Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day is the new Halloween...

This is on average the amount of candy wrappers that I've been finding daily in the dryer over the past few days. This was what was in there today. I finally decided to document it. There's been alot of sneaky business going on around here. And I found more stashed upstairs under a book (the culprit(s) will remain nameless)...ahem!

My kids got a gross amount of candy this year for Valentines day...Normally, I'd be feeling the "candy love" but I'm seriously trying to lose weight and being the food addict that I am, I have zero self control when it comes to chocolate (especially dark) and things like nerds and fun dip!

I swear, this weight will never come off as long as my kids are living at home. All they do is eat all day long! I can't seem to get away from thoughts of food. Whether it's me trying to think ahead of what to pull out of the freezer to thaw, or requests for morning snacks, afternoon snacks, lunch, dinner, desserts (my mom has everyone programed to eat dessert after lunch and dinner). Is that normal? Plus, it doesn't help matters much that I am an emotional eater...

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I'm doomed at the rate I'm going. Looking at pictures of myself recently of what I looked like 10 years ago was shocking and left me feeling glum.

It didn't help that I just renewed my drivers license today and I looked so haggered compared to 5 or so years ago.

Why do I always get this way in February?! I need some serious time in the garden! That always heals my soul...

**Am I the only one with the February blues?
**Are you an emotional eater?
**Do you eat dessert for every meal?


  1. I LOVE dessert. I have a major sweet tooth, so I need to have something sweet at least once a day!

  2. Amen! I could not believe the loot B brought home from school for Valentine's Day! I wondered if I had missed a memo or something. You are not alone in the eating thing-kids snacking all day makes me crazy and hungry and 10 lbs heavier. I also read somewhere that when it's cold, we naturally want to eat more because we are adding some padding to stay warm. Just keep thoughts of spring in sight! I loved your little flower buds! Reminds of the march lillies that I remember in my grandparents yard in Kentucky.

  3. You like Nerds and Fun Dips? I always consider those "slutty" candy because they're such kid favorites. How funny.

    I know what you mean though and have been feeling and looking plumper and more haggard as well. The scale isn't going up, but my fat must be redistributing because I feel thicker dang it!

  4. I love to eat! I just wish I had the metabolism to match it.

  5. I am definitely an emotional eater. Recently I went through my first state audit as division director. I bought snacks to sweeten up the auditors. I ate through the day without realizing it and was so sick that night I thought I would die. My poor system was just not used to all that junk! However, I must say I drink hot cocoa every morning for breakfast and at least one piece of chocolate every day-I ration it out. Also, what good is a meal if there is not dessert? I can say all of this because I do not have kids at home and it was not until they were all gone that I got my eating semi under control. Now I eat copious amounts of vegetables instead of cookies! PS, I think you look pretty great!

  6. ps, when Catherine says she eats one piece of chocolate a day, she means that she bites the tip off of a hershey's kiss, and gives the rest away. Seriously, this really happened.
    weight watchers is brainwashing for the stomach.
    i love the wrapper picture. I'm sure there is a lot more stashed in his room!!!

    also, february is just a depressing month - but it is almost over. :)

  7. pps. i love your new mark twain quote.

  8. I too, don't really like February. The weather here has been pretty nice this past week, let's hope winter doesn't return.

  9. I'm dying over Jill's comment. I thought the same thing!

    I'm totally an emotional eater. If I could really figure that out, I'm sure it would be life-changing. And I have to go get a new driver's license within the next month -- dread, dread.

  10. I am totally an emotional eater - no matter the emotion - hence, the 30 pounds I still have to lose. Yeah, if Zoey would just quit bringing home all that damn candy I would be fine!

  11. robbie just asked if he could have some ice cream (it's 10:30am) and asks where is my dessert after breakfast (breakfast!) & whoa valentine's is the new halloween is right, what happened to a little card with snoopy on it? cookies, cupcakes, candy oh, my!

  12. We all fall off the wagon sometimes. I just had a handful of dark chocolate chips and someone brought in donuts this morning to work. Talk about sabotage!