Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've got a new man in my life...

In the spring, I take a lover...
It's only a seasonal thing, of course, but I so look forward to our time together...
It's usually sunny when we meet and it's only for about 2 hours...
He's one of these guys that's all grumble but doesn't really have much to say...but that's alright because we don't need words to communicate...
His name is John...

And he is such a "deere"!
I got my first mow in 2 days ago to celebrate the fact that my antibiotic has finally kicked in and that I'm feeling grrrreat!
I've always loved mowing the's something that the kids can't mess up...and
it's the ultimate form of instant gratification! (not to mention, Brian approves of the relationship!)

While I was making out with John, Brian was toiling away in the vegetable garden...overturning the soil and preparing to plant some of the cooler weather veggies...

Ahhh...earthworms...A gardeners eye candy-- sign of good, rich soil...
In addition to onion sets, the girls helped Brian plant mesculin mix lettuce, swiss chard and peas...

We're also trying to grow broccoli this year...(this is something that we've never had much success with--but we're giving it another shot....

We won't plant the rest of the garden until May, but it still felt good to get a few things in the ground--

**Are you starting a garden this year?


  1. that's fun. I'm glad the weather's nice enough for you to enjoy it!!

  2. I really want to come and hang out at your place.

  3. *sigh* i wish i WAS starting my own garden! whenever i get my own house, i'll have to have you come and help. that's my dream someday- to own a big piece of land out in the country and have a 2 big gardens- one for flowers, one for food. also, lots of land for all of my animals to roam! great job!

  4. We would like a big garden. But we definitely will grow a few things. I wish we had more worms!

  5. you are definately ahead of us- and thank goodness- i don't have time to do garden work yet- my house is still reeling from the winter work projects inside that were never cleaned up after.- aaarrrggg when is this relaxing retirement time i've heard so much about???!!!

  6. ABSOLUTELY WILL PLANT A GARDEN! Oh shoot, I didn't know onions can go in this early. Can they in Utah?

    I've done broccoli every year but get so grossed out by the little white bugs that get inside it. My husband helps out by spraying for me occasionally. That seems to help.

  7. You make me laugh! Two hours to do your lawn? You've got a BIG lawn...I love the warm rich soil and digging around, but HATE the weeding. I want to do a garden this year, but I truly detest feeling like "Henny Penny".

  8. You and John, how funny.

    I haven't done anything in the yard yet this year due to our lingering winter weather. The lawn is starting to look overgrown though and the weeds are already taking over the beds so it's just a matter of getting out there.

  9. i was cracking up when i saw this title! :) someday, i've gotta hang out with you and learn from your wisdom! i am so challenged in gardening/outdoor stuff. i wanted to try to plant a garden this year, but 1- it's alaska- we still have a ton of snow in mid-april. and 2- i'm pregnant- i don't know that i want to be rolling on the ground. i may never get up.

    next year, i have big plans to make a garden. snow be darned. :)

  10. Mowing in exchange for tilling?! That is a great deal! I did the first mow last week and it was so satisfying. As Jill said, it's like the ultimate vacuuming.