Thursday, January 1, 2009

One word

I love the idea of having one word that I want to work towards in the new year...

I've thought about this over the past few days and nothing seemed to click. "Simplify" sounds great but in reality, some of the things I love the most in life wouldn't exist if I simplified my life and did away with them...(growing roses, the upkeep of living in an old house, raising ducks, adding special touches here and there). It's just not me to simplify! I thought of "Today" or "Fit" or "Joy"...but none of them summed up the big picture for me.

And then I found it...One word that captures it all...It encompasses all of the little resolutions together...

" Balance!"
This past year was filled with many times where I should have said "no" but didn't...Moments where I was frustrated because I had my "to do" list in front of me and instead of just prioritizing in the order of importance, I felt the need to accomplish the whole thing in one afternoon.

I'm going to balance my "to do's" with my "want to do's" and my "need to do's". Ta doo, ta doo, ta doo! (couldn't resist adding that)

The little things that all fall under the category of creating Balance in my life are:

taking time to be kinder and more attentive to my children and husband

taking the time for myself

taking the time for exercise

taking the time for serving

taking the time for expressing gratitude to others

taking the time for pondering

taking the time for spiritual growth

Wish me luck in my journey! Welcome, 2009! I've been expecting you!


  1. good picture - it is a perfect image for you word of the year! Good luck and I'm sure I will be hearing from you soon. heh heh(evil laughter in the background)

  2. good grief- you and katie are in rare form tonight- you could both publish a book! loved the picture and your goals sound do- able. i'm gathering my thoughts and will choose my plan of attack soon- (yow!- sounds like i'm procrastinating already.) carry on-happy new year!

  3. Balance is a great word for the year! I have had "Love" for my word for the past 2 years but have been thinking a lot about a new word for this year. It feels like a big commitment though and I really want to love it, so I'm not sure when I will decide.

  4. the new word for the new year started out as "simplify". describing the new simplification took 101 words. The sentence changing the new word took 19 words. Then to top it all off, another 162 words explaining the balancing process.

    Shannon, I love you to death and I've overlooked the fear of paper cuts to the eyeball and wearing a baseball cap for fear of a heat seeking bat landing in your hair but almost 300 words to describe your new word seems rather non-simplistic.

    maybe its just me