Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SPT--week 1--self portrait

SPT (Self Portrait Tuesday)--new for me!

Thanks to Lelly (& Jill!), I am taking the plunge into my SPT journey...
Self portraits are definately a challenge for me...I've documented every little thing in my childrens' lives but am rarely in any of the pictures..I'm like the mystery lurker behind the lense.

This month's theme is on resolutions...Today's specific topic is "I resolve to take more self portraits" ... (for more details on this go to http://lellysmusings.blogspot.com/)

So here you have it...numero uno!

In this picture, I'm thinking...

1. My hair has never looked better!

2. I'm glad that I actually went to the gym this morning (and I didn't even trip on any of the equipment like I usually do ).....I'm so clutsy--I'm not coordinated enough to run on the treadmill if you can believe that!

3. I just can't shake this feeling that there's someone staring at me.

4. Brian really hates that huge cat picture but is such a good sport to let me display it. (It used to be in our bedroom and he said that I was pushing it).

5. I can't wait to make german potatoe salad for dinner--I'm totally craving that!

**Will you take the SPT challenge?

**Is there something that your husband hates about your decor that he is a good sport about you displaying

**Am I the only one who has zero coordination when it comes to treadmills?

**Do you ever wonder why German potatoe salad never gets put in the mix?

**Do you spell potatoe with an e or o at the end?


  1. Um. Maybe someday I will take the challenge. Not so much today. I am recovering from a cold. I think being photographed while having a cold and/or recovering from a cold is not a good idea.

    My husband doesn't really notice the decor. I once painted an entire wall hunter-green and he didn't notice. He does sometimes have issues with the way I arrange furniture. He never says anything and then one day he has rearranged it himself. He actually does a better job of it than I do. Sigh.

    Treadmills make me dizzy. Seriously. I can't use them because afterwards I the room spins for like 20 minutes.

    I have never wondered about potatoe salad.

    I always spell potatoe with just the O and then I go back and add the e. The spell check on microsoft word seems to think it is ok either way.

    I enjoyed YOUR self portrait. Very creative. You look much better with a towel on your head than I do!

  2. hmmm- i do remember when i decided to paint the wall between the mantle and the floor- (it's just a mantle that i nailed to the wall to look like a fireplace :o) ) i chose red as the color. as i was painting it my husband walked in and started talking to me- never skipped a beat- finished his thought and walked out of the room.that was typical of how the years went.
    loved your self portrait- i think i look better in a towel (on my head) than without--- need a new hairstyle (does this sound familiar, girls?

  3. **I took the SPT challenge.

    **He is starting to hate my shot glass collection in our kitchen because it's growing and growing. My living room decor hasn't been up at our current home....but it was all "Old Hollywood". He didn't like it at first but it grew on him.

    **Treadmills I'm usually good with....it's those tread climber things that I'm bad with.

    **?????No idea

    ** and POTATO

    haha! Loved your photo!!!!

  4. Great self-portrait, especially for your first ever Self-Portrait Tuesday--you're already thinking outside the box.

    I walk around with a towel on my head just like that for awhile each morning and then all of a sudden it occurs to me that it's driving me crazy and I have to take it off...do you do that?

    My husband's best/worst quality is his extremely laid-back nature, so he has never said anything about not liking something in our house. But then again, we don't have any large portraits of cats either.

    No "e" on potato, but there is when it becomes potatoes. Gotta love English!

    I've never heard of German Potato Salad.

  5. welcome to spt! i really hope you will continue, because i can tell you will add something fun each week :)

    my husband used to "redecorate" with his "collectible action figures" every time i went on a business trip. there's nothing quite like coming home to Spawn on top of the Christmas tree...

  6. Love your spt photo.

    I can totally relate to the treadmill thing. I have to hang on the whole time and then afterwards I am dizzy. Crazy.

  7. I have to hold on when I'm on the treadmill, or it takes off without me and I can't keep up :) Love your picture, it's a real picture!

  8. Thanks for stopping in at my blog, it's good to know I'm not he only newby on the block. I'm a no E person and what is German Potato salad?

  9. SHannon! You are hilarious! Thanks for making me smile.

  10. Woohoo! Glad you've joined SPT! I've never done one with a towel on my head, but I think it's brilliant -- that would be my best hair day for sure.