Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

"You can't be suspicious of a tree or accuse a bird, or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet." Hal Borland

Earth Day started this morning by me reading Reilly's library book "Earth Day Birthday" (Which is actually supposed to be sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas). I am hugely opposed to listening or singing Christmas music before Thanksgiving so this really grinded my gears. I was a good sport though, and carried on...

"This day was chosen in the mid-1960's to remind people to help the Earth. They chose a day in spring because it is a time of new beginnings, and Earth Day encourages people to think of new ways to make Earth a healthy place for all living things..."

I've been trying to establish bluebirds in our yard...We actually had them a few years ago, but the sparrows keep taking over the special blue bird box...

I've been getting a full fledged sparrow nest like the one shown above at least every other day! I have to keep removing them (even though I feel guilt because some hardworking sparrow mother out there has to be feeling a bit discouraged in seeing her downy soft nest being destroyed). As much as I don't want to encourage sparrows nesting in my blue bird boxes, I can't help but appreciate the fact that they incorporate my ducks' feathers into their nest. I didn't get rid of this nest in time, because there were already eggs layed.

I actually thought at one point, (and still might do this), of putting out strips of polka dot material (since I'm such a polka dot fan) and seeing if some bird uses it for a nest.

I purchased some jumbo meal worms today for encouraging the blue birds over to our blue bird box. My neighbor, Jeannie, has a special whistle that she uses when she puts the worms out for them. It's so neat to see them fly in and wait for her on a nearby branch until she walks away before they get their worm.

I dropped off some clothes to donate. It always such a cleansing feeling to get rid of things...
I love throwing things out (especially when they can be donated or recycled).

**Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day?
**Do you recycle?


  1. I completely admit that my lifestyle is not super ecofriendly.

    And I will recyle if it's convenient for me. Meaning, the recycling bin is right at my feet. I am actually more conscious of it at work, where we have several bins throughout the office.

  2. I replanted my dying boxwood. Does that count? It is amazing to me that I haven't killed it yet. You should do the fabric strip thing. Those would be an awesome looking nest!

  3. I played outside to celebrate earth day! The weather was wonderful!

  4. I try to recycle as much as I can. I live by the adage wear it out, use it up or do without. (I don't think I got that verbatim). But Earth Day drives me nuts. I think it is my inner rebel. The guilty feelings when the commercials say I should be driving a hybrid just make me angry.

    But, I try...I consider myself a conservative conservationist (whatever that is).

  5. i totally forgot this day-gulp! i shopped ,shopped, shopped and used alot of gas- just shoot me!!! when the kids were in school- earth day was always neat- think we gave out little trees one year when i was in pto.

  6. I would have forgotten it was Earth Day except for the picture and my kids reminded me. I guess that's a big no. But I do believe in not polluting.

    I recycle when recycling options are readily available.

    I wouldn't have been able to throw away a nest with eggs in it either. I think blue-birds are lovely. I hope that you manage to attract a few this year. I think your polkadot string/ribbon idea would make a fun experiment. :)

  7. I didn't kill my dogs... does that count? ;)

    I did buy chloe a really cute earth day t- shirt & I did feed my birds- I am a bird lover & have never written a post on it. We have counted 10 different types of birds over the years in our back yard. My favorite are the chickadees & goldfinchs-- so, so pretty especially in the snow.

    I have had my face stuck in a quilt today trying to get one bound... it has over come me & I haven't gotten much done- Except for den meeting, we learned bicycle safety & had an bike course in the church parking lot. The weather has been gorgeous with rain go come & I am feeling bad about not getting outside...
    I love recycling- I recycled before it was cool. I think we are the only town in the US without recyling- we are getting curbside in June- finally. I have been taking my recycling to a center for over 10 years now--- then they stopped collecting a couple of months ago-- shame.

  8. I spent earth day driving my gas hog SUV to Upper Dublin. My son had a volleyball game and forgot his volleyball shoes. Mom to the rescue! 40 min. down, 40 min back. I wanted to celebrate by not driving anywhere. Oh well, there is next year...

  9. I can't imagine you destroying a nest, that seems too cruel and anti-animal loving. I've also never heard of blue bird boxes, so that's rather interesting to me.

    Meal worms, ew. I had no idea birds could be trained to come and get their dinner like that.

    That swallow nest is rather fancy. I love it that there are feathers from your ducks in it. That would be too hilarious to see polka-dot ribbon in there as well.

  10. P.S. I'm a big time recycler!

  11. i didn't make much of this day, but i do love putting my stuff in the recycling bin, i actually get a little excited to put all the costco packaging in the bins it relieves a little of the conspicuous consumption guilt

  12. i need to get back on the recycling wagon- especially before my german friend gets here. she will be so disappointed. i thought ak would be more earth-friendly- but NOOOOOOO.... so to recycle, i have to drive 3 miles to the dump and do it. sigh. when did it become so difficult!?

    i need to get my clothing donations donating. they've been sitting in my entryway for a month!!!

  13. That nest looks like something from Susan's store, it's so cute! We've had sparrows nest on our back porch for the past two years and I thought they were cute until they started pooping and leaving bits of regurgitated berries All OVER THE PATIO. Not so cute any more.

  14. That nest is gorgeous! I love it. Not so much the meal worms, however. I always enjoy donating clothing and other household stuff, it feels so good to get rid of it and maybe help someone else at the same time.

  15. Who, in their right mind, needs to document in writing, dropping off used clothing at the dropoff bin. The really sick thing is that you took a stupid picture and then posted it.

    Brian is a saint