Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SPT--week 3

This week's SP challenge was to take more self portraits doing something "NEW"...

Here I am with my sister, Katie, posing with our "NEW" brother-in-law!
Welcome to the family, Stephan! We all adore you!!

This was definately a first for me...Driving on the turnpike from Pittsburgh to Philly on mostly snowy roads--A NEW experience for sure! (My husband never trusts me at the wheel on long hauls...but he was sick on our trip home, so he wasn't feeling too choosy about who was doing the driving).
I'm also wearing the "NEW" scarf that my sister crocheted for me!
Thanks again, Katie! I love it!!

**Does anyone have any face powder? (holy moisturizer on that first picture!)
**Am I the only one who's husband insists on driving on trips?


  1. when we used to drive together- i took my pillow and got the BEST naps- starting at the exit from the driveway! what's with them?

  2. cute!!! p.s. Stephan's name has an A. haha. :-)

  3. Fred does almost all of the driving! We get there alot faster when he is behind the wheel....not that he insists, but I guess you could say he indulges me. I generally have at least two crates of magazines that haven't been touched yet handy, and start the catch-up soon after we launch.

    I enjoy have a driver!

    And, thank heavens for dual control and heated seats! My side is always 10-15 degrees warmer than his!

    I don't mind driving on snowy roads at all. Fred doesn't change his speed much and seems to have alot of self confidence in doing so. It's best that I just keep my eyes on my reading! He is a darn good driver, thank heavens.

    Being sick in the car is the worst. Poor Brian, I"m feeling for him. Glad you're all home.

  4. My husband always does the driving when we go on long trips, but I prefer it that way because driving seems to lull me to sleep! I have no stamina when it comes to driving anymore, so any long road trips need to have someone else at the wheel.

  5. Lots of newness. For the most part my husband does most of the driving. I can and do drive a lot when it is not snowing.

  6. Driving in the snow is ALWAYS a new experience. My husband is also a road trip sort of guy. I love it because he insists on driving and I get to read a good book.

  7. Marc prefers driving because he gets carsick if he sits anywhere else. Suits me just fine! I like to read in the car when I can.