Monday, April 27, 2009

premature heat wave

Whatever happened to springlike weather with crisp mornings and breezy afternoons?

It appears we've skipped right from the extreme cold to temps in the low 90's!

Unfortunately, Brian had to work on I was stuck going solo to Jake's baseball game with the girls...

Ellie was actually good this week. Brian had to take the girls last Saturday (when I had the baby shower) and I guess she was a nightmare...

Hey batter, batter!

Here is Jake sporting his new sports glasses...
He kind of looks like a bug, but he doesn't seem to long as he's not getting nailed in the face with a ball because he can't see it...

After the game, I took Jake and his BFF Brady (and the girls) for pizza--NY style with sausage!
(with icy orange crushes to drink!--glorious!!)

I just didn't feel like making lunch-(even though I felt a little guilty shucking over $20 for the bill--)--I feel like I've been doing a lot of fast "food-ish" kinds of things lately...

After our lunch, we went into the dollar store and bought some water balloons and water pumpers for everyone's outdoor pleasure...

I wasn't thinking at the time that the water balloons would have have to be tied by me--ugh...
those boogers are a pain in the neck for the amount of mileage that you actually get out of them...

After obsessing over which color everyone was going to get and everyone deciding where their posts were, it was ready, set, go!

Ellie's little friend Bella came over, as did Brady's sister Emalee...

I'm glad everyone had a good time, it's just that by 4:00, I had a bit of an epiphany...
School is almost out! Can I handle this kind of high energy and snack eating and grass and mud getting tracked into my house, and wet toilet seats from water soaked bottoms, and struggling to get a swimsuit off of wet bodies, and bloated gold fish crackers stuck in the bottom of my pool bag and "mom, I'm bored"...all summer long?
It's not like I really have free days now, because Ellie has pre-school 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours and Reilly has half day kindergarten and is home by 11:10, but at least I have a little bit of time to myself...
I've really got to snap out of this panic mode that I suddenly find myself in!
**Do you look forward the summer days ahead?
**Can you relate to anything I mentioned in my "epiphany"?


  1. I like the idea of water balloons and the kids' excitement, the knot tying--not so much. What a fun mom you are to do that for them!

    Here in this part of TX we seem to only have a week or two of true spring, then we are smack in the middle of summer temps.--in April!

  2. Wow, I am so NOT ready for 90 degree weather! I need to baby step my way to that or I just get pissy.

    Water balloons are kind of a time consuming nightmare, especially because of the mess they leave after they're burst. It's some very short-lived fun.

    I don't think I'm ready for summer yet. I am so spoiled by having both kids in school all day, and yet I never have trouble filling those hours and am equally excited about them every day. I do enjoy the nonscheduled aspects of summer, but there's a lot more work for me when they're here.

  3. Utah must have stolen your spring! But water balloon fights are always delightful.

  4. I am so looking forward to summer, because I get summer break, too.

    We eat out WAY too much during softball season. There's no time for a decent meal before practices and games. I've taken to frozen food. At least that's a little cheaper than dining out 3+ days per week.

    The lexapro will help with the busy summer days. You won't even notice the grassy, muddy, bloated goldfish tracked floor.

    I just got myself some of that magic little pill. This mama is too stressed out.

  5. I am stressing a bit about the summer coming! It does take tons of energy doesn't ? I guess we all better gear up because it's a comin!

  6. is spring even a season? i mean have ever really gotten to wear spring clothes for more than 2 or 3 days in a a year? the blossoms are so glorious i find myself sad when the start to fly. summer is coming...ever think of sleep away camp? just kidding. they will be in college soon.

  7. water balloons ARE a ton of work. maybe since you've done them once now you can call it good for a year? :)

    i love summer - i'm the only weird mom who does. i think especially now with teenagers than run from thing to thing, i just really enjoy having unscheduled hanging out time with them. but, with that said, i am having to gear up for all the extra food and energy i'm going to need to keep them entertained!

    i complain about skipping spring every year here in utah. i swear we go from winter to summer in three days. sorry you're feeling the heat wave too. some nice breezy spring weather would be fabulous!

  8. p.s.
    that pix of Reilly in action is adorable. what a cute girl!

  9. Actually, I LOVE summer.

    See, I had an epiphany once. It is that my children are to clean the house before 11:00 each morning or they are grounded to their rooms for the rest of the day. Actually, it was my mother-in-laws idea (she had 8 kids). And it works, during the summer time.

    My house is soooo clean in the summer. The bathrooms are cleaned every day. Everything is vacuumed, put in it's place. The kids have practiced the piano, by 11:00. That's just what we do.

    THEN we go outside somewhere. There are lots of lakes and rivers and parks and things nearby. So I take my kids outside for the afternoon.

    A clean house all summer long. And outdoor activities.

    I really dread when school starts again and I have to clean up everything myself!

    So I really look forward to summer.

  10. we used to go to the pool everyday ,but chores had to be done first- that really does work- if you keep up with it. i just don't think kids are as creative today as you guys were. too many contraptions!

  11. 90 degrees!!!? that is just too hot for april!

    Looks like you made the most of it :)
    I love to watch kids play baseball, love it! I loved playing softball growing up. All of my kids are wimpy babies who wouldn't play after the 3rd grade... dang it-

    I too am starting to get nervous about summer coming... really nervous- it just doesn't seem possible? It was just snowing here, I swear it??

    ps. I can't throw out my kate's paperie bag either... :)

  12. Oh, I am way ahead of you! I started to panic last month about summer. It is not bad with teenagers, they entertain themselves. But with little ones I have to become "Miss Camp Director" and play play play! I long for a BFF for my last child that is always available for a playdate!

  13. thanks for posting those pictures. Soo cute. It loooks like they had a fun hot Saturday!

  14. is Ellie's bathing suit from old navy? those are cute - I wish we lived closer. Josie would have had a blast with her cousins!

  15. I finally had time to stop by your blog! I love it! Every week I hear my friends Janae, Patsy and Wende talk about your blog and they are right it is great!

    I dread summer! All my kids are in school all day long and I am able to get my stuff done and I am use to my time. My kids seem to think I am on vacation when they are!

    We are the "kool aide" house in the neighborhood as my husband calls it so it seems we have kids constantly going in and out. It nice to know they like to hang out here and I know what they are makes all the messes worth it!

  16. I can't wait for summer. This little tease of warmth was just what I needed.

    I used to have the epiphany every spring but now that my kids are big I find it more of a joy. The oldest is gone half the day and the younger two are my best buddies for going to the lake on my day off. I can't wait for school to let out.

  17. aaaahhhhh!!! ok, so the 90 degree weather i likely won't see. but the screaming, whining, bored children. i have one- but i end up with neighbor my driveway...pulling everything out of my garage...and it makes me want to scream.

    fantastic. here i was wishing winter away when i should have been focusing on my summer lamentations!