Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Mail

I've been the recipient of some good mail lately and wanted to document it...

a thank you note from Catherine Johnson, (my sister Katie's mother in law)

a handmade thank you card from Patsy...(I'm certain that we would be dear real life friends if we lived closer)

My mom surprised us with this box of Easter goodies--we each got our own bag...along with egg dyes and glitter eggs to add to our Easter tree...

She sent us this card, too, which was so springy and cute...

a note from my blogging friend, Jen, who lives in Alaska...I'm convinced she could conquer the world as she has more on her plate than anyone I know!

another little note from a blogger friend, Claudia

a thank you note from my sweet friend, Heather...

A surprise package from Patsy...
She made a kleenex caddy out of adorable gardening fabric...and sent me her favorite candy bar...(my kids were hovering around me when I opened her package--they badgered me into sharing it with them until I finally agreed)--Scoundrels!

and a thank you note from Jill for a magazine that I sent her--I've always loved how her thank you notes are pictures of the items you send her...

I so appreciate unexpected treasures in the mail...can't tell you how much it brightens my day...

Thank you kind friends, for sending me cheer!

Any good mail for you, lately?


  1. Honestly, I don't really even know what Good Mail is, but I keep seeing buttons about it.

  2. Oh, how I long for one of those circular notes from Claudia. They are so pretty.

    I guess that means I need to actually comment on others blogs, eh? heh heh.

    ps, Josie loves the ducks on your header. :)

  3. Cards, letters, notes?? What are those? In the technology world, none of my "peeps" ever send things via the Post office anymore. You are very lucky indeed!

  4. I got something rather thoughtful from you last week, which was particularly nice since you were ailing as well! Thanks for that.

  5. i LOVE getting mail.

    sign me up for this good mail thing

  6. I like your cute new profile pic, btw.

  7. just more proof you are such a great friend... everyone loves you!

  8. I love reading your blog. I never get any "good mail" but I sure would like too! Maybe one day!

  9. I received a good mail easter card from my bloggy friend the other day who does stampin up. It was so nice!

    I love the thank you card that has the picture of the item. That is so cool!

  10. I just hate having a life that is too busy to be involved in the "good mail" cycle....I'm jealous!

    Looks like you got your share, to be sure! Way fun.

    I did get a belated birthday gift this week! A very generous gift card from my mom and dad to Nordstrom. I smell another pair of shoes...

  11. I got a good mail from you, which I never mentioned on my blog. Thanks for sending the article from the magazine. I'll treasure it:-)

  12. i can't believe i'm just now commenting! you take incredible photos! i love getting up and finding a new post-- it's christmas!!!

  13. You know I'm drooling over the glittery items. Patsy sent me that same candy bar and I just ate it a couple of days ago. Delish!