Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodbye, old friend

Two weeks ago, without much warning, our dear cat, Mr. Boone, died unexpectantly.

I don't know if it would have been easier to have seen signs that he had a heart condition, and therefore, we would have been able to prepare ourselves that he might not make it...

Regardless of that, he will surely be missed. He was like the "cat-triarch" (the ruler, or head of our family's cat clan). We got him from the Humane Society shortly after we moved to Doylestown. He was almost a year old at the time and already had the makings of being a character...

He was a good egg, through and through...

Case in point--Several years ago, Ellie trimmed the tips of his ears off!!!! I didn't realize this had happened until I came into her room and discovered blood everywhere. I began to "piece" things together (no pun intended) when I found one of the tips of his ears laying on the floor.

I called him, and he came walking in the room like nothing had happend. After some coderizing
and a bit of pain medicine, he was as good as new. (From then on, his one ear was in the shape of a trapezoid).

Although he didn't make many appearances when guests were around, he made up for that when we had family gatherings...

One or two of our Christmas morning pictures usually had one with Mr. Boone in it...He loved checking things out...

No matter what, whenever we read bedtime stories, he would come in the room and hang out with us. I don't know if it was the soothing tones of our voices as we read that attracted him but he rarely missed out on story time.

Whenever a puzzle was being done, or floor project, he liked to be right in the in the middle of the action...

He loved all of us, but had a special bond with Jake. Sometimes, he would wait on the bench in Jake's room until he got home from school. He also slept in his bed most nights...

It's so hard to loose a pet, especially since they become such a part of our family. I wouldn't dream of not having pets, though, just to avoid the pain of losing them when they die. They bring such a richness to our lives, and I grateful for every minute we have with them...

Thanks, buddy, for being such a good friend to us...We love and miss you....


  1. I'm so sorry! It is definitely hard to lose a pet, but they do enrich our lives. My husband says we are purchasing a small tragedy when we purchase a pet. I say we are purchasing unconditional love.

  2. so sorry. it seems like a lot of sadness comes with the joy of these pets. but reading this makes me dismiss my disdain of cats and consider what a perfect pet a cat would be. seems like a really good guy.

  3. you surely captured some typical scenes of that guy. he was my favorite one. he did love story time!

  4. I liked him too - He was the only one that ,once inticed into the guest room, would stay on the bed until I went to sleep.

    Definitely was one good egg. :)

  5. I am so sorry Shannon. I love cats so much. Don't know if you read my entry from a few weeks ago about what happened to me with Picasso our neighbors cat. So sad. It kills. I know. I am sure your cat is in heaven right now. I shall say a prayer for your fam. Love ya Lisa

  6. in unrelated news, have you seen the special about the man who lost his face? it is too late to call you now, and it is on TLC. all I have to say is Holy CRAP!

    You can delete this comment if you want. :)

  7. Mr. Boone was dang cute! One of my customers came in the store on Saturday and in our conversation, she told me that she was a Vet, with special emphasis on cats and dogs! I took the opportunity to tell her about Mr. Boone's sudden death, and she told me that unfortunately, this is not uncommon in cats! She said that by the time they are having difficulty in breathing, it is almost always too late for help. The problem, most of the time heart related, does not manifest itself until it's really critical and just too late.

    A proper burial will no doubt be a fond memory in the garden. Good bye, Mr. Boone. I know you are missed.

  8. that was a great tribute blog to Mr. Boone. He was very sweet and I know you all loved him:-)

  9. What a sad thing for your family!

    I love the idea of a cat-riarch.