Monday, January 12, 2009

Life lessons

Lessons having pets have taught me...

Take time for yourself...

Dont be afraid to get your feet wet (or put your face in the water)...

Look for the sunny spots in life...

Be forgiving...
(Ellie cut left tip of Mr. Boon's ear off and cut into a major portion of the other one about a year ago...he still loves her!) *He deserves an honorable mention--

Obedience brings it's rewards...

**Does it appear that I have too much time on my hands?

**Are those ducks on the extreme end of cuteness, or what?


  1. those pictures are sooo perfect! you're getting really good at this. animals can teach us -- they're so basic and don't get caught up in the what-nots of life. i'm waiting for your tues. entry.. heeheehee

  2. I don't get the impression that you have too much time on your hands.

    I love ducks. I think they are great. If you have ducks that close by you are pretty lucky.

  3. hah, mom is a true blog lurker. already waiting for tomorrow's post. You could post a picture of Mista Boone's ears with a caption saying - "avoid JC Penny salons - OR ELSE!" that is a life lesson anyone could benefit from.

  4. These pictures and thoughts are great! So what's the story with the ducks, are they yours or are they residence of a neighborhood pond or something?

  5. I love this entry. I especially loved the short video of your ducks. Soo cute!

  6. Pets are great! My puppy moves through the kitchen every day to stay laying in the sun. Sometimes I just want to lay down with her.

    You and your ducks are a true love story:)

  7. Oh my goodness, poor Mr. Boon. I'm surprised he'll let Ellie anywhere near him after the first incident!

  8. Aww love this post. Where would we be without pets? I think the world would be a much sadder place.

  9. I had just finished telling my youngest daughter, Jessie about Mr. Boon's unfortunate state of ears! And, we both said exactly what Jill said, "How in the world did Ellie get anywhere close to that guy to do the second deed??!

    And yes, those ducks are cute! Cute, cute, cute, way cute, very cute, oh so cute, CUTE!!
    (that is the exact way one of my darling friends in North Carolina makes exclaims!) For real........

  10. I've decided that I really enjoy other people's pets! But Eva informed us last night that you can't have a family without a pet. I was sorry to hear that, because when Jack's time is up, I'd be glad to be a pet-free family...