Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Goodness...

We ended up delivering our cookies to our Secret Valentine neighbors last night...Jake and Reilly were thrilled to make the deliveries...

Jake--er...I "secret" Valentine left this little poem/card for me under my pillow last night. It cracked me up...He's on his way to becoming another Dr. Seuss!
(By the way, we don't have rats in our basement!)

I found these cute little vintage inspired candy bars at Marshall's a few weeks ago...My friend, Heather, had gotten these for me last year and I've been on the lookout for more ever since...

I thought they'd be cute for the girls I visit teach...(ironically, I visit teach Heather--hope she doesn't think I'm regifting last year's chocolate back to her!)

Here they are after being wrapped up...

Some good mail all packaged up and ready to send out...

I feel so...Jill Stuart! :)

**Do you make treats for your neighbors?

**Do you like the month of February?

**Has Jill's "good mail" inspired you to become a better corresponder?


  1. Where can I send you my mailing address for my plate of cookies? :)

  2. I have supplies to make treats for our neighbors. I'm not holding my breath that we'll actually get the treats to the neighbors. :)
    I do like February. I enjoy the pink and reds and all the lovey-dovey stuff.
    I used to be a fantastic corresponder. Now, I just think that you are really on the ball!
    All your goodies look so cute and wonderful!

  3. I like it because it is so short!

  4. That poem from Jake is so cute!

    I think your secret Valentine deliveries are a great idea. I wish someone would deliver to us, though that's silly because I made cookies yesterday.

    How delightful to see all that good mail going out!

  5. i love feb. because that's my birthday month (yours too!!) cute post!

  6. Yum! I think I need to make some sugar cookies.

  7. haha, I love that poem by Jake. I can just hear him reading it. Funny kid. That's a good idea about the secret Valentines. It sure makes Valentines day better when you do service for others.

  8. How sweeeeeeet are you???
    Everything looks yummy and fun!

  9. Please frame that poem from jake, priceless. seriously that is so perfect.

  10. Hey shannon it is mandi.. that poem from jake is so sweet.. hang on to that one!

  11. That poem is adorable! Eva loves the picture, as well.

    Those valentine chocolate bars are way cute. Man, I wish we had a Marshall's here.