Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loving that girl of mine...

Reilly is my middle child...(she would be a perfect ONLY child)

I love her to pieces...even though she can be stubborn, strong willed, exasperating, dramatic, moody, etc.) I always say thank goodness I don't drink or I'd be sloshed on a daily basis pushing around some shopping cart on the side of the road talking to myself!

She's obsessed with gadgets, makeup, anything with compartments in it, and "kits".ie.(nail kits, barber kits, first aid kits, craft kits, etc...)

Everyday, it seems, she's coming up with a new kit theme...(as a result, many needed household items have been disappearing and ending up in little bags thanks to her new "hobby"...

Last week, when one of our cats was sick, she decided to make a vet kit...

Here she is proudly displaying her vet kit...
What would one include in a vet kit you ask?...Read on for more details...

scissors, a hand towel, bird book (for identifying different bird species), cat food, duck food, a recorder for recognizing different animal sounds, cottonballs, medical tape and bandaids...

After I had picked Reilly up from kindergarten on Monday, I was small talking with her and asking her if anyone had been absent from school that day. She told me the name of a boy in her class that was absent and then told me he was the smartest kid in the class. I asked her if she was the second smartest, to which she replied, "No!-I'm not smart! You never teach me anything!... You're always working!"

I almost drove off the rode!--Talk about feeling like I was getting stabbed with a knife! I realize she's only six, but I was hurt by this statement.

I called my mom later on that afternoon and told her about it, and she said that it was a good thing Reilly at least told me what was bothering her now rather than finding out 20 years from now. Whether or not I thought it was true didn't matter, but the fact that she perceived it to be that way, did.

She suggested that once a week, Reilly and I have some one on one time where I teach her something. (cooking, gardening, craft, etc.)

Yesterday, I told told her of our new plan, and she seemed excited by it. She chose making cupcakes as our first project. Fortunately, I had an easy box mix in the cupboard, so we made these up and even had leftover batter for a little loaf cake.

(Baking is always a good idea when it's 93 degrees out, by the way!)

She was so thrilled with her creation, that she couldn't wait for Brian to get home from work to show him...

She actually waited on the old stone well holding the little cake on her lap until he pulled into the driveway...

As frustrating as she can be at times, there are other times when I could just scoop her up and shower her with kisses (if she'd ever let me...she's very non-cuddly and only likes affection when it's on her terms)

I felt so endeared to her at that moment...

I had pre-warned Brian of this, so he could be prepared to gush!
Twas a proud moment for her, indeed!
**Do you have a strong willed child?
**What do you predict our relationship will be like when she's a teenager?--should I keep some whisky handy just in case?


  1. i'm no mother or anything, so i can't give advice on this. Mom seems to have the right idea though. each of your kids are different and therefore require different kinds of attention, i think. Reilly is really a neat girl- good luck!

  2. She is so pickin' adorable! Your mom is a very wise woman, I might add. And, just get yourself some nyquil. That's what was recommended to me...

  3. don't take anything they say personally- especially from a teen

    *that's my big advice*

    great idea from your mom though-
    maybe she's "not so smart" because of bad genes from her dad's side of the family ;)... JK

  4. Oh, that was so sweet! And yes, it is always better to know than to find out 20 years from now. Kids have a unique perspective on life.

    I love her little kits hobby. If my daughter were friends with her I'm sure she'd start that hobby too! I think it is very creative.

    At least 2 of my kids are somewhat strong-willed. But it's mostly the emotional melt-downs from time to time that I could live without. I'm just hoping that they will respond to reason as they get older and have some sense of being invested in themselves.

    You know, I have a SIL who seemed to do a lot for her kids and was a very devoted mother. But her oldest daughter would not be invested in herself. She is a huge under acheiver and has given her parents a lot of grief. I think of all the things we can do for our kids it would be to encourage them to want good things for themselves and to be invested enough in their own life to do what it takes to make it happen for them. I would hope that even strong-willed children would respond to reason!

    That was a really touching post!

  5. All mothers can relate! Good account and just keep giving and praying!! Sounds like you have a real "fun" teenage road ahead!!!haha....

    sorry, I've been out of circulation for a while, away at market and finishing up the designer room. Almost there!

  6. i loved the look on reilly's face- that's worth all the sweaty, hot trouble of baking in 90 degree weather! keep up the good work- it'll pay off like you won't believe.

  7. oh man. i'd bring out some vodka, too. for the teenage years. :) i think girls are just generally harder in that arena.
    i couldn't help but think, "wow- ok, so this will be kellen in a year." seriously- i can see him saying this to me in a fit of rage.

    she's so cute, though- i love it. and how awesome is that vet kit?! obviously, she IS learning something from you!!!

    thanks for the heads up on future childhood issues. i'm glad to have your mom's wisdom to tuck away for use as well!

  8. if she's smart enough to be putting together kits of all kinds together, she's smarter than she thinks. point this out to her and that not everything she learns is going to be from you. some things we learn from friends, some from siblings and lots from teachers, but especially from ourselves. and keep up the one-on-one time, this is good whether or not she is strong willed.
    good luck!

  9. that really was a good idea. I am going to use all of these great ideas I hear from reading your blog and try to use them when I have a family some day, so keep them coming:-)

  10. I love doing one of one with each of my kids. I think I enjoy it more than they do. I think strong will children are needed in this world--they need to be strong!

  11. you sell yourself short, you are a good mom. If she has the knowledge to come up with "kits" that tells me she is creative, pays attention to detail and likes to be organized. I think those are all qualities you possess...You have taught her well. Now comes the trick in telling her that she learned this from you without "tooting" your own horn!

  12. all 3 of my kids are very strong willed but I think that's a good quality in an adult so I let them fly with it. I'm not a big fan of the namby pamby type. No shrinking violets in my house.

    As for the teen years.....mine have been frighteningly smooth as silk to date. My kids are 18, 15, and 11 and it's unusual to even get any attitude from them. They give plenty of it to their peers but at home we all speak to each other in a pleasant tone. It's the law. I love my kids!!!

  13. I'm proud of you for deciding to take the time to have special memories with just her. That's what she'll remember and no wisky will be necessary at all.

  14. I have heard hard children make great teenagers......I have not seen that theory proven yet but hopefully it holds true for you. My almost 17 year old was a pretty good child and has been a pretty good teenager so far(I am sure I just cursed myself). Good Luck!

  15. well, you are teaching her a good solid work ethic, which will serve her better in life than any other trivial thing you could teach her (you know like algebra)! we sure didn't grow up with "quality" time or special attention from my mom, she was too too too busy working hard to give us a nice life. someone has to be the lil red hen, seems like everyone is pretty happy to help eat that bread. youre a great mom

  16. If I hadn't seen the photographic evidence otherwise I would have sworn that my 7 year old was moonlighting as your daughter!

    She takes after her older brothers so I'll say this - it doesn't get "easier" so much - but it does change - Enjoy as much of your together time as you can (I have to do projects with my daughter weekly as well so that she feels we've had our time) because the 14 year old I see more often on facebook than I do at home! (okay - not QUITE true... but I think it's getting there) The 12 year old - no more snuggles, no more projects - but we do spend a lot of time at his baseball games. The 9 year old - baseball games and homework are our time together.

    The 5 year old - that's the one that convinces me that there is such thing as spending TOO much time together!

    oops - sorry about the novelistic post... isn't this why I started my own blog?

  17. TOO CUTE! I love the picture of her showing her daddy - just love it.

  18. I'm probably the only stupid guy who reads this stuff and I want to shoot myself and everyone around me when I am done.

    I notice a recurring underlying theme with the last 2 or 3 posts. I'll go back and read the others to see if it is there too.

    Reilly says she isn't smart because there aren't expectations on non-smart people. No letdowns, no disappointments. she'll be okay unless you drive her crazy with all your nonsense.

    when she is a teen, she'll think you are old and stupid like most teens do. She'll try to get away with crap because she'll think it is all new to her generation and that you aren't aware.

    jake on the other hand will hate you for using the term bff to describe his friend brady. It's gay, trendy, yuppyish and paris hilton like.

    I better stop or you may never talk to me again.

  19. Get ready honey, it's going to get ugly!!!

  20. Such a great post:) It seems like kids can always say something that really cuts to the core. I love that you guys came up with a solution though. love your mom's advice:) I have some very strong willed daughters, I am hoping for the best! gotta have hope:)
    Love the picture of her showing her dad her creation!

  21. here is my retraction:(after being scolded today)

    you are doing a great job. your kids will love you forever and will talk about you fonly long after you are dead. Drugs and alcohol, though not recommended can certainly help get you through the day. "mothers little helper" as the rolling stones said in a song. It's all good. You are my parental hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mother of the year in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And all written with that eye twinkle and a little smirk on my face. was great chatting with you today. I don't think you are a bad mom or that you are nuts. Well, you are nuts, but not a bad mom.

  22. I love the vet kit, very adorable!!! You're daughter is soooo Cute!

    came over from Shelle Blok.

  23. Oh my yes, my youngest sounds a bit like Reilly, and I am in fact dreading teenager-hood with her.

    Accentuate the positive. . . ..

  24. Her kits are so cute! I've never seen a kid do that before.

    I'm impressed that she said you were working all the time, rather than on the computer or reading or something (which is what my kids would say).

  25. She reminds me so much of Taylor. It's easy for me to love Taylor and I actually respect her a great deal. Both these girls are intense, but if you can just keep them focused, they will accomplish ANYTHING!