Monday, February 28, 2011

Springtime at Susan's!

I have the greatest job ever!...
Not only do I get to work with flowers, but I get to brainstorm, create and laugh with my sweet friend, Susan!

A breath of spring starts right at the front window at Black-eyed Susan...

Around every corner, you'll see things like this...


and this...

Bunnies and chicks and eggs...oh my! (who couldn't resist a chick with a party hat?!)

the goodness continues with bursts of springtime colors...


a cloched nest--so simple and sweet

I'm loving this collie...
(Is it possible to have one of these carrying contraptions made for my kids?!)

I think the only thing that would make my life more perfect would be if Susan got a shop cat!
Until then, I'll settle for this guy, instead!
Happy Spring!!


  1. Oh how gorgeous!
    I'm a sucker for spring decor - it gives me hope that winter will truly come to an end.
    The front window is just plain magical to me!
    How fun to "work" around such beautiful things. I bet you are great at it.

  2. The store looks beautiful. But then again when doesn't it. And I'm sure your presence adds to it's beauty.

  3. Oh my heck, what a gorgeous store. I bet it smells divine in there...Great job!

  4. that rabbit is very clever. He looks late for an important date. I am wondering how much is the rabbit in the window?

  5. Lovely.

    When are you going to come over and decorate my place??? I gotta tell ya, I think spring is your season. It suits you well.

  6. You two seem like a natural team! I love all these shots from the store. Even though we haven't had a rough winter here I'm still in disbelief that spring will actually arrive.

  7. How divine to open up your blog and see such great photos of our work together! I'm the lucky one, having someone on my team (even the "night shift"!) to squeel in delight with.

    I love your photos and the descriptions are perfect. I guess we could consider a shop cat...if it means you'll stay in the training course for taking over. I'll be looking for one soon.

  8. I love the decorations so pretty and fresh! What a fun job!! I wish I could be as creative when it comes to decorating my house. I might have to copy of few of your great ideas!! I am sooo ready for spring!

  9. I was going to ask if you had asked about a shop cat... she might be amenable to the idea! I love the chairs in the window.

  10. I too love the chairs in the window. This post is making me feel homesick...

  11. Wait! I just read my mom's comment! Surely she's not really considering quitting... I'll believe it when I see it.