Friday, April 3, 2009

Five for Friday--

1. Let me just start by saying that I could write a post on just these alone!! Good heavens these are magnificent! I think they're just seasonal--like the candy cane flavored ones at Christmas time--

They are so smooth and creamy and as near to perfection as anything! What was I thinking buying just one bag?! (P.S.--I originally bought them to stuff in the Easter eggs...yeah, right!)

2. Remember the Bananas Foster that I was so siked to try?--My friend, Suzanne, who was supposed to come to dinner the other night had to cancel because of sick kids, wasn't around to show me exactly how to make this. It seemed easy enough per her phone instructions...
Looks good--right? Nothing has ever deceived me more!--It tasted like mushy RUM for pete's sake...She forgot to mention that after heating the rum and setting it on fire, that I must continue cooking it for a while!--Holy drunken family! I swear I had a buzz! I will say one thing, though--I was more relaxed that night during the kids' bedtime routine!--tee hee

3. I really really really have a problem with elderly drivers!--I don't know how to get it through to them that there are people with a life that need to get to places...

I think, especially, because I've been extra stressed lately, it seems like they are all out to get me! I feel like this whole town has been plagued by white knuckled old people on the road to nowhere!

4. Ahhh--tis a pleasing sight!--A full snack pantry!--I don't know what my kids have been living on lately...I've been trying to cut back on buying individual sized bagged snacks. I'm trying to be a little more environmentally conscience and save money as well...

5. I got the kids' General Conference bags ready...

Things went pretty well for the last conference when I had treats and things made up for them--it made it more special...

I think we're going to give the "reverence tent" another go...It wasn't all it was cracked up to be last time...I think there were more tears shed than we'll see how it goes this weekend...

I've got my stack of projects to do while listening...(if I don't have something to do with my hands, I will be out like a light within minutes...)

**Have you tried the orange creme Hershey kisses?
**Do you have "issues" with slow elderly drivers?
**Is your pantry stocked?
**Do you have any creative General Conference ideas for kids?


  1. Why do you taunt me with the Bananas Foster!?!?!

  2. My pantry is stocked, though not as neatly as yours. A tornado called teenagers roll through every afternoon after school. I give. Never tried the orange kisses, they look yummy. I'm thinking of painting during general conference. At least tomorrow anyway...

  3. The orange kisses look yummy. I have not seen them in to stores around here. I do not have a snack pantry, nor any creative conference ideas. Although, I am ready to take notes. That usually keeps me awake, along with a little crocheting. I hope your weekend is calm!

  4. my shelf in the pantry is running low, luckily i have roommates that keep theirs well stocked. sometimes i sneak some fruit snacks and graham crackers.
    tomorrow morning i get to GO to Conference (If i make it home in the raging blizzard outside) but i still wish i had a bag of Conference fun.

  5. our pantry is very lacking due to the upcoming trip...
    I do buy individual bags of chips at costco (the 50 pack). If I buy the BIG bags the kids eat them like there's no tomorrow. The small ones are just right, not too many calories yet satisfying that chip crave.
    I made cookie dough & froze it for conference & conference kits for my two youngest. The older two have to take notes for seminary :)

    I have tried the orange creme kisses oh so good :)
    I bought a bag of coconut cream ones but haven't opened it yet. I LOVE the candy cane ones!! I don't even like peppermint of candy canes but I love those babies! Last year I saved a bag 1/2 the year for one of my friends July birthdays... no such luck on that this year.
    the banana foster buzz... that's funny :)
    by the way- it snowed off & on all day!! NOthing stuck but still-- misery

  6. gosh- i will be alone in my living room watching conference- (got pat to watch the shop for me) DID I MENTION THAT I WILL BE ALONE IN MY QUIET LIVING ROOM FOR CONFERENCE?? (i take notes too- just like in church). for years i carted everyone to church both days (we didn't have dish or cable) along with food for in between and a special dinner for the missionaries- remember those days?? they really are sweet memories. didn't mean to rub it in about my QUIET LIVING ROOM AT CONFERENCE.... :O)

  7. i'm so going to go get some of tomorrow. :) most of my intended easter candy has gone to the fetus...or my butt- it's hard to tell which at this point...

    how much am i laughing that you accidentally got a little drunk off rum bananas?!?!? that's something i would totally do...(by accident, i mean---). :)

    a reverence tent! good idea. i'm likely doing conference on the computer this weekend, so i'm thinking that the k-man is not going to watch. maybe if i were more on the ball and got goodies together for him...if i'm lucky, he'll watch a speaker and sit quietly for prayers- otherwise, i think i'm in for a long couple days of "MOMMMMMMYYYY!!!!" :)

  8. I like those orange creme kisses too, but think they're so sweet I can only have a couple. That's really saying something for me because I'm usually an insatiable treat hound.

    I've never made bananas foster, but I do enjoy it. How funny to think of you guys getting tipsy on it.

    I curse old-people drivers daily, and was just thinking about it today and wondering if I'm an unkind person or if everyone feels this way, so I'm very happy to read your thoughts on them. My theory is that they're never in a hurry because they're always an hour early to everything so they just take their own sweet time while making the rest of us mental.

    You pantry looks good!

    For some reason I am not mentally prepared for Conference this time. Usually I'm excited and geared up for it, but this time it's kind of taking me by surprise. I blame the winter weather, it's throwing me off.

  9. We play bing for conference every year with words that the speakers might say and they kids get big candy bars if they participate and something special when they get bingo. My kids love it. My pantry is not quite that full but I wish it was. I love your blog, I will be back.

  10. My favorite kisses are the coconut creme. When those aren't on sale, I settle for having dark chocolate, or almonds preferably at the same time. The reverent tent worked great from my sister and sister in law, but it didn't work for me. I think it's because when we set up the tent it means play, play, play!

  11. good for you and your conf. reporting. i spent the day at tai kwon do, baseball (freezing!), and b-day parties. so no, didn't meet your expectations. we will be better tomorrow. can't say i am surprised about your banana foster, i knew you had an ulterior motive...glad you felt more relaxed - whatever works right? i love getting the stuff to get my pantry all stocked up and i feel all excited, and then it looks messy & i am happy when it is empty because it looks so much cleaner & more organized. what is wrong with me?

  12. I don't think I've tried the orange ones. I tried the strawberry and raspberry ones and they were NOT good.

    So you didn't ask any questions about your rum dessert but I got a kick out of your story!

    My pantry is semi-stocked. I am stocked on high-fiber chewy granola bars! :)

    That is so great you made your kids little conference kits. My kids would love that. I usually let them color during conference if they are quiet and paying attention. We've also played conference bingo. They like that a lot.

  13. "Holy drunken family!" Too funny. The relaxing bedtime doesn't sound so bad, though!

    Orange Hershey kisses?! Oh my.

    I have become (slightly) more patient with elderly drivers now that my dad is 89. When I find myself irritated with one I think to myself, "That could be my Dad and I wouldn't want someone yelling at him." Still frustrating, though.

  14. That's too funny about the Bananas Foster experiment. Did you serve strong coffee after to help sober up? Hahaha.

    I haven't tried the orange creme, they sound like they'd be too dangerous for me to keep around (I'm back on WW).

    I try really hard to be patient with elderly drivers because I remember my grandfather's driving (turtle to the max) and realize that I'll be one someday. My hubs gets really impatient.

  15. I prefer the coconut kisses... I'm not a fan of white chocolate.

    I'm dying over your bananas foster buzz! I love that stuff.