Monday, February 9, 2009

Cold Feet

I'm not sure if this is the epitamy of sheer laziness or resourcefulness...

OK-so I was trying to get caught up on some computer work earlier on today, and for whatever reason, whenever I sit for more than 15 minutes, my hands and feet get super cold. It's like my blood forgets to circulate or something.

I usually have socks on but didn't this time. I glanced around and noticed a pair of my gloves sitting on the desk, so I slipped them on. I totally forgot that I had them on until a little while later when I went into the kitchen, Reilly asked me why I had gloves on my feet. I looked down and realized just how ridiculous it looked!

I planned the FHE tonight...We all chose names to be secret Valentines for each other this week...I picked Ellie's name.

I'm interested to see how this whole secret pal thing is going to work out. We're going to be "secret Valentines" for a few of our neighbors as well. I think we'll deliver these valentine cookies to them on Wednesday night. The kids are all excited! We never ended up doing a secret elf thing at Christmas so I'm trying to redeem myself.

My mom made the cutout cookies when she was here visiting and I just frosted them tonight.

I'm very awkward with a pastry bag, I'm telling you--Frosting was squirting out of both ends. Some of those lips look like they have giant cold sores on them...(I kept those out of the photo)


I mean well!

**About the gloved feet...lazy or resouceful?


  1. Those cookies look awesome! And my feet are always cold! I would have done the same thing. Well done!

  2. I'll vote for resourceful. They kept your feet warm, right?

    The cookies look great! I hate working with frosting myself. They really look good!

  3. Gloved feet, very resourceful! What a cute Valentines day idea!

  4. definately resourceful :)

    great cookies-mmmm

  5. don't forget the spritz in the freezer... the cookies look great- as do your feet!! whatever works, i say!

  6. Love the cookies! You are a cookie artist! The gloves on feet is classic.

  7. good idea with the gloves. My feet always get cold too! I just have Stephan keep them warm. I don't know how he puts up with me:-)

  8. Resourceful! (with a little dash of ridiculous)

    I love sugar cookies and it looks like we have the same cookie cutters!

  9. I say resourceful. They would go great with the Hat of Horns! Yummy cookies!

  10. absolutely resourceful. wish i was your secret valentine those are some yummy lookin cookies..