Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SPT--week # 4..
"I resolve to take more pictures of doing things I love"...

This picture is so precious to me...I love how it turned out...
I've always loved having my children sit in the front of the cart when I shop. (I don't like to grocery shop and I don't necessarily like the part of unloading my kids from the car and loading them back up, but I enjoy having them right in front of me while in the store so that I can kiss and munch their necks).

Since Brian convinced me that ducks didn't qualify under the "people I love" category a few weeks ago, I decided to wait for the "things that I love" to document ...

"Birds of a feather, flock together"

Ahh! the first sip of a diet Coke!...GLORIOUS!...

I am truly in my element here...Gardening is such a huge passion of mine...
Since it is winter now, I continue to get my "fix" by growing some things inside...scented geraniums, boxwood topiaries, rosemary, and thyme to name a few...

I hate my feet!-- (I've got popsicle toes)-- but I didn't know how else to document one of my favorite pasttimes...taking baths! ... It's my think tank and I look forward to one every night!...

I love to read...There's something so delicious about being in the middle of a good book.
I'm always sad when its finished...It's kind of like saying goodbye to an old friend...

**Do we share any of the same "favorite things"?

**Did you like having your kids in the front seat of the cart when they were little?

**Have you ever seen longer toes in your life?


  1. I love chocolate chip cookies, reading, and Diet Coke with Lime! I have really short ugly toes....but maybe all toes are ugly!

  2. how did you get those great pictures?? do you have someone following you around? you know about me and baths and nighttime... fresh,flowing water from a shower first thing in the morning is my cup of tea- and i'm not sure where those toes came from-maybe your great grandmothers-- i never saw their feet. that picture does make your feet look pretty darn good!. nice post!

  3. I am impressed with you being able to take self-portraits. I love the duck one! And those were sweet of you and Ellie at the store. You can always borrow one of mine if you miss it after she really is too big:) Jacob and Matthew are quite snuggly...

  4. Served in Brugge the last four months of my mission--it was like living in a fairy tale!

  5. You came up with all kinds of good things for this SPT.

    Yes, I did love having my kids in the front part of the shopping cart. It's like having a really cute shopping partner to chat with. I wish I had pictures of that too.

    I have never held a duck!

    I gave up Diet Coke 3 years ago, but I used to love that first big gulp.

    I rarely take baths because I feel so ginormous in my tub. Maybe I should give it another try, I could use a think tank.

    Reading in the cozy is my favorite thing to do.

  6. I do like having my kids in the front of the cart; I especially like the costco carts because they can fit two kids in the front.

    Your feet are fine. I wouldn't worry about them.

    My husband really enjoys the bath. A lot. We have a huge tub. I rarely take a bath on my own but I do join him frequently (its a BIG tub). The warm water is very nice.

    I do enjoy reading. I haven't done it very often because once I pick up a book I usually don't set it down until I'm done. I read quickly, but if I read a lot NOTHING would get done. I also feel sad at the end of a book. It's a death of sorts. One time, a main character died at the end of the series and I fully felt like I would see him on the other side. I am in awe of how authors can create such worlds.

  7. I haven't had a Diet Coke in weeks, and I'm dying here!

  8. I like to call my toes E.T fingers.. I'll just leave you with that visual rather then actually showing you a picture.

    The shopping cart is so true and so is the loading/unloading - UGH..

  9. Ooh we do share some of the same things. I enjoy a diet coke, reading and baths. What about all three at the same time. Now that would be bliss! I used to love putting my kids in the basket, but now they're too old, and I can't remember the last time...(i think that was a run on sentence.)

  10. Your photos look great, Shannon!

    I do love having kids in the front of the shopping cart, I should document that as well.

    I think your feet are lovely, look at those arches! My feet are flat and extremely wide. I'd take yours any day.

    I would take more baths if our tub were deeper, I don't like poking out of the water.

    Reading is one of my all-time favorite things and I love that particular book!

  11. I really need to change my perspective....I haven't really taken the time to enjoy having little ones in the cart. I just try to get the shopping done as quickly as possible to avoid any meltdowns...theirs or mine.
    Your plants are beautiful.

  12. sooo, i've been a fan of ellie for a long time now. i was in joanna's ward in provo and i always loved seeing pictures of her!

  13. Rebekah...so YOUR the person who made the comment on Jill's post recently "I know Shannon but she doesn't know me"--I've been wondering who you are--You've been a real mystery to me...

    Ellie is a real character, I'll tell ya! She sure keeps me on my toes...I'm assuming you heard about the cat's ears being snipped off?

    I'll have to tell Joanna that you commented...How do you know Jill?

  14. so glad i am now caught up. the good night moon post about made my cry & the sunday post about made me think...
    love it

  15. I have too many kids to have just one in the cart--I usually have several hanging off the cart. I love baths (take one almost every day) and I read constantly...in the bath, while I dry my hair, while I cook, before I go to bed, etc... Gotta say that I am a total diet pepsi drinker...diet coke only in a pinch! As for the gardening, I love the way it looks, but manage to kill everything that requires watering...maybe it's because I'm too busy taking care of kids (or surfing the internet!)

  16. That was a great post. I am so jealous you have fun animals to love. I want to come over and play with your ducks. Are they nice to everyone or just you?
    If I had kids I would like them in the cart, if I had animals they would be more like friends...
    I would love to garden more, take more bathes and read more....

    You are one really cool chick.

  17. Way to go with 17 (now 18!) comments. You have followers!

    I loved a duck once. I had one for a pet when I was a tween. My dauchand didn't like him though and would always try to grab his feet through the chicken wire! That duck could give my dog a real chase! Otto was really scared of him and would take off running.

    I actually like my feet. My sister, Patti says tht they are deformed (size 4) but they are really the only cute part of my whole body! I think even my feet are getting old, come to think of it......

    I have a huge soaking tub and a small hot water heater.....they just don't go together! I can't get enough water to fill the tub and stay hot! I've only used it one time, unsatisfied. Maybe I'll try the smaller tub upstairs. I love that room. It's a cottage bathroom and small enough to stay warm. Good idea, I think I'll give it a try this weekend.

    Great post and great photos! I'm loving your blog you cute thing!

  18. I agree with Jill on the bath thing. Unless my bathroom is equipped with an olympic sized swimming pool/bath tub, there are very few good soaks due to my 'gianormity'.

    the only gardening i am having success with now is a 4 year piece of bamboo that I keep trying to kill and failing, and the two tiny boxwood trees that i am trying to keep alive and failing.

    Good pictures! (and pores) heh heh.

  19. Great SPT!!! Loved seeing all the things you LOVE!

  20. Wow so jealous you get to take a bath every night! I love being able to lock that door and soak for as long as the water stays warm. Great post! Oh and I don't love my feet either.

  21. baths and books sista! yeah! i WISH i had a green thumb, i love gardens, but man I kill everything i touch with a root in the ground.. it really bugs me... i like your feet, you should see model's feet... ugly ugly ugly, all cramped and bunioned from highheels... ouch, not pretty.

  22. I too love reading and taking baths. I just got out of the bath a few minutes ago! I don't know what I'm going to do in Denmark! Cute pictures too!

  23. this is a really great post.
    I am a new reader & just love you already!

    that picture of you holding a duck is so cute-

  24. I love this post. Such cute pictures. And yes I share many of your favorites. So fun.