Friday, February 13, 2009

"Good Mail"

I really like the idea of documenting "good mail"...

My blogger friend, Jill, has been my inspiration in doing this...I think it's a wonderful thing to be able to look back and see the kindness of others..
I noticed that on Jill's blog, she actually has a place that you can click on and see pictures of all the good mail she's ever gotten! I'm going to do the same thing, I think.

I've been meaning to document this stuff sooner, but kept forgetting to take pictures of things...

a note from Jill...with good mail labels!--she actually made a card out of a picture that I had on one of my posts! What a clever idea!

A thank you note from Jill...she took a picture of some "good mail" I had sent her!

I mentioned to her recently that I always feel like a superstar whenever I see my name mentioned in her blog...(I'm a simpleton, I know!)

A birthday card from another blogger friend, Patsy! So cute! How did she even know it was my birthday?...I don't think I made mention of it until the actual day...I was very touched--
My favorite thing to get on my birthday...Pajamas! My friend, Caroline bought
me these new "digs" that I really "dig"! Pajamas are never something that I can justify buying for myself, but is always a treat to recieve them.

My friend, Angela, always comes up with these creative themes...and color coordinates everything down to the tissue paper! She knows that I collect white/creamware so she came up with a "got milk" theme...(small milk containers, cow, handmade tags...) and cute recipe cards that she ordered from Etsy...oh! and sweet tarts!--my favorite!

Kelly and I are starting a new thing this year where we are only exchanging cards on our birthdays...and they have to be mailed. (I failed her this year) but she came through for me with this funny card and sweet message written inside...

Jill sent me these fabulous note cards with a great garden quote on them...I've used almost every one of them...What a great idea!
Heather spoiled me with bubble bath, lotion and chocolates...(need I say anything else?)Pure Heaven! She also gave me a Borders gift card...I'm saving that for a rainy day!
Check out the bubble bath card...isn't that great?!

A card from my friend, Christine...
We have an inside joke about donuts!

My stepfather, Paul, sent these beautiful flowers...the little daisies all had smiley faces on them...very thoughtful...(he also had the florist send a box of Saltine Crackers...I guess to represent "Quackers"--(for my ducks) (I'm sure the florist thought he was crazy!)

My friend, Tina, sent me these adorable rubber clean-up gloves...The picture does not do them justice! Now I can clean in syle!--She also sent a silicone hot pad and cute polka dot napkins! Have I mentioned how much I love polka dots?!

My friend, (and veterinarian), Jeannie, sent me this book on raising ducks (just in case I decide to get more ducklings in the spring) and this cute plush duck...(Ellie promptly "traded" me that for one of her less loved stuffed animals)-- I think the duck is in good hands as long as she stays away from the scissors! (Mr. Boon, our cat, had the tips of his ears snipped off one time thanks to Ellie's handywork!)

Jill (NYC) sent me these cute notecards...I love receiving stationary! It inspires me to write notes!

My blogger friend, Michelle, sent these cute, cute, cute handmade tags! I can't get over the thoughtfulness from these friends that I've made through blogging! I told her that I was so excited to see the "good mail from Michelle" label that I practically opened the envelope with my teeth!

I don't know if this qualifies as "good mail" as it was given to me by my mom when she was here visiting...but I wanted to document it, anyway. She gave me a solar lighthouse that will go outside in my garden, and this cute little swan change purse...I really love how she keeps her change in an old fashioned change purse...I'm going to start doing the same. Hot chocolate and a cute monkey card topped it off...(I have the card sitting on my nightstand, still)-- I smile everytime I see it.

Here's another thing not received through the mail but I wanted to remember it...Jake made this little cat picture for me...(I think it was originally supposed to be a Christmas gift but he didn't get his act together in time)

And finally, a cookie package from Patsy! She recently found out that the company that makes the original white and pink circus cookies is going out of business. She sent me some of the ones that Keebler is making now. (I think they are just as good, Patsy!--what do you think?)--So thoughtful of you to send these to me!

**Isn't "good mail "the best?!

**Do you do a happy jig whenever you receive a note or package from someone?


  1. I love it when the "present truck" (UPS) stops at my house. That is my good mail! It looks like you are well loved!

  2. Wow, you have some awesome friends!

  3. Yes, good mail is the best! I love that you have so much to post here. I think Jill's quote cards are pure genius. And I loooooove anything with polka dots as well!

  4. Good mail is the best! What great friends you have!

  5. i don't know what a "happy jig" is, because i never receive mail or anything else other than bills. "Wa, wa, waaa.." (Debbie Downer). Looks like you're pretty popular!

  6. that's not true, nella- you had a pretty darned good birthday this year- for the life of me, i can't think of what you got , but i know it was a good one!!!!-
    i'm always overwhelmed when i'm with shannon for her big day- she does have good, loyal friends and some great new ones too...

  7. I love, love, love seeing good mail documented like this, it's so inspiring!

    I'm so glad you received so much thoughtfulness for your birthday. Hooray!

  8. You rock in the mail department. Look at all that love. How cool is that for someone to make a card out of a picture on your blog? Way neat.

    Yep, I love getting good mail and I'm always happy someone cared enough to think of me. :)