Thursday, January 8, 2009

But wait! There's more!

I'm on a roll:

I can't believe that I managed to come up with my 100 list to begin with, but in the last couple of days, other things have been popping into my I must record this, for the sake of my posterity... (because this is certaintly not for the sake of my dignity)

Here goes:

1. I get embarrassed going to garage sales-- (it's such a kick in people's face when there is not one thing of theirs that's worthy enough to pay even a nickle for)-- I just stay away!
2. Flea markets and thrift stores, however...another story! LLLLLove them!
3. A hot air balloon once landed in our front yard (where was my camera?)

4. I love the smell of a distant skunk
5. I always say "bless you" and always feel unimportant and lonely when people do not reciprocate.
6. I used to wear my hair "princess leah" style when I was in grade school
7. I once brought a kitten into the country from Caracus, Venezuela. (I found him by the pool while I was on one of my layovers there)
8. I am a huge recycler (cans, glass, name it)
9. I mentally rearrange and clean other people's houses when I visit.
10. I stole ideas #8 and 9 from my friend, Jill...(I'm totally the same way!)
11. If I could have two husbands and if Brian Regan was available, I'd propose!
12. I love random humor
13. I hate public speaking--I always feel like I'm going to poop my pants before I get up
14. I don't like the tip of my nose bumped or my hair pulled in ANYWAY!
15. I love being part of a team
16. I am fearful of getting alzheimer's disease and sometimes wonder if I'm in the beginning stages of it or if I'm just being incredibly forgetful
17. I hate to have wedgies (maybe that explains the whole hating thongs thing)

18. I love Nyquil
19. I sometimes wish that drinking red wine wasn't on the naughty list.
20. Flys and beach knats annoy me
21. I used to look forward to lice checks in grade school--it felt so good to have someone lightly rummaging through my long as there was no hair pulling)

22. I have always had a crush on Ricky Schroeder (now he's a mormon!--who knew?)
23. I don't like the smell of dogs...especially WET dogs.
24. I once sent a Happy Mother's Day card to Olivia Newton John (how weird is that?)
25. I cherish my time alone-- I need it to help me recharge my batteries
26. I project human qualities onto animals
27. I'm bad at remembering to floss--(I always feel like I'm doing the walk of shame when I go into the dentists office)
28. I hate slow pokes
29. I don't think television or any amenity should be allowed in jails
30. Litter bugs annoy me
31. I think that everyone over the age of 70 should be required to re-take their driving test
32. I love to pinch pimples (I would like someone to invent a pimple doll where you can stuff white playdough inside) on to something? or just ON something? It's a crazy fantasy, I know.
33. I once tried to sell my stamps back to the post office--they wouldn't take them back
34. I am a very timely person
35. I was once so poor that all I had in my refrigerator was a can of Betty Crocker butter cream frosting. I lived on spoonfuls of that and ice water for 3 days.
36. I'm always self conscience about what my tongue is doing while I'm at the dentist.
37. I hate "pop ins"

OK--I think that about covers it...I feel complete now

PS...My sister Katie came up with a phobia list that is extremely funny just in case you haven't heard enough craziness from me.... (Wednesday, Jan 7...No Fear...Whatever!)

**What are some of your quirks?
**In what ways are we similar?


  1. I will do absolutely anything you want if you will help me come and clean and organize my house. Seriously. I have to sell this darn thing and it is FULL OF JUNK.

    Dinners, babysitting, bringing your ducks in at night, actual cash. ANYTHING.

  2. I agree with you on so many of those things. We are very similar. Love it! I especially loved the playdoh pimple doll. That would be a gold mine. At least with us sisters.
    I too don't like my nose tweeked. Bishop Bowman would always (and still probably would do it now if I was in Freeport Ward) poke my nose when he got the chance. I hate it!!! It just makes me more self-conscious. I will be avoiding him when I go to Freeport on Sunday for that very reason. haha.

  3. i LOVE the smell of distant skunk! it reminds me of home. except, one time, a skunk sprayed on our back porch, and i made the mistake of opening the door to see what the noise was. it smelled like burning, rotting flesh, and it quickly filled the ENTIRE house for about a week. i lit several candles, (burned my hand in the process), and sprayed room spray.. ugh.. mom was off on her travels for the whole month when it happened, so she missed out.
    and i LOVE popping pimples. what's even better is peeling skin... ahhhh... i used to put elmer's glue all over my hands, just so i could peel it off later.

  4. What is with our family, anyway? We're all wacked!

  5. How funny that you came up with 37 more things right after posting your 100 list. I keep a word document that I add to whenever I think of things to add to my list and then I post the more recent hundred on my birthday. I'm sure no one cares except for me, but it's fun to think of new things.

    I hate the smell of dogs, wet or not!!!
    Why in the world did you send Olivia Newton-John a mother's day card? That's so funny.

  6. OK, I thought the hot air baloon one was pretty amazing, as well as the kitten smuggling. The skunk smell is quirky.

    I feel so self conscious at the dentist. What an akward position to be in. I just close my eyes the whole time to avoid wondering where to look.

    And I do superimpose human qualities onto animals.

    That's hillarious about trying to sell the stamps back.

    I agree about the jails.

    Your list was highly entertaining.

    My husband says that my quirky behavior is: if I have a cold and I carry around a roll of toilet paper with me and there isn't a trash can nearby I stuff the toiletpaper that i need to throw away inside the cardboard part of the roll (and then push it out into the trash when I'm near one). It's better than leaving used tissues lying around. My husband says he'd probably miss it if I died, but since I'm living he finds it quirky and annoying.

  7. heres one you probably haven't heard... when I was pregnant with Josie, the only thing that would cure my morning sickness was the smell of skunk. I had many a morn of driving around before work looking for roadkill.

  8. what can i say? some of those comments were made by my girls! yikes! i can totally relate to many of your 100PLus thingys. i will be working on mine during and after this wedding that is coming up.we'll all be together, so that should make for some interesting comments.

  9. Ok - so I am always soooo worried about what my tongue is doing at the dentist. I think, "How do I control this thing all day when I'm not thinking about it?" TOO FUNNY!

  10. This was very entertaining. I'm just glad you live far away -- I don't think I could handle having two friends who mentally clean and re-arrange -- my house would either be a gold mine for you or a torture chamber!