Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SPT--week 4

"I'm saying I love you when..."

I could spend hours making a gourmet meal, but if I serve Jell-O instant pudding for dessert, I score big points with Brian! Apparantly, nothing says lovin' like puddin'--

I also show I love him by being cooperative when we go through the finances discussion and not grumbling when he goes to his many church meetings...

P.S.--I would rather stick with serving pudding than the last two...But hey! it's not all about me...right?!

**What's your love language?


  1. I say I love you when I get up with Zoey in the middle of the night and let Brian sleep.

  2. "Nothin' says lovin' like puddin'" cracks me up. My love language is gifts of service, like help me out around the house type stuff. My husbands, well, I shall not say it here.

  3. That's funny about the Jello pudding. Randy likes the Jello cheesecake.

    My love language is gifts/acts of service.

  4. I wrote this really great comment, then pushed something on accident & I think it is gone??

    anyhow it was something like- pudding, what a great & easy way to please!!

    I remember when I was a kid on a rare occasion my mom would make the cook kind of pudding. it was a REAlly great big deal at our house!! My dad's favorite was butterscotch & she would make it for him... great memory.

  5. Cute post. Sometimes it's the simple things like pudding!

  6. I'm just checking to see if the word verification thing works today.

  7. That is hilarious! My love language is acts of service.