Friday, February 27, 2009

Four for Friday


1. Yesterday morning started off with a phone call at 7:20am from Brian calling to make sure I was awake. (He had to leave early and I was still dead asleep when he left). There have been times when I've overslept on a school day...

After talking with him, I hung up the phone and then a few minutes later, I heard Ellie walking up the stairs talking to someone (the phone was on speaker). I heard a man's voice and wondered what the heck was going on because I had never heard the phone ring.

When I answered it, it was the 9-1-1 operator asking me if everything was O.K.
Apparently, Ellie had called them on accident, and they were just checking with me to see if everything was alright!? What the?!...How did she "accidentally" call them? We have a new phone system, (we actually have 3 phones now, versus the 1 from before--thanks to me losing 2 of them on the hood of our car). Twice, I've stuck the phone on the car when I'm out gardening, have forgotten that I put it there, and later driven off with it still on the car...Both times the phones were lost!
Anyway, all is well...The 9-1-1 operator didn't seem to be bitter...If anything, it gave him a good laugh for the day...

2. Reilly is really "into" doing hair these days...She keeps telling me that when she grows up, she wants to be a "barbara" (barber)...How funny is that?!

She and Ellie spent an hour or so playing "barbera" today! I love it when they are engaged in creative activities...

I got a call from the school nurse a few hours ago saying that Jake had just thrown up and I needed to come pick him up...

I'm still not sure at this point if it was just something that he ate that didn't agree with him or it it's the flu...

Until I get more evidence, this green bowl is staying close by him!
Oh-please...let this not be the flu!!!!
4. For two weeks, now, I've been going to spinning classes at the YMCA...They've been challenging and exhausting, but I've gotten really into them...
For whatever reason, I'm more motivated to push ahead when I know I'd look like a complete slacker to the 20 other people in the class if I stopped peddling! I've never been much of a gym-goer--but so far, so good! I'm just so sick of not feeling confident about my weight! I don't have the money to go out and buy a new wardrobe, so I'm determined to make this work.
P.S.--that is just some random spinning image I pulled off of flicker--no one in my class is that hard core...
**Have any of your children accidentally called 9-1-1?
**Did you ever want to be a "barbera" when you grew up?
**Did you get a flu shot this year?
**Have you ever taken a spin class?


  1. Oh, you are funny. My brother used to call 911. Then they called back to talk to my mother and scold her for not keeping a better eye on her 9 year old. (I guess they had caller ID or *69 back then too).

    I did get my flu shot...I work at a school.

    I have never been brave enough to take a spinning class. I'm worried what other people will think. I'll just race myself on the treadmill.

  2. I used to go to a spinning class. I liked it because it was dark in the class and I sat in the back somewhere, near a huge fan.
    That's funny that Ellie called 911. I think Nella called 911 once and said she was trying to order pizza, or something random like that.

  3. Yes my kids have called 911 before, only we were fortunate to actually have the police show up at our door. It was exactly like that sceen in the beginning of Home Alone, the cop standing there and 20 people running around! It was fun.. we never found out who called though. I have never tried a spinning class, is it fun. I love going to the gym, and I am usually really good at going at least 5 times a week. Lately with potty training and being sick I haven't gone once in two weeks. I have however managed to eat more junk food..

  4. My kids have never called 911, but it must happen all the time since that's one number kids always seems to know.

    That's so cute that the girls are playing Barbara together, I love any game that unites the kids.

    I hope the vomit was an isolated incident!

    Kudos to you for going to multiple spin classes, those look super hard to me.

  5. Josie hasn't called 911 yet, but she did speed dial the pediatrician. That was rather amusing.

  6. yes, i did dial 911 for a pizza. or Pizza for 911.. not sure. I remember I got in alot of trouble by Dad, and he made me take a nap in your old room in the old house. (how is that punishment?) anywho..

  7. a nap solves everything! yay, paul- what an appropriate punishment.. :o( i love the photo of the girls playing- those are sweet moments!

  8. My kids haven't called 911. I think I would be mortified if they did!

    I love love love that she calls it a barbara AND that your kids play with each other's hair. What a great way for kids to pass the time. I think it would be a very useful skill.

    I don't believe in flu shots. I got one once and was the sickest I've ever been in my life (well, almost the sickest). If there were a pandemic and they had a shot for the particular strain of the pandemic I would.

    I had no idea what spinning was. I'd heard of it. It looks like it involves bikes, though, right? I guess I learned something new today. Keep going! I'm sure it is very healthYy!

  9. Oh dear! No one hear has called 911. You're lucky the police didn't just show up at your door...

    I love games that keep the kids involved in creative play!

    I did get a flu shot. We have a bowl like that that the kids keep close by when they are sick, too.

    I have heard that spinning classes are brutal! You rock.