Friday, February 18, 2011

Five for Friday--back in the saddle edition

It feels so good to be blogging again...and you know what else feels good?--
1 . THIS!! Yes! It's true. Signs of impending spring are popping up. This is the definition of delight!

2. On Tuesday morning, at 5:30 am, I awoke to my cat, Charlie, making weird noises that sounded like chirping. It actually woke me up, and that's saying a lot because I'm a super sound sleeper! I opened my eyes, and saw him laying at the end of the bed and noticed that something lay at his feet that measured about 3 inches!!!! It was the ultimate WHAT THE! moment. I totally freaked when I realized it was a dead mouse. Thanks for the gesture, my friend, I don't know how to tell you this, but I don't eat mice. I woke Brian up and insisted that he dispose of it. I wouldn't dream of touching it because I've got this weird phobia of touching things once their dead.

Isn't it ironic that I can't stand the thought of touching this mouse when just a few years ago, I actually rescued a baby field mouse? What is my reasoning, I ask you?!

Edit note: this isn't the actual photo of the mouse, but a picture I found, rather.

3. Ellie has been doing hippotherapy at a local equestrian center for the past few months. It's costing us a butt load of money, but this kind of therapy is great at strengthening her core, which she desperately needs. Her smile is this big each week at her sessions with "Bear".

4. I recently went to a Chinese New Year party at my friend Olivia's house. Don't ask me why I'm totally on the Asian invite circuit, but I'm thrilled to have friends who know how to cook authentic Asian cuisine.
This was the hostess gift I brought with me. I wanted to incorporate oranges because they signify good luck and prosperity. What's even better is that I got that square vase at a thrift store for next to nothing!

5. Aren't we all searching for sunbeams? This picture just soothes my soul.


  1. love that cat picture. I am so glad Ellie is enjoying the therapy. I would like to see that sometime!

  2. I thought that was really the mouse. I would have screamed too but then I think I would have wanted to see him dressed in a little jacket carrying a suitcase. I loved Stuart Little. Hee Hee.
    When are we having coffee? Lisa

  3. I love that cat! Ellie looks so happy in that picture! I'm glad she loves it, and I too would love to see that someday. How long will you continue the therapy? Mom mentioned she might switch over to riding lessons at some point?! Exciting for her. I miss you guys!!

  4. Please don't include photos of dead mice on your blog. It is very unbecoming of you.

  5. you do a beautiful job on the flowers, lovely. that is a talent i wish i could steal from you. did i tell you i found a dead vole (smaller than a field mouse) curled up in dave's ski helmet, it was the second time I...yes me... picked up one of these dead things and took it out. toughen up sister! c'mon those blossoms are for reals???? that make me so happy!

  6. love ellie's smile when she is on bear- i took her when i was there for your birthday and she never stopped smiling. charlie looks very noble- i wonder what (if) he is thinking???!!!
    those flowers are georgeous! people would order one of those!

  7. The very fact that you can find time to search the internet for a dead mouse (or a sleeping one...) is a riot . Actually, I'm sure he is just sleeping, because I have never seen a dead mouse look that way, and I was thinking just that before you admitted it was staged.

    Nice recap, fabulous flowers, huggable cat. Life is good now that you're back.

  8. I love it when the bulbs start pushing their way through the ground!

    I can't STAND finding mice in my house, dead or not! (And I'm pretty sure they don't sleep with their eyes open.)

    Your roses with the oranges are seriously gorgeous.

  9. gorgeous hostess gift, you are an arrangement genius. love it.

    so glad you are back!! you with your funny stories and gorgeous projects that just make me happy!

    and spring....i NEED you!