Monday, May 4, 2009

Tea for two!

Ellie's pre-school class hosted a special Mother's Day Tea for the moms today...

Each child met their mom at the door and took her to their seat...

Her teacher read some of the highlights of the "interview" she had given the kids a few days before about their moms...

Here are my particulars (according to Ellie)...

She was slightly off with my weight and height...ahem!

Each child got the opportunity to tell something that makes their mom "excellent"...
It's hard to understand her, but Ellie is saying that I make her hair look pretty.
I'm really rotten at doing hair, so this amused me...I think she thinks I like doing hair because I'm always insisting that I fix it. It's just that if I didn't, she would look like something out of Children of the Corn!

I videoed one of the songs they sang, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to rotate the footage...

I see a stiff neck in your future!--Watch at your own risk...

We were served homemade "icecream bread" as well as fresh butter that the kids all helped make last Friday... (the bread was very good!--I'll post the recipe on Wednesday)

We each got our very own handmade jewelry box and pin...

Ellie woke up this morning with a big smile and was so excited about the day...!
I felt very honored!

**What has been your best Mother's Day gift ever?
**Have you ever heard of "icecream bread"?


  1. How fun is that!?!? And you both look adorable.

  2. that girl is so cute!!!! and check out her sandals!! love them!

    what a fun day! that is such a great idea- and i love her take on you. kids are awesome like that.

    and what a wonderful picture of the two of you. i would say she likely got your age right! and maybe isn't SO off on the height/weight! :)

  3. ooh ice cream bread.
    So, I have a sinus headache and the right side of my head hurts, so turning my head to watch it was painful, but worth it. i love seeing videos of you guys!!

  4. How cute!! When one of my kids filled one of those out I was really really old and really really fat! It is so interesting to get a peek in on how kids perceive the world around them.

  5. I think this is so great! What an awesome teacher Ellie has, and she is so cute. I love it when teachers truly go the extra mile. Our school is doing Muffins and Moms. I could make a comment about "Muffins and Mom", ahem, but I won't. °Ü°

  6. You do little girls hair a lot better than I! I love how you dressed up for the occasion!

  7. Oh, isn't all just lovely!!!!

    twinkle, twinkle


  8. I've never heard of ice-cream bread. It sounds yummy and interesting.

    The tea-party mother-daughter activity sounds just lovely!! What a wonderful event!!

  9. You have one very sweet little cutie there. I love her glasses and the cute pony tail braids. Makes me miss when I had a little girl that age. They grow up so fast and get married and move away...sigh

  10. what a refreshing post to wake up to this am! i love the pictures and you both look so pretty!

  11. Dom needs to stop commenting...

    My best Mother's Day Gift ever is going to be this year: actually being a mommy (as opposed to childless or pregnant when people didn't think I was quite a mommy, though I sure felt like I was).

  12. I have never heard of ice cream bread, but I love ice cream and I love bread so it sounds good to me.

    I love Ellie's interview answers!

  13. ok

    dalene doesnt want me to comment anymore.

    so i won't

  14. Trying to stop Dom??!! Ha. He's not very stopable! And, he's cute!

    I only look forward to Mother's Day because I am sentimental about my own mother....I've never felt too good at it myself. It does help when your daughters become mothers themselves and view you in a differenct light.

    Sounds like a fun day for all!

  15. What a special day! I bet she was so proud to escort you and serve you. What a spread of treats! Never tried ice cream bread--but it sure is tempting.

  16. I love how kids describe their parents. 17 feet tall is too funny!