Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Reilly!

Reilly turned 6 today!!

She got to take brownies in to school to share with her classmates! She was very popular today!

To celebrate, we went to the Talking Tea Cup for lunch and tea. Caroline and Emalee Day came with us as well as Granny Sherry...

This is such a quaint place...

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sign!
How cute is that?

this is what you see when you first walk in the door...

Reilly and I looking at things in the gift shop...

She's was so giddy with excitement...(probably because she gets to have sandwiches on WHITE bread versus the wheat bread I always make my kids eat)...

Children's Tea: Ham & Cheese Tea Sandwiches, Fruit, Cookies, Tea Cake and her own pot of herbal tea (or lemonade or hot chocolate)

a birthday scone...

Here we all are just before leaving...

It was such a lovely little lunch...We all had a great time!

We had a family party for her tonight...she got to pick her favorite food for dinner which is...are you ready for this one?...

Spinach Tortellini (how random!)...

And she huffed and she puffed and she blew the house down!

All in all, it was a day filled with lots of festivites--but all in all... I'm pooped!

**Doesn't a little tea house seem like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon?


  1. What a fun way to spend a birthday. No wonder you're feeling nostalgic, your little girl turned six.

  2. I am so jealous! I wish that were my birthday party.

  3. yes, it does sound like a great day out. I would love to go there. You know, Shannon, I totally forgot to wish Reilly a happy birthday. I am such a horrible aunt. No card or anything! I might try calling tomorrow sometime, what time would be best?
    Also, I notice that you and mom are tying your scarves like I do. I'm glad I introduced this new scarf style:-)

  4. that sounds like my kind of party! i am a horrible aunt as well. once i get on the ball with life, i'll be better. i promise!

  5. Happy Birthday Reilly! What a fun day. I hope her classmates appreciated the cuteness of the brownies and bows:)

  6. What a GREAT day! That little tea house is so perfect- what a fabulous way to spend the day.

    Birthdays & kids = so much fun!!

  7. bad aunt #3 here. just signing in.

  8. what wonderful memories you have made for her, that tea house is adorable.

  9. This looks like such a memorable way to celebrate her 6th birthday! She looks absolutely thrilled to be at the little tea house.

  10. What a darling little girl! Reilly is so cute! We have a tea house by us. It is a perfect way to spend a girly afternoon.

  11. I agree, that looks like one happy girl!

    And you're really getting into the blogging mindset with that great sign photo! Great cropping, too.

    Not too many 6 year olds would like spinach anything! What a happy day for all. Good work!

  12. Okay, I need a brownie, now. Up to the kitchen I go (not to make them, but to get out the box for Brian to make them).

  13. When I asked Reilly what she liked best about her birthday at the Tea House, she said she liked the sandwiches with the crust cut off. So simple and cute:-)

  14. The brownies looked so cute. The tea house looked wonderful! I'd love to take my girls some place like that. What a happy birthday!