Thursday, January 15, 2009

JoJo's getting married!

The excitement is mounting! In just a few short hours, we'll be packing up the van and heading across the state to Western PA to Granny's house. (About a 6 hour drive). Aunt JoJo is getting married on Saturday!

Reilly and Ellie have been talking about this, now, for weeks. I filmed them a little while ago reviewing the details of the trip. Who knew that stopping at McDonald's on the way would stir up so much enthusiasm. I guess we don't get out much-- And what's this about Ellie wanting to marry uncle Seth?...creepy!

I drive myself crazy before going away for any period of time. Whether it's a long weekend or 2 weeks, I still have the same amount of prep work to do. For whatever reason, I'm obsessed with making sure the house is cleaned from top to bottom before we go. Is it so in the event we're robbed, the person doing it won't think we're pigs? I've never understood my reasoning on this.

I also have the added pressure of making sure everything is set with the animals. I don't want to not have pets just so the two times we go away every year, we don't have the hassle of finding people to take care of them. But it does add to my stress level. (Especially when I've got the untraditional kind of ducks). I had to bring our neighbor up to speed with their nightly routine. Hopefully, they follow him into their pin.

My list of things of things I did today went a little something like this...

breakfast for kids, packed for the trip, did a load of laundry, folded two loads of laundry, washed and waxed kitchen floor, helped Ellie with her therapy exercizes, unloaded dishwasher, vacuumed entire house, changed the litter box, cleaned the hamster cage, loaded car, did kindergarten pickup, winterized two rosemary plants outside in preparation for the subzero weather that is coming tonight, took Reilly to gymnastics, oil change for van, cleaned duckpen, cleaned up an entire cup of spilled hot chocolate off of recently washed and waxed floor, prepared dinner, gave the kids a bath, read 3 stories to them, did the dinner dishes, took out the trash, straightened living room, and cleaned both bathrooms.


I think we're all set for our 3 day trip--

P.S. I feel like I'm getting a scratchy throat.

**Are you obsessed with cleaning your house before leaving for a trip?

**Are you a multi-tasker?

**What's up with Ellie wanting to marry my brother?


  1. I like the house to be clean before we leave so that when we come back it is clean. Although, all that stuff we bring back and have to unpack sort of makes it messy again really quickly.

    Whew. You did a lot today. Even got a couple of stories in. :) Being a full-time Mom is a weight-loss/exercize program all on its own!

    I multi-task, but I don't think it is very productive and I think mainly is to keep me from getting bored.

    Have a blast at the wedding!

  2. I used to have to clean my house from top to bottom before a trip, but no more. You had quite a full day. I am tired just reading about it! I also used to be a multi-tasker, but, alas, no more on that one either. Once our little niece sighed and said, "I am going to marry Nathan when I grow up." I think he was the only big boy she knew who loved her.

  3. so, do i need to plan a seperate reception for Ellie and Seth? too funny! can't wait to see you guys! have a safe trip.

  4. can't wait to see all of you again- i know it's a lot of work and a huge sacrifice to prepare for these trips- i remember i used to get so worn out-- paul would come strolling down the stairs with his little bag of clothes and what-nots- "are you ready?" ooohhh!!- sorry to hear that you are back doing jake's jobs again- trash, dishwasher- etc. be careful what you are creating.... take it from the expert! safe driving...

  5. Oh my gosh, I totally relate! Years ago, when my oldest daughter was in high school, Fred, Michelle and I took our first trip to Paris. Fred and I had first class tickets! As the time neared to leave for the airport, I was so out of sorts, because Fred and Michelle were not "doing their parts" and helping me to do the last bit of straightening, including unloading the dishwasher and leaving the kitchen sparkling clean! My insistance almost made us miss our plane. Everyone was mad, most of all me! I refused to sit with Fred in first class, I was sooooo mad. Michelle and Fred had a lovely flight,complete with fine food while I sat in economy pouting. Obviously, it made quite an impression, as I can still recall it vividly!

    I, too, hate to leave my house in any state less than neat and tidy. What's with that? Most people, or at least the people in my family couldn't care less!

    Sounds like you will have a great trip. I hope the weather holds out, no bad roads and nothing too cold! Pittsburgher's are really weird when it snows!! (I guess it's the hills and all.)

    Be safe. Have fun. No incestuous weddings, please!

    P.S. Post on the road!

  6. Holy Cow, your pretrip to-do list is beyond impressive!

    I am hyper about leaving the house clean before a trip, but that's mainly because I don't want to come home to a mess. It's always such a treat to come home to a clean house and to be home again.

    The video of the girls is so funny. Apparently a trip to McDonald's is treat enough for them. That could save you a lot of trouble next time.

  7. also, i think mcdonalds does cater in this area. that would be a double bonus. a Butler wedding, to your cousin, catere by mcdonalds. Did i get all of the redneck basics in there? I think seth would have to be wearing a wife-beater and have random hubcaps as wedding decorations. that would be tops. see ya!

  8. I agree...I like coming home to a clean house after a trip like that. Hope it was fun! Ellie was too funny!

  9. I like to have the house clean before I leave because there's nothing worse than coming home from a trip, exhausted, and be confronted by a mess! It sure is a lot of work to get ready to go, though. (for the mother, I should say!)

    I remember being enamored with my uncle at one point, as well as one of my cousins. I think the potential pool of marriageable prospects is pretty small when you're that age, so you're drawn to people you already know and love!

    p.s. I love your banner, Shannon.