Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Luncheon/Egg Hunt Recap

What do you suppose it means when you have ...

silverware in a container, and paper products for 50...

table centerpieces (courtesy of Martha Stewart printable templates) pre-made with daffodils...

take home party favors...

chilled Italian soda...(as well as lime-aid)

mini cupcakes with handmade bunny picks...

an egg tree table display...

cheese sandwiches in the shape of chicks and bunnys (check out that white bread!)
(in addition to pb&j)

a double batch of thai chicken pasta salad...
(as well as food assignments given to neighbors)

100 eggs stuffed and ready for hiding....

Five 8 foot long tables as well as 45 chairs from the church...

And then THIS happens!!!???...

Earlier on in the week, when I hadn't been feeling good, the thought of a rained out neighborhood Easter egg hunt/spring luncheon actually sounded somewhat appealing...

I had pretty much decided at that point that things would be cancelled, but as the weekend drew nearer, the forecast started looking more promising and on Friday, I decided to make a go of it...

After obsessing (who me?!) over the hour by hour weather forecast Friday evening and Saturday morning, and postponing the even until 2pm, it became clear to me that the storm was not blowing over as quickly as they had anticipated--

I had to cancel the whole thing at 1pm as the rain was still coming down in buckets at that point-

Brian and Jake took all the tables and chairs back to the church while I stayed home and dyed eggs with the girls--I guess to look on the bright side of things, had we gone ahead with the luncheon, we wouldn't have had time for decorating eggs...

What is it that they always say about the best layed plans??? ARRrrrrrrrrrr

**Has anything like this ever happened to you?

**Would you have risked it like I did?


  1. All your food, decorations, party favors, treats, eggs etc. looks so beautiful! What a shame it had to be cancelled, too bad you couldn't have met indoors?

    I'm sure something like this has happened to me but I tend to try and forget frustrations. It just gets me down.

    I hope you are having a beautiful Easter Sabbath Day! (or night?)

  2. Holy cow! We need to throw a party together! I am all over all the cute stuff and I tend to go all out for the showers I throw. I was told by someone that people don't remember all the details, but I beg to differ.

  3. you big weenie- what's a little rain??!! heh,heh! everything looked beautiful- i think i would have had it inside- all that prep- yow! you really go more than all out!

  4. wow! ok, first off, i would never have even attempted such a thing (it makes my nerves rattle to even look at these photos!!!). so kudos to you for being able to pull something like this off! i totally understand wanting to risk it- but man. where do you put that many people in the rain?!

    you've got to be the coolest neighbor- i can't imagine doing something like this!

  5. my, my, my, impressive party lore. it looks stunning & your efforts deserve another magazine spread. you are insanely talented. sigh.

  6. I'm so sorry you got rained out! Ugh! It looks like you would have put on quite the party. You are very creative with all the favors and treats...I think I'm just lazy. I'm giving a baby shower in a couple of months. Any tips or ideas?

  7. Oh my! Now that is some cute party fare! I really hope it didn't all go to waste! I'm going to print those ideas off for an "event" next year at Black-eyed Susan!

    I was inspired by all of the cute ideas and thank you for sharing.

    Lastly, can't I be considered a "neighbor"! I'm really good at clean-up!

  8. And, by the way, I'm loving your new photo!!
    Good going.

    Did you dye goose eggs? The ones that the kids were holding in the hunt looked huge!

  9. I would have had it indoors also, even if it was COMPLETE chaos and I'm giggling over how tense you'd be with 50 guests crammed in your house. Wait a minute, how do you get so many people to comment on your blog? and why am I not listed as a blogging friend?? :-(

  10. I'm just wondering how Brian and Jake reacted to having to take all the tables and chairs back to the church?

  11. that is too bad about the rain, you had everything all set up and it would've been a fun event I'm sure! That Thai chicken pasta is making my mouth water!!!

  12. Everything great is WORTH the RISk...but POOR thing, all that planning! It looked like SOOOO much fun!

    You are definitely on my next planning party committee!!! :)

  13. I am SO sorry about the weather. Everything you created looked amazing. The rain is a huge bummer. My opinion: always worth the risk.

  14. Nope. Nothing like that happened to me. BUT I bet your kids were sure happy about it!!!! And the ducks look fine. And you didn't need to cook dinner that night, right? Plenty of leftovers ... :)

  15. Oh my word! What a lot of great party prep you did! I would have been devastated to have to cancel after all of that.

    And can I have that thai chicken recipe please??