Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Most Embarrassing Moment

Don't You Hate It When...

I read a funny post from a fellow blogger last night (go to her Monday, January 5th post) and it got me to thinking about those DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN...stories that I've had in my life:

I think one of the most embarrassing moments (warning! there's some bathroom humor coming) was when I had been a flight attendant for just a few months, living on 48th and Broadway (NY) in our $1650 one bedroom apartment that I shared with 4 other girls. I had been working domestic flights at this time, and was enjoying meeting all sorts of people.

On one particular flight, I met a really cute, nice, funny, etc. guy. We were about the same age, and had struck up a really fun conversation . I gave him my number and he called me the next night after I had gotten back to my apartment.

I was so excited!

Fortunately, none of my roommates were home so the apartment was quiet and I could talk to him with no distractions. I remember feeling a little "gassy" at the time. (Flying does that to you). I had just read a few weeks before about how it's not good for you to "hold it in" so I thought, hey--why not just release a little one is here...I'm sure this won't be any big deal.....

NEVER have I underestimated anything MORE!

So we're talking, we're laughing, just having a great time and THEN..from within the confines of my buttucks came a horribly loud noice...

.................Silence on the other end of the phone..............!

I'm so positive that he heard it! So I desperately tried to make other noises that might mimic the sound somewhat. I grabbed a shoe and dragged it along the floor, I opened and closed the dresser drawers, I fiddled with the closet door...Anything that might work.

He said he had to go shortly after that......AND...we never spoke again.

I've never forgotten that moment...From that point on, I vowed never to pass gas whilst on the phone again...(at least not with a potential love interest). I saved the gassy times for crop dusting on the airplane (that's what we used to call it whenever we would walk up and down the isle and let loose). Ah! good times...

**Do you have a "I hate it when" story?

**Did you know about airplane"crop dusting" before now?


  1. Oh my, this is quite a story. I would have had a hard time recovering for the rest of the conversation if I thought he'd heard me, yikes!

    I did not know about crop dusting, that's nasty!

  2. sooo, crop dusting is a bit like 'trailing' in the grocery store. well, it is the exact thing. and the library, and the mall. best place to 'trail' would have to be bath and bodyworks. so i've heard.

  3. I hate just about anything involving my period. It's all embarrasing and a little bit gross even if I'm by myself.

    I also hate it when I get lipstick on my teeth.

    I had no idea that flying can cause gas, although it makes a bit of sense considering the pressure changes.

  4. hahhaha, I couldn't stop laughing. I forgot about this story. And since I will be going on the airplane on saturday, I'll keep my eye, or my nose out, for crop dusting. Is that the technical term? haha.
    I was at work when I read this blog and had my 2 good friends read it as well. We couldn't stop laughing. You have a great way with words:-)

  5. Oh dear! I had never heard of crop dusting...