Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday thoughts

We had our ward conference today and our Stake President spoke on several topics...
The one topic in particular that really struck a cord with me was on Marriage Relationships:
He said:
"Too many marriages seem to be like the tower of blocks where a slight push and it will come tumbling down. I wish that we could remove the veil for a moment and you could see your spouse, who they were in the pre-existence, the talents they have in this life, and who they will become as an exalted being. We take each other for granted. We tend to focus solely on our differences and think that somehow our spouse would be better if they were a clone of ourselves. Yet, it is those very differences that enrich a marriage. I feel like we have a giant magnifying glass and we focus solely on those idiosyncrasies that we label faults. Many of us probably made a commitment to each other in the pre-existence that we would find each other and become eternal companions. We had a vision of what we could accomplish together. Believe that the best is yet to come."

I think we could all use a little reminder of this message from time to time...

**What do you think?


  1. I agree! I think that it's a great reminder and quote.

    I did post about the silent destroyer of marraiges, which is slightly different. :)

  2. How did you manage to get this whole quote? It's a great one.

    I often wish my husband was a clone of me so that we could get more done, but if he were more like me he'd probably drive me crazy too. We balance each other out nicely even if we forget that ourselves.

  3. Suzanne and Jill--I asked him for a copy of his talk :)

  4. Do you know shorthand? Did you write that down? Did you ask him for a copy of his talk?

    That was a fabulous talk. I think I'm going to quote him at Women's conference on Sat.

  5. perfect, i'm going to have Stephan read this too:-) Thanks Shannon!

  6. i maybe should have heard that talk years ago- but somehow, i don't think it pertains to me- yikes!

  7. Wonderful thoughts! I quite often pray to see my husband with the Lord's eyes -- mine are far too judgmental.