Sunday, February 8, 2009

Staging trumps blogging!

I've been out of commission with my blog for a few days...(that makes me nuts!) I feel so behind with recording my own things let alone, reading and responding to everyone elses posts.

My mom and I worked on several projects during her visit with us...

We made old fashioned tissue roses for a ward Valentine dinner she has coming up next week...

We helped the girls get their valentines made...It appears that I only took pictures of Reilly's--(oh well)

The most exciting project was the opportunity to stage my friend Suzanne's house!

She and her family are moving to Switzerland soon and so they are desperately trying to get their place ready to put on the market.

She asked me if I would be willing to come over and stage it for her...
(P.S.--I love this kind of stuff!) :)

I must say first that my biggest frustration of all was not taking BEFORE pictures!--We were just so pressed for time (kindergarten and pre-school pickups) that it completely slipped my mind to take pictures before we started! GRRRRRRRR. You just cannot completely appreciate the magnitude of the transformation without having an idea of what it looked like before.

I could just kick myself! :(

My mom and I had a ball for two days going to every thrift shop in the area. We also hit Marshalls/Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross and Target for accessories to spruce up her place.

We found some awesome bargains and finds...

They have a white sectional in their living room that needed some pizazz--the curtains behind it were very nondescript. We repositioned the couch and coffee table. By adding some cute pillows, and a big copper bowl filled with pears for the coffee table, the colors just totally popped out and suddenly, the wall colors in the rest of the house all made sense.

We also created a focal point with the mantel, which was a bit bland and unmemorable before. We accessorized with a bird theme and framed a piece of fabric to place over the fireplace. It brings out the green on an adjoining wall as well as the green in the pillows.

This was a $5 find as well--the space between the windows in her downstairs library really needed a filler...This was a perfect solution to creating a bit of interest there. (I'm not usually a big fan of those reed things sticking out, but it works in this space).

This also was a thift store find--($6)--It hangs on the wall right when you walk in--it looks great because it ties in the bits of blue that are in the various rooms.

I like the idea that they can take these fresh new ideas with them and create a similar space in their new apartment. It makes the staging purchases seem a little less frivolous.

The guest room was another dramatic transformation...

Before, the room had nothing but a kind size bed with a feather douvet (no coverlet)--I didn't want to make her invest in a king size douvet cover so I just brought over one that I had been storing.

It was a queen size, but by just laying it over the other one, gives it a fresh take...

Since there was no headboard, I tried to mask that with pillows and a few framed botanical prints that I took from her hallway...

We hung hand painted plates from Poland that we found at a thrift store to add some additional interest on the wall. ($8)

I found a folding chair cover at a thrift store as well for $6!--It looks adorable on the chair!

We also found a mirror for $6 that fits perfectly over the dresser and gives the room the illusion of having more space.

The room just feels so crisp and inviting now...I was tempted to stay!

I don't envy them as they have a ton of things to get rid of...It's always hard to downsize--(or so I hear). I've always been in apartments (during my adulthood) up until the time we moved from NY to PA. I can't imagine having to choose which things to take or which to toss...

This project was exhilarating and inspiring! Our creative juices were overflowing!

My mom and I worked well together...I would love to do more of these kinds of things but it's so difficult with kids...My schedule just doesn't give me much flexibility.

I wish that I was helping her decorate under different circumstances...Seeing a dear friend move away is not something I'm looking forward to.

I feel good knowing that there was some way I could express my love and appreciation for her friendship.

I couldn't resist picking up a little something for me...

I found this beautiful lamp base for $4.95 at a thrift shop! I spent about $15 on the shade, but I was totally thrilled! It goes perfectly with all of my other white and cream ware on my mantel!

**Do you like to decorate other peoples' houses?

**What was the best bargain in this project?


  1. Man, that guest room is beautiful! I would love to stay in it!

  2. good memories of a neat 2 day project! i had such a great time doing this and seeing her reaction- she's a great girl. thanks for letting me help.

  3. no doubt the white ware lamp best bargain!! lusting after that one. tres beauty! you are pretty amazing. great job!

  4. decorating someone elses home would stress me to the core!

    I love the framed fabric!

    fabulous job, pat yourself on the back. No seriously do it right now... pat pat pat!

  5. Great job! I know the feeling of transforming a room and it is pretty instant gratification!

    I just completed an entire house project and for the guest bedrooms, after spending thousands of dollars on the master suite, we did the same thing at the off-pricers! I'm debating whether to post about it, as we mostly consider Homegoods to be a direct competitor!! But, the turnaround was so dramatic and what we put together was dang cute!! We bought several "bed in a bag" type things and used only the duvet! We mixed and matched from 4 or 5 collections to come up with a fairly custom completed look!

    Way to go. Now start charging what it's worth!
    Hey, are you ready to work for me yet???!

  6. Everything looks great! I'm wondering if all the great home decor-type bargains are in Pennsylvania since you and Susan seem to find treasures. I love the colors in the guest room and love how you used pillows to create the look of a headboard. I also loved the framed fabric!

  7. I love the colors, and you did a great job. I loved getting my house on the market--we did lots of work, and it turned out great.(We moved four years ago). I never took before and after picture either.

  8. I am Suzanne's sister, so I've seen the "before", and let me just say WOW! What a transformation! You are a miracle worker.

  9. If anyone is truly interested, I'll sell you all the stuff Shannon used to decorate along with the house! Really!

    Shannon is a genius. A true genius.

  10. What a fun project to do with your mom! That guest room is very inviting, I kind of want to come over and stay for awhile. The framed fabric is darling. Of course I love all that green!

  11. OK, when you gonna come over here and move some things around? I seem to be unable to commit to where exactly to hang stuff.

  12. Wow. It looks like you need your own show! You did amazing. I'm so impressed.

    I don't like to do other people's homes. I have enough trouble trying to do my own (but I do have fun with it). However, I do love to LOOK at what other people do with their homes.

    I like the copper bowl filled with fruit. But I just might be partial to bowls filled with fruit.

    Again, great job!

  13. wow- what a great project!
    and those valentines--- love them :)

    I think the best deal is you doing it in the first place- what a great friend.

    I love all these deals

  14. You have amazing talent! I love it all, but I especially love the couch and pillows. All that color is just to eye catching. Can you come do my house? just kidding kind of far...