Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

Our Easter morning started out with bright blue skies and sun!

The kids reluctantly posed for this picture (this was post church and everyone was wrinkly, tired and hungry)--not to mention that it was freezing today and windy! (the sun was deceiving.)

Late this afternoon, Brian hid 75 eggs in the yard for the kids to find...I just took a few random "action" shots of them on their hunt...

(where was this weather YESTERDAY??!)

This was the only picture I managed to get of Jake in action..?!--If you want to call this an "action" shot! Holy laziness! This is an egg hunt for pete's sake, not a lounge!

Reilly's got the hang of things!

Fun was had by all!

I've been thinking about all the sweet memories I have of Easters' past...
It' really is true that when you become a mother, you realize just how much your own mother has done for you--

My mom has always made my Easters memorable...

My first Easter basket--1972--Arlington, Tx.
Showing my easter basket to my dad...(1973)

A neighborhood spring celebration picnic...

My mom and I Easter morning--1978

One of our Easter egg hunts in Bryan, Tx.--(1980)

In addition to the special Easter baskets, egg hunts, and lunches that she always coordinated, she always had a flower arrangement on the table with a picture of Christ on Easter morning...

I appreciate her example of keeping this special holiday festive and fun and yet still centered on the Savior...which has left a lasting impression on me...

I'm so grateful for this time of year when we honor Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that he made for us all...It is through Him that we will be able to overcome physical death, and enjoy eternal life...What a wonderful blessing that is!

There is a wonderful video circulating around on several people's blogs that I so wanted to post on mine but am having technical difficulties...

It is entitled, "None Were With Him" by Jeffery Holland...
It was taken from a talk given by him in the recent General Conference...(it was one of the few talks I was able to really hear due to kid chaos!)--but it was one of the best I've ever heard!
If you haven't seen it already, click

It is very powerful!

Have a wonderful Easter!


  1. easter egg hunts (even in the cold) are meant to be outside, living in NY i always feel sorry for my kids weak egg hunt. it looks so green and springy there!

  2. wow! i don't remember some of those photos, and some sure bring back memories. you were such a joy when you were little- as you are now! thanks for that sweet post.

  3. i love the idea of having flowers and a picture of the savior on easter morning - and i LOVED all those old photos. especially the 80's outfits. mothers really are wonderful people aren't they?

  4. I enjoyed your Easter post. I also enjoyed the video of Jeffery Holland. I watched it on this morn before I caught it on a few blogs as well.

  5. i love those pictures! what great memories. and jake is my kinda kid- i'd be right there with him, lounging as i hunted my eggs. :) seriously- bending over is overrated.

    i loved that talk by elder holland- but i have to admit, it emotionally drained me to the point where i had to tune out for a minute and come back in. i need to see it again, so thanks for posting it here!!!

  6. We had rain for our egg hunt yesterday and then beautiful weather today. It was a bummer yesterday, but ended up feeling so hopeful and Easter-like today.

  7. All the pictures are wonderful, Shannon! And your kids are absolutely adorable. Glad it was a memorable Easter for all of you =)

    Yesterday I watched the video you mentioned...impossible not to be moved by it!

  8. It's hard to get pictures of kids on egg hunts. They move so darn fast and don't want to be distracted from their pursuit of egg collecting!

    Your kids looked so nice on Easter!

    I love Easter too!

  9. just looked at this again- the girls look so cute in their matching dresses- i'm glad you do that- probably won't be tolerated much longer- :o) jake looks very different- maybe it's the glasses- looks more like brian now- he is growing up too fast--- wwwaaaa

  10. I love Easter, everything about it from the flowers to the new dresses to the music. Everything feels new and fresh. That video of Elder Holland's talk is so tender.

    It's true, motherhood and all of its holiday and annual cycles makes me appreciate my own mother like nothing else.