Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Princess and the snowman

I'm working on an update of some things I've been doing this past week since my mom has been here. Hopefully I will have the pictures I need by tomorrow...So I will post about them then.

Ellie's friend, (neighbor) Bella, turned 4 today and invited Ellie to her "princess party".

"Cinderella" was the surprise guest that showed up...the girls were so thrilled!
She did magic tricks and painted their faces--

They all posed for a proper princess picture...

Jumping with enthusiasm (and sugar!)

Later on this afternoon, Ellie, Brian and I went out and built two snowmen...(Jake and Reilly were playing with friends). The temperature went up to 54 degrees today, so the snow was perfect for packing--

(coats were only an option! glorious is that?!)

Brian helped Ellie with the face on this guy!

"So happy to meet you"

How's this for a Self Portrait?!
I'm better at snowmen themes than romance! (Sorry Lelly!)


  1. Too cute! I'm trying to catch up after a too long week of long, late nights!

    Way too cute photos of Ellie! And good of you too with Mr. Snowman. Good going, girl.

  2. That looks like an amazing party! Really beautiful.

    I love snowmen. Your pictures are great. I love the one of your daughter looking at the snowman like the snowman is alive and real!

  3. Those are seriously some of the cutest girls I have seen! I need a dress like that!

  4. I love that picture of Ellie looking at the snowman, it's fabulous!

  5. I love the picture of Ellie hugging the snowman, it's wonderful! What a fun party.

  6. i needed to see those refreshing photos and see ellie's smile- great photo of ellie looking at the snowman- turn that one in!!!! thanks for the breath of fresh air to start this day!

  7. Ellie is the cutest! I'm going to save these pictures on my computer. I'm glad you're still having fun in the snow, before it melts. We are going to get more snow here on Monday, right when it was starting to feel like Spring!

  8. such GREAT photos!!

    love that snowman- reminds me that I have not made one this year....

  9. The girls look like they're in heaven all in their princess dresses.

    I love the snowman photos! I think just about anything is easier than romance...

  10. I also LOVE the picture of Ellie looking up at the snowman - so cute!

  11. Love it! My own little girl is growing up way too fast. Enjoy the princess moments while you've got them. And great snowman, by the way. I have a snowman fetish! love them, love them, love them.

  12. Those are just some downright adorable pictures!!!