Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally! A winter wonderland...

At last!...We got enough snow to make things look magical in the land!

I spent 15 minutes getting everyone bundled up for the 5 minutes of actual "outside play"--

Our pond is just about frozen, but these feather heads managed to find some water in the creek

I took a few pictures late this afternoon for memory's sake...! I just love how everything feels with a coating of fresh snow. I've been so jealous of how much snow Utah has been getting lately--From a gardening perspective, I would much rather have layers of snow to add insulation to the plants rather than just plain old arctic temperatures.

I can't wait to see what kind of animal tracks we'll find out by the pond in the morning...


  1. Beautiful! I'm wondering if we will get any more snow here. We neglected to build a snowman. Did you guys make one?

    I love the ducks, too. I'm amazed at how these birds withstand all the cold!

  2. pictures are great! at last--- the kids get to play in that wonderful (if you're a kid!)stuff. katie mentioned that today- the snow was just right for snowmen-- we didn't get out either wwaaa..
    we've had so much that you can't get near the curbs when you go into town-- our snowplow guy is becomming our best friend...

  3. actually- that last comment was from mom- i didn't switch--- am i challenged or what??!!(this is mom, too.)

  4. Everything looks gorgeous! I am having some serious house-envy going on and must remind myself "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful, I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful."

    We haven't had any new snow in 2 weeks so things are still snow covered but we've moved into the dirty-looking roadside snow and ice so things aren't quite so pretty any more.

  5. We were so happy to finally have enough snow to play outside.

  6. I love your house Shannon, and it looks even more quaint and cozy with snow. I'm glad they got to play in the snow finally! It was wayy too cold to do that in Butler.
    Did I tell you it's supposed to snow a few inches down here today? ahhh!!! not exactly ideal honeymoon weather..

  7. That is a picture for the record,for sure! It looks unreal. If I hadn't been to your home, I wouldn't believe it was really "someone's" house, just a magazine photo.

    I'll be waiting to hear the reports on the animal tracks!

    That is just a pure vision of beauty.

  8. It does look like something out of a magazine! Delightful.