Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess who saw their shadow?...

Happy Groundhog's Day and Birthday to Me!
(tee hee)

I used to think it was neat to have my birthday on Groundhog's Day and I also used to think that groundhogs were cute until we had a pack of them living under our shed.

I called a trapper to get rid of them and he came with a trap and a cup of his own URINE! He claimed that male urine deterred groundhogs from sticking around...

I claim..."That's just wrong and gross!"

Shouldn't that be in the "You know you're a red-neck when..." category?

The groundhog got caught in the trap the next day. When it started to pour later on in the afternoon, I felt sorry for the old chap sitting there in the trap all scared and soaked, so I went out and put an umbrella over the cage...(crazy, I know!)

I'm such a sucker for an animal that's suffering...

The crazy red-neck trapper guy came back the next day to take the groundhog...Jake asked him where he was taking him and he said "to the groundhog circus"...(in the sky)

Here's hoping that the six more weeks of winter bring us a halfway decent snow storm!
woo hoo!


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    ...and yes...that TOTALLY qualifies for a "you know you're a redneck when" moment!!

    Have an awesome day =)

  2. Happy birthday, don't worry, I won't call you. :)


    I hadn't heard yet & now I am officially bummed- except FOR TOdaY is Your BIRTHDAY!!! Hurray-


    I agree, if we have to have winter, let it snow :)

  4. Happy Birthday! And I hate that damn groundhog.

  5. i wonder how many official groundhogs there have been in the past 38 years?! those things are so gross! i sure do remember being so excited when i went into labor- knowing that soon we would have a little one in our family- we didn't know you were a girl- and a beautiful one at that!! happy, happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Shannon! An umbrella over the caged groundhog? Really? On second thought - not surprised.

  7. Happy Birthday! And yes, if we are going to have six more weeks of winter, we ought to get a good snow storm out of it, right?

  8. Happy Birthday, "Shr-annon"! I watched Groundhog's Day late last night, and thought of you. Have a good one. p.s.. yea, seriously, the umbrella for groundhog? Come to think of it, I would have done the same thing.

  9. I did call you to wish you happy birthday, forgetting that you don't like that. OOps. luckily mom answered and she should've passed along the message. I was thinking of you today, and your groundhog stories:-)

  10. I think that is the cutest picture of a groundhog i have ever seen. And I love that you put an umbrella over the cage of the trapped groundhog in your yard!

  11. Happy birthday, Shannon! I think I hate that damn groundhog too. I don't want 6 more weeks...

  12. so many nice comments- you have great friends and fellow bloggers-- i'm proud to be your mom("it's a squirrel's life")--- heh-heh!!!.....

  13. it is so nice to have a friend so much older and wiser :)
    hope you had a great birthday!