Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays...

I know the Lexapro is working because this...

isn't getting me down!

or this...

waiting for 40 minutes (15 of which were in this "breezy" gown) for my annual exam--

I definitely was irritated that I had to wait and slightly panicky because I had preschool and kindergarten pickups to be at, but for the most part, I held it together and didn't do my usual dramatic sighing while in the waiting room...(I can't believe I forgot to take my book with me!--thank goodness for Entertainment Weekly, though!--At least now I'm caught up on all the news that really counts!)

P.S.--The only reason why I even had my camera with me was because I forgot to take it out of my pocket on Saturday...I don't usually make a habit of documenting my pelvic exams!

I treated the girls (and me!) to lunch at my favorite Chick-fil-a! I feel slightly guilty about going out for lunch since we just spent a ton of money on our night out on Friday ($50 for babysitting, plus the tickets to the Brian Regan concert)--

I'll just call this a "therapy lunch"--

**Wouldn't it be a good idea if the doctors offices gave you a courtesy call to tell you that they are running behind rather than make you wait forever in their office?

**Do you hate the words, "Scoot your bottom all the way to the end of the table" as much as I do?

**Do rainy days and Mondays always get you down?


  1. Hey, I was supposed to have my annual exam today too, but I had to reschedule! Wouldn't that have been amazing if we had been in the exam room at the same time! Kismet.

  2. Hooray for Lexapro!!

    I'm so glad you had your camera with you at the doctor's office, that's just quality blog fodder right there. I ALWAYS take a book with me to any sort of appointment just in case, but Entertainment Weekly would help cushion the blow if I'd forgotten it.

    I'm not comfortable with the "scoot your bottom" comment at all.

    Rainy days don't usually get me down unless there are lots in a row or if they're coming after a way long winter.

  3. Whoa,my post today was also about rainy days and Mondays....such a horrid day for working in and out of doors....

    Sounds like you made the best of your rainy day!

    It takes someof a lot longer to "scoot" than some.....

  4. Yeah. Lexapro is great. It helps to keep everything balanced!

    You know, once, I had made an appointment for my son with a dr. that was all the way across town. It took them 2 months to get him in. I checked him out of school early. I headed across town. When I was about 10 minutes away I called to say that I would be 5 minutes late due to traffic but that I would be there. The gal told me that I ought to turn around and go home because the doctor couldn't see me if I was more than 3 minutes late!!! For real!!! This is the same doctor that once had us wait 45 minutes in the room to see him!!! I turned around and found another doctor!

    I'm not crazy about the pelvic exams. And mine always seem to come back irregular so I have to have more than one during the year!

    I'm OK with rain as long as there are a lot of sunny days on either side. Too many rainy days and it really IS a downer. I have no idea how people survive in Seattle.

  5. Are you sure you're on Lexipro and not crack?! Annual exams rank up there with root canals and flying with children! I do love Chick-Fil-A though! Well except for that creepy freakishly tall cow that hovers over you when you're trying to eat.

  6. i love rainy days AND mondays! probably because it never rains here and by monday im tired of not doing anything all weekend that im actually looking forward to sitting in class all day. but that's probably just the Lexapro talking :)

    the "annual exam" idea freaks me out beyond belief. that is why i will stay single and un-sexually active for my whole life.

  7. go lauren! i HATE the annual exam- and am having one in 2 months. i have a female dr.- thought that would help- NOTHING helps!!! that chick-fil-a looks so great- it almost makes up for the appointment!

  8. I am like three annual exams past due. Yikes! I know bad...I agree with Amanda, annuals are like root canals! A rainy day like that would definitely get me down. Lexapro might just be the ticket. Glad it's working for you.

  9. Rainy days used to be my favorite-- growin up in Seattle & all, but this winter- oH MY GOsh!! I can't take it anymore. Finally we are getting some sun & it is supposed to be 83 on Thurs.!!! HOly crap- can't we just have 60's & 70's thats all I ask a month of 70's...

    I Hate- Hate- hate annual exams- in fact I haven't gone yet this year & don't plan to. I had an extra long dr. appt. earlier in the year after having three colds in a row. that counts right?
    I haven't been to chik fila in Years!
    we did get a 5 guys burger place last month though in the city next to us & it is AMAZing!!!
    I thought of you when we ate there-

  10. what? you don't routinely take a camera to your pelvic exams? :) ugh- i hate the scoot. and with me it's always- "scoot down further...more...more...your butt should be hanging off the table." so relaxing. :)

    chick-fil-a! how i miss places with that place...

    hooray for pharmaceuticals. the difference they can make is unbelievable.

  11. This post makes me think I should go back on anti-depressants. I've been off for a year, but don't know. Glad it's working for you!

  12. I keep meaning to ask, my sister in law is from Pittsburgh--do you guys know Suzan Hawthorne?

  13. now I have the Karen Carpenter song stuck in my head:-) Glad to hear you are doing well, even when life gets not so pretty:-)

  14. the courtesy call from a dr. would be awesome, mostly any courtesy at a dr.'s office would be awesome. it kills me that i am paying (in ny no one takes insurance) out of pocket to be rushed out of their office after waiting 45 minutes (or longer), but good for you for taking care of your plumbing & at least you got the eww done on an already blah day.

  15. I love chick-fil-a and lexapro.
    HATE "scoot your bottom"
    I'm really not into rain either, but it's better than the "scoot your bottom" thing for sure!

  16. love the rain, but hate the scoot your bottom down. so sorry you had both in one day. but hey, chick-fil-a is good. i'm not sure it cancels out the annual exam, but it's good.

    and seriously, why can't the dr.'s office call to say they're running behind? how hard would that really be? i mean, they have to KNOW that they can't see you on time. jerks.

  17. ugh...thanks, but no thanks for the reminder of what I am failing to get done. But on an upbeat I LOVE the Carpenters. I could listen to them all day. I love rainy days actually!

  18. Love your questions at the end of this post! I love rainy days if I can stay home. I don't love them as much if I have to go out. Yesterday we went birthday shopping for Eva and it was POURING. But if I had known it was going to snow today, I would not have been so irritated with the rain...

    It would be awesome if doctors could tell you when to really show up.