many wonderful experiences ...In honor of her 62nd birthday, I came up with 62 (plus one) memories that I have of her...

1. our trips to the library in Bryan, Tx

2. Saturday trips to Woolworths for doll clothes and grilled cheese sandwiches

3. making me a playhouse out of a refrigerator box

3. giving me that fabulous pink desk!

4. buying me Aggie mums and orchestrating special moments for me and my dad

5. bringing icecream sandwiches into my kindergarten class

6. our summers together in Fredonia at Grandma and Grandpa's house

7. introducing me to you wild bird "Polly"

8. the blackbird flying into our living room on North Avenue

9. sleeping beside me on a chair all night when I had my tonsils out

10. the horrendous trip to Sunnyvale, Ca.

11. getting caught in the rain on the way to see the Statue of Liberty & laughing till we cried!

12. seeing "How to Succeed in Business, Beauty and the Beast, and Wicked together on Broadway.

13. meltdowns!

14. years of having faith that I would become active in the church again

15. advice on which cut of meat to get for my potroast before my first date with Brian

16. being there with me when I got married in the temple

17. understanding that it wasn't my candles that needed organizing that one time...

18. our long talks on route 80

21. being there for me when I had my children and caring for me during those first few weeks of "new baby"
22. baby blessings

23. freezer meals

24. painting my kitchen cabinets and various other pieces of furniture

25. gang grafitti challenges!

26. teaching me how to make spritz cookies

27. spending wonderful Christmases together and the most recent Thanksgiving!

28. the "itchy" trip to Balmat

29. staying in the hot hell hole with lace canopys for the longest night of our lives!

30. eating dinner in wingback chairs

31. cracking up about the "winning button" for the Balmat centennial celebration

32. thrifting in Cape Cod

33. canning our heads off! (peaches, applesauce, beans, chicken, tomatoe sauce)

34. the year we did the Christmas cookie business (never again!)

35. instilling in me the need for naps

36. our trip to Palmayra when Katie, Seth, Joanna and Nella were younger

37. steak on the grill, swiss chard, creamed asparagus on toast

38. being able to finish each others thoughts...

39. Brimfield Flea Market!--that whole weekend was a dream! Remember our sweet little room at the bed and breakfast that we stayed in!

40. chik-fil-a runs before we even leave town

41. you being the queen of desserts

42. your 50th birthday..."Day of Booty"!--"what you really need is some cream for those bags under your eyes"

43. working on the scrapbook for your 60th birthday and feeling honored to be your daughter

44. the best dinner we ever had at Red Lobster?!

45. the smell of Chantilly, gardenias and lilacs will always remind me of you (even though you haven't worn Chantilly in 30 years!)

46. murals

47. "mr. clean green"

48. so many selfless acts of service to others...such an example to me

49. 11pm..."do you have any laundry?"

50. Time Out for Women!--what a memory!

51. making stepping stones with my kids

52. making us all our very own sock monkey--you really do have angelic hands :)

53. giving you a hug and kiss goodnight every time we're together

54. sending me care packages when I was living on my own

55. a wedding train size piece of toilet paper dragging from my pants at the Arby's on rte. 80 (laughing until we almost threw up)

56. you giving Sheri Dew a tussy mussy

57. Country Living excursion in Central Park (meeting Katie Brown, Rachel Ashwell & the Junk Girls)! and taking 4 hours to drive home from NY!

58. the tongue scraper...your never-ending quest for fresh breath

59. your idea of a "fun vacation"--painting a friends bathroom and donating blood at a blood drive

60. your "warbling whistle"

61. being my "beard" for every good idea "I've" ever had

62. raining on my "songs with stories" parade

63. always making my birthdays so special

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I've loved every minute of our time spent together...
Here's to 62 more memories!


  1. that is soo much better than mine too!! I've learned lots of new things about you guys! Good job:-)

  2. What a wonderful gift of memories for your mom--and a treat for us too.

  3. What great memories and such a neat post!

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  4. what did you expect girls, she always one-up's us all. It is just what she does.

    I love the pics too!

  5. Wow, it's really saying something that you can come up with this many thoughtful, fun memories of you and your mom. That is NOT something I can do for my mom.

  6. Okay, I grew up in Sunnyvale, CA and so feel I MUST hear about the horrendous trip you had there. Why do I feel the need to defend Sunnyvale? :-)

  7. i'm finally home and had to read your comments and everyone else's again- i just LOVED all of your posts- when i read yours, i had to laugh and cry- it brought back so many wonderful times- it's amazing what your children remember (so be careful!) and what touched them- sometimes insignificant to us. you really don't know the effect you have on your children until you see them as adults and (lucky me) get to read their posts!! thanks so much- for reminding me of all those precious times. love ya...

  8. What a great post and tribute to your Mother. I loved having a little inside window into your life and your relationship with your Mother. I've always liked her and now I like her more!

    Very tender.

  9. That is a great tribute! My parents would probably really like it if I did something like that for their birthdays. I just think it was a wonderful idea to list so many memories. You are lucky to have such a devoted and talented mother!

  10. What a sweet post, Shannon! It sounds like you two are the best of friends.