Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm burning this shirt because... I wore it to church and someone (who shall remain nameless) came up to me and congratulated me and told me that I was glowing!
I know I've been eating sea salt carmels like they're nobody's business and an occasional fun size bag of cheetos (ok, maybe more than occasional), but seriously! I was mortified! I don't know who I feel worse for right now--her or me!
I then proceded to walk around to everyone I knew to let them know that I AM NOT with child just in case anyone else was wondering...
How embarrassing!
Have you ever had this happen to you?


  1. i love that top- it's so you!

  2. Oh yes, it's happened to me. I responded, "I'm not pregnant, just fat." So not amusing.

  3. Oh no she didn't!! It's never happened to me, but just about every day I psych myself up for the inevitable. In fact, I decided to say just what Suzanne did above.

    You know my friend Kristi? It has happened to her MANY times, and she does not look pregnant at all! People can be so stupid.

  4. You really should have a reality show... why do so many funny things happen to you? FYI - you do not look even a little bit pregnant:)

  5. OR - the reverse - i actually am pregnant and people are afraid to say anything because they just think I am gaining weight..... Yes, I AM pregnant - not just eating girlscout cookies until I burst - (which is a very good idea also)

    A friend in highschool gave me a christmas gift once - a really cute top. From the maternity section. "It looked like your size" were her exact words.


  6. Holy Hell!?
    NOt Cool...

    Kate, with friends like that who needs enemies!?
    that's the rudest thing ever- she was out to get you girl.

    Shannon- I cannot wait to see you at women's conference!!!

  7. i have never worn a empire waist anything just for that scarry reason!! I immediately feel preggers and am sure that people will start wondering! go easy on her people are stupid including me... one time i asked a guy in the elevator "i should see the other guy... what happened to your face?" he replied, oh it is a birthmark. I have never forgotten to shut up and just don't ask anyone anything. i felt so bad i can't even tell you. i was "being nice" an it was the meanest thing i probably ever said.

  8. How much do I love you!!!!!!!! You are too funny. I am telling you I stay away from anything A line or maternity style clothing or dresses which is pretty much what is out there now. That Baby doll look. If I wanted to look like a baby doll I would, but I don't. So sorry that happened. Hate that.
    Yes burn it. I stay away from the. Love ya. Lisa

  9. That's happened to me a few times. It wouldn've have bothered me so much, except for the one lady that said it didn't even apologize. She just continued to insult me and then walked away. (This was way back when I worked at the PIT airport.)

    I think it would be worse if it was someone you knew and had to see every week. Sorry! yikes...

  10. The only time it happened to me was 3 months after Zoey was born. I was in the airport traveling to visit a sister and a lady said to me, "It's so brave of you to have another one so quickly!" I said, "What?" and then realized what she was saying and just said, "I'm not pregnant. I'm just still fat," and walked away. Seriously - it's a comment you should NEVER make to anyone. Remind me to tell you another story (that kind of involves you) when we're in person. I can't post it here. :-)

  11. Not yet anyway. This is why I never say anything about a woman who looks preggo until she is about to give birth!!!

  12. Nope never happened to me. I don't glow.
    I have learned in life you don't go up to a woman and ask if they swallowed a basketball no matter what!
    And no, Shannon, you don't look pregnant at all. Did they have coke-bottle glasses?

  13. I echo everyone else, you do not look pregnant. I have never said anything like that- in fact, I remember asking a woman who was 9 months pregnant, very obviously so, if she was expecting because I never want to assume. Just be glad for the story. :)

  14. I am SO sorry... and I don't even know you!

    It did happen to me... I had passed out in church while speaking, true story. (I was really sick... but not because of morning sickness.) Months later someone said, 'so, are you really pregnant.' I was wearing a pencil skirt and decided I must really look like a cow. YEARS later, I can look back and think 'oh, it was probably 'cuz of the passing out'... but at the time it HURT. (And I too had to go around letting people know I was NOT having a baby.)

    Sorry to bug you with my story... but I had to tell you I feel your pain. And your shirt is darling... don't burn it!

    I am Dalene's sister. Cute flowers, btw.

  15. oh my gosh - it has nothing to do with your gorgeous shirt! someone like that has NO TACT. seriously. although the other day when i turned sideways in the mirror i mistaken thought I was pregnant, but that's a whole other issue. :)
    cheer up - you're gorgeous! and i can't wait until women's conference! we need to make a plan!